So What Posters Are Missing in Action?

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

So What Posters Are Missing in Action?

  • It is the beginning of the osprey season and as always some posters are still missing in action.

    What posters are missing that you particularly enjoy hearing from?

    One of my favs is Robert The Bruce.


  • Tiger I am sure Robert the Bruce  will arrive shortly now things are starting to happen.

    Thanks for direciting us to the "blog" tab for the osprey diary page.  Like others I have had problems.

  • Do hope that Robert the Bruce will return when the season starts.

    Also, we do not hear from Gary much now, but I do know he is 'alive & well' as he is still posting on Facebook.

    and of course, dear Cirrus!!  who doesnt join us for all our chatter in the Winter, but loves the ospreys to bits.

  • also ther was Tish that seems to be missing for a while now

  • Hey, hear I be Lindy !!  I just don't tend to ''Chat'' at the moment.

    TISH hasn't been for two years. Newbies last year and very welcome were Ladybird and Moffer.  Hope they appear. And Daisy Ray and a dear soul who thought they'd ofended Daisy but hadn't and was so  embarrassed they never posted again.


    Oh yes, and , darn it , what was his name ............... HERON  yes yes

    and Pharason  and Joan and Osprey

    and many many more I'll think of shortly

  • I'm still around Cirrus, and I can't wait to see EJ in the next week or so :)

  • Cirrus Daisy Ray last posted three weeks ago so is still around.

  • Welcome back Moffer.

    I was only thinking two days ago that we haven't seen you around. :-)

  • That's great!  - lots of you still here....   

    Cirrus:  I know you post on the Osprey pages, just not on the Chat bits.  Not long now till we all get excited, all over again.

    ps.   HERON:   where are you?  you always make us laugh....

  • Paul ( Heron ) has posted from time to time, last posted 17th Feb. I am sure he will be around when the ospreys arrive. He loves the birds.

  • I particularly miss MILLIE.  Others, too, but particularly Millie.

  • I miss the lively posts of Caerann in Chicago. She's very dedicated to raptors.

  • Sandra

    Welcome back Moffer.

    I was only thinking two days ago that we haven't seen you around. :-)


    Thanks Sandra. I got rather caught up with African wildlife over the winter. I especially like the African Fish Eagle.

    See you all at the nest very soon I hope folks :)

  • what about WRINKLIE

  • I'm here!!

    Mainly post on the main threads but keep an eye on what is happening with you all. Find your wonderfully chatty friendly threads. Your all just so fast, I can't keep up with all the goings on individal or osprey related!! Tee hee!!

    Find I'm a wee bit busy with the kids to keep up with all the antics here. Lol!! We are celebrating wee Skylark's 3dr Birthday, so full of spiderman cake tonight. Yummy, must dash + get last of the kids to bed!!

    Hoping to see some osprey locally this summer, irl!! Will keep you all posted with this if I get lucky. Fingers crossed.

    Take care all!!