Weekly Chat, 26 February, 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
Love the Loch Garten ospreys? Tell us all about it!
Loch Garten ospreys

Weekly Chat, 26 February, 2012

  • Quick look this morning.

    Diane: Do take care with all this bizarre weather; do you have a sturdy bathtub? (Though can never figure out how entire families gathered in bathtubs can survive a tornado when entire cars are tossed around like straws....)  You remember asking me about those speckled brown birds in the photo I posted last week?  (Here it is again). Well, apparently some other folks have spotted them around town and here's an ID. I love the names:


     "These are Spice Finches, which are more commonly called Nutmeg Mannikins. They originally were escaped birds, but are now firmly established in Santa Barbara County, especially on Atasacdero Creek, where they breed. They are also pretty well established in Florida. They are not "countable" as wild birds (yet), but they are spreading widely and often show up at feeders"


    Sandra: Hapus Tyddewi dydd or Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus (is either of them correct?  :-)

    Alan: Nothing like laying an egg with half the world watching!  Nice pic, thanks. I remember you having problems with the bank before; what a pain to have to sort them out again.

    Margobird: Am  planning to get another feeder but not sure if birds can read "Large birds only" sign, etc.... Maybe I should rig one of those gates they have at Disneyland where you have to be above a certain height to get on a ride?

    MaryGK: Oh that's funny. Trust me to take a fancy to a storage shed!  I thought it was a rustic type development...  Did not spot that helicopter; will go back and look.  Trouble is, it's not the other half that lives like that - just the one percent!

    patriciat: Congrats to Tweed. Do hope you make a priority of putting "me" time aside.

    Sheila: Enjoyyour well-earned break; hope you're going somewhere nice (well, you'd hardly choose somewhere nasty, would you?)

    Djoan: Hope OH's biopsy will be fine - look what poor OG and her family went through waiting for results of a scan for a problem that turned out not to be a problem at all. Wish all our medical adventures could be resolved in 60 minutes like they are on telly. Thanks for lovely pix, especially the blue tit.

    Hallo to everyone else and thanks for pix and posts!  Seemed to regained my energy and have some errands to do today. Take care all.

  • First egg for Bologna in Italy:


  • Annette in SoCal

    Sheila: Enjoy your well-earned break; hope you're going somewhere nice (well, you'd hardly choose somewhere nasty, would you?)

    Thank you Annette.  Somewhere nice, yes, but after 16 or so years wandering the trails while my OH prepares for a cross country ski marathon at the end of the week it does become a bit routine!  Like Joan I am not a skier, but the scenery is really beautiful the the walking trails well marked, so I ought to say it is nice!  I have to confess I look forward to our Scottish holidays with greater glee.

  • We all seem to have a lot to share this week!  I hope to come back later with more replies, meanwhile pictures, again from Talkin Tarn - mostly Flora rather than Fauna this time!

    View across the Tarn (as I mentioned, poor light!):

    Mosses and Lichens on the large wooded knoll:

    I was pleased to see this small tree, as many of the original Pines are looking very "manky" :

    I liked this Gorse growing around a stump in front of the trunks of the stand of Beech Trees:

    "Who would live behind a front door like this?"  Badger or Hobbit?!:

    Bonus fauna in this one.  I saw several bunches of Mistletoe growing on the Beech tree as we passed, but wasn't sure it was worth a photo, then on the way back along the water's edge, we heard a strange "Cronk, Cronk" sound - and there was a Crow.  He did some normal "Caw, Caw" sounds too, but we could still hear him "Cronking" after we had walked on:

  • Sorry, Sandra.  I forgot all about it being St David’s Day – I hope it was a good one!

    Brenda – we got the warmth, but not the sunshine – and it started raining about 6pm – it must have heard J talking about doing some digging tomorrow!!

    Margo – sad that you feel you have to give up football – now, maybe if you did it more often … …! 

    Mary – thanks for the extra photo of that huge Iguana - none of those in Melrose!  I hope you have a great time away again, with reasonable weather and no health issues.

    Patricia – I bet Tweed always knew he was a Film Star!  Well done for having trained a Dog which will work for a stranger!

    Sheila – good to see you posting again!  I am so glad you are getting away for a break – you really do deserve it!  I see it is somewhere with snow – do you ski? … Ah! Seen your later comment!   When you do get around to a Scottish holiday, do contact us and call in again – remember, we are not far off the western route!

    Dibnlib – sorry you didn’t get your trip up the coast to Dornoch, but I am sure Simpson’s served you well!

    Alan – sorry you have a recurrence of the bank security problem – I hope they resolve it for you soon – and permanently this time!

    Joan – good to see you posting again, but sorry about your OH needing a biopsy – maybe it will be just adhesions at the op site.  Good that he can go ski-ing and you can both look forward to time away in April.  In my photos from Talkin Tarn above, I have included a view across the water for you!  Lovely clear photos from Bolam Lake – our two Robins have been here together several times now – it is nice to see two without the feathers flying!

    Annette – great to have ID for those lovely wee Mannikins – think I have heard of them as cagebirds – pleased some have escaped!

    So, I’ve caught up again – until next time!

  • HEATHER didn't have the rice pot after all. Feeling a bit iffy so scrambled egg with cheese was all I could face. OH was quite happy with that too.

  • I mentioned Hoechstadt Stork Nest a few days ago – empty then.  Now the two birds appear to have arrived: http://storchennest-hoechstadt.de/live-cam

  • OG Are you a habitual stork follower?  There is a link somewher that gives a huge number of stork cams.

    Back in 2003 this was the original streaming stork cam.

    Bornheim is also a good one.

    This is the  superlink for wildlife webcams.



  • dibnlib - hope you are not going down with something - or that Simpsons sandwich was dodgy. That is very unlikely though, don't you think?

    Diane - Keep safe, heard about the terrible weather and casualties on radio during the night.

     MaryGK - Inverness is twinned with Augsburg, in Bavaria.

    Everyone - Will attempt more replies etc tomorrow, its been a busy day for one and another reason and my get up and go has got up and gone :-(

    Take care, all

  • Dibnlib – sorry you were feeling “iffy” – I hope it has passed and you can enjoy the remainder of your OH’s time off!

    Tiger – not really habitual follower of Storks, but look in at the Portugal sites (on pylons) and Hoechstadt some time most days in breeding season – find the birds fascinating – just wish there were more hours each day to keep up with everything!  Thanks for the links, especially Superlink, which I used to have and lost some time last year!!

    Heather – I find my get up and go doesn’t last quite so long as it used to!

    Probably going to church Coffee Morning tomorrow, quickly followed by blood tests – that means another month gone already.  May also go to History Society in the evening also!

  • Great pics everyone. Those Spice Finches are so pretty Annette and love the iguana Mary. Those gnarled roots reminded me of Loch Mallachie OG.

    Here are a couple from me of today's moon amongst the cirrus clouds. Gull flying across in the first one, if only it had been an osprey! :)


  • OG  I watched storks a bit back about five or six years ago. I found that some of their parenting practices a bit hard to take. When food got short, out went the baby. Woe betide the male that takes up with another female if the original one is late back.

  • That is what stopped me watching them Tiger. They are such clumsy birds and if one of the chicks gets accidentally pushed to the edge of the nest they ignore it. They only seem to be able to register what is in the nest cup. Remember the chick that grabbed hold of one end of a snake and ended up being flipped to the edge because the parent kept hold of the other end? I can't remember now. Was that the one that got rescued?

  • Two green bins are now full. ( we borrowed one from a neighbour). also finished cleaning patio and paths. We should sleep well tonight.

    OG, . I love your photograph of the Badger/ Hobbit doorway. A home with character.

    Heather, I hope your 'get up and go' has returned by tomorrow.

    Margo, You can't give up the football now. The next time Rhys sees you, he will expect you to play again and you know you won't refuse, so put in some practise and don't fall over :-))

    Patricia, You must be so proud of Tweed. Well done to you. Pity you can't show us a video.

    Dibnlib. Not a very successful day for you. Sorry you are feeling iffy. I hope you will be alright by morning.

    Annette, Thanks for your lovely photographs and bird ID. Escapees was how we now have so many green parakeets in this country.

    Joan, Great to see you back, but sorry that you both have the worry of OH's biopsy results now. Good to see that holidays are being arranged though.

    Sheila, pleased to see you posting also. I remember that skiing is not your choice of a holiday but do try to enjoy and then you will be ready for your Scottish holiday.

    Mary, I don't know how anybody could have missed that very large iguana.

    Alan, Sorry you are having security bank problems again. It sounds not only worrying for you but very frustrating when you can't make the bank fraud personnel understand !! Time to move your account I think.

    Chloe, Lovely photographs. Thanks. I am sure, with some imagination, I could make that gull look like an osprey :-)

    Off to my bed now.



  • Evening all:

    Tiger: Thanks for the Superlink. Brilliant!

    OG: Love those old tree roots (they would've scared me when I was little).

    Chloe: Lovely sky pix.

    Night all; have a good - geez! - Friday?