Summary Thread........of The Loch Garten Nest

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Summary Thread........of The Loch Garten Nest


    4.14am getting lighter and the day cam comes on

    5.06am  EJ takes a break

    7.06am still awaiting breakfast

    9.44am 1st fish of the day- all ready and wolfing it down

    Sound was lost for a time but came back approx 10.02am

    10.15am - EJ screaming for more fish n - sounds familiar pattern - eat, call again and wait!!

    11.24am   EJ gone for a flyabout - soon returns

    12.54pm - EJ flies out,  returns with a stick, starts nestoring -  notice that forked branch is still around

    15.28pm - 2nd fish of the day.   During the day the usual comings and goings of EJ, preening by her and the chicks.

    Bit of a fight broke out between 2 and 3 and 3 lost - sounds like normal sibling rivalry.

    17.10pm - fish ,  Odin is bringing them in again.  This one was a whopper apparently.

    19.11pm - 4th fish of the day delivered

    So 4 fish today.   Lots of normal activity on the nest.

    Thanks to all who posted pictures and videos.

    Have kept just to the bare essentials - feel free to add anything I've missed.


  • MONDAY 11TH JUNE 2012

    The day followed the usual pattern for all participants....Odin fishing and defending; EJ feeding the chicks and generally nurturing  plus a little HW; chicks feeding and sleeping , on the whole. No fights reported.

    Day started with live cam down.

    6.47 Barbara reported FISH No 1 Not sure of exact time of arrival but within about 5-10 time frame

    Site unreliable for a lot of people which may mean some behaviours not witnessed.

    c. 10.56 EJ takes a short break

    c11.14 FISH No 2 and to everybody's joy, Odin seems to have landed on the offending V shaped stick and knocked it down.

    Now there is a clear view of the chicks most of the time who really seem to favour the area of the nest towards the R.

    12.34 Live cam back

    12.01 EJ arrives with an enormous haystack of golden moss which is placed in the favourite R hand side area

    1.17 EJ arrives with another large stick, which causes some problems to the chicks (vid p6 1.25 & p7 1.31)

    2.07 CC posts a vid of #3 trying out wingercising (p8)

    2.16 Alarm calls

    3.28  FISH No3 but accompanied by strong alarm calls and Odin flying quickly off the nest. It seems probable that an intruder followed Odin home (vid p11 3.38)

    All fed well (vid p13 4.16)

    4.35 Another break for EJ

    For several hours the main occupation was sleeping and resting

    8.27 FISH No 4 (vid p16 8.31)

    8.50 Scylla posts 2 videos of chick behaviour and EJ bringing another large stick, which, thankfully she places on the far side of the nest (P16)

    Chicks asleep, partially under mum, except for #3 who seems all the way under, but pops up for a looksee (vid p17 9,48)

    10.35 Night cam

    This is thr briefest of sketches of a largelly uneventful day, which is probably the best situation for everything going well

    Thanks again to everybody for videos, posts and pictures which, together, make these summaries possible.

  •  Tuesday 12th June 2012

    Odin is bringing in fewer fish now, having topped his maximum at 8 fish a couple days ago. Perhaps he has decided the kids are big enough to be home alone while EJ shares in the fishing. Fights have broken out on the nest, usually provoked by #2 on #3, joined by #1 beating up on #2. In this way #1 seemed to be protective of #3.  However, even in a three-way fracas, #1 has taught #3 a lesson on not mistaking her for #2 by way of a good hiding. Everyone has been hungry today, including EJ.

    The day began with rain and wheezing sounds from one of the chicks that cleared up by day, so no concern about that.

    7.01            Fish #1 small, which disappears very quickly.
                       VIDEO p 2 and VIDEO p 3 (end)

    11.40          Fish #2 over which there is quite a fight started by #2,
                      #1 gets the lion’s share.
                       VIDEOS page 5 and page 5 fights, and page 6.

    Some speculation about #1’s eyes being a much lighter yellow than the deep amber of #2’s eyes, and whether that is due to the genetic composition from Blue XD.

    12.32          Comparison of #1 and #2 head tops VIDEO p 7
                       followed by some discussion.

    12.40          EJ brings a stick to the nest. VIDEO p 7.

    13.21          Another attack by #2 on #3 on the far side of the nest.
                      #1 watches. VIDEO p 8

    14.51          Another attack by #2 on #3.
    p.8 scylla and p.8 cc and p.11 scylla

    In the meantime, there is food soliciting from #2 and #3, showing the chicks are hungry.

    16.30          Another unprovoked attack by #2 on #3.

    16.57          Fish #3 of which #3 gets almost none.
                       No video but nice still of the feed on p 14.

     18.55      Another fight breaks out. VIDEO p. 16 but it misses the end in which #1 attacks #3.This attack was provoked by #3 biting #1 who retaliates but is distracted by #2 who gets beat up by #1.

    20.57             A chick is clucking very loudly underneath EJ.
                         VIDEO p.18 in the rain

    22.41          Night Cam turns on.

    Odin has not been seen since about 5 pm this afternoon, and concern has been raised on the forum. At some time, the chicks will be old enough that Odin will drop off his prolific fishing and EJ will pick up on some fishing. But it is not clear on the forum that this is currently the reason for his absence.

  • I think it's about time I posted another 'THANK YOU' for the Daily Summary. Invaluable to those of us who watch the webcam as much as possible but haven't time to go thro' all the pics and posts. Three names come to mind, although I know more of you do it. CC, LYNETTE and PATTILY, VERY MANY THANKS!!.


    There has been no detailed summary for this day. Too many stunned by the sudden eruption of SEVERE aggression on the nest. The vast majority of were by #2 on poor #3 and sometimes happened when #3 was already in a submissive posture. The conclusion is that it is linked to the dramatic drop in the number and quality of fish deliveries.

    All in all, 6 fish were brought to the nest but #3 got extremely little. Even so, the nest sometimes looks peaceful as the 3 chicks sleep/rest together.

  • patily


    There has been no detailed summary for this day. Too many stunned by the sudden eruption of SEVERE aggression on the nest. The vast majority of were by #2 on poor #3 and sometimes happened when #3 was already in a submissive posture. The conclusion is that it is linked to the dramatic drop in the number and quality of fish deliveries.

    All in all, 6 fish were brought to the nest but #3 got extremely little. Even so, the nest sometimes looks peaceful as the 3 chicks sleep/rest together.

      Patily that's fine what you've done for yesterday.


    The sadness of the watchers and the violence on the nest continues. This is the third day that little #3 has not eaten (apart from a few beakfuls at one point yesterday) and fears are beginning to be expressed for his/her long term prognosis. All the chicks appear hungry after the previous bonaza and now the diminished deliveries, but at least #1 and #2 have been fed and at one stage seemed to have pretty full crops. In its frustration, #2 is frequently attacking #3 who is cowed into submission a good deal of the time. This has now become a HUGE problem when fish IS brought to the nest as #3 now seems conditioned to immediately curl up into the submissive pose and makes no attempt to beg for or grab at food. We have no idea/information as to whether this situation can be reversed.

    The fish delivered has been less and a lot smaller than we have seen previously and Keith has provided some information supplied by the angling fraternity, that fish stocks are low in general and of a smaller size. Odin is doing his best to provide in difficult circumstances and one of our hopes is that EJ will going fishing as well soon to supplement Odin's catches. Then, possibly, if #1 and #2 are fed first and are replete, #3 may stand a chance. At the moment, EJ herself must also be pretty hungry as it doesn't take long for the food to "run out" before she has a chance to feed herself.

    6.31 Chicks resting in a heap. No sign of Odin or EJ

    7.00 #1(?) shuffles back and #3 tucks its head under it.  

    7.15 Some stretching and moving and #3 tucks its head under the other large chick so it doesn't appear to be afraid per se. Eventually, all 3 sleep with #3 in the middle.

    7.48 FISH No 1 #3 attacked. Submissive. A few minutes later #3 does approach the fish but doesn't get any. Submissive again. #1 and #2 fed.

    The meal is soon over but #3 remains cowed. Even though it is in this position, #2 attacks it once more. #3 snuggles up to #1 and finally#2 joins on the end.

    Suddenly there is a fierce fight between #1and #2 taking place across the nest. #1(?) goes into submission so #3 is attacked again.   Once more, all settle after the skirmise.

    8.49 EJ brings a stick and reinforces the barricade.

    9.17 FISH No2  It looks as if #3 might have received a little piece. (vid p8 9.54)

    9.27 Unprovoked attack by #2 on#3 and then #1 attacks #2 (Defending #3???????)

    9.45 FISH No 3 Slighlty bigger. #3 is physically in a good position right by EJ but doesn't ask to be fed. (vid p 10 9.55)

    10.53 EJ loudly calling, aided by chicks now and again.

    11.27 It is noticed that #1 and #2's crops appear full. so there would probably have been enough fish for all 3.....neither does #3's crop appear completely empty.

    11.34 #3 snuggles up betweeen its 2 siblings, even using one as a pillow.

    11.52 "It seems the minute #3 stands up it gets bullied into submission" (ChloeB)

    11.59 #3 explores the nest. (vid p16 12.18)  It is intercepted by #2 and submits but is not actually attacked

    12.07 EJ returns from????????

    12.15 Vid showing chick activity including the 11.59 incident reported above

    12.27 Big fight between #1 and #2 (vid p17 12.27 & 12.45)

    12.48 It looked as if #3 was going to be assaulted by #2 once more but it sought the protection of #1 and the moment passed.

    1.08 EJ takes a quick break

    1.59 EJ flies off again and returns with some moss

    2.29 EJ lands. Looks at chicks and is then lost sight of Side of nest??????? Chicks aleep in a row with #3 at far end

    #3 gets up to change position and disturbs the other 2 but is NOT attacked (vid p20 3.22)

    3.30 FISH No 4 (vid p22 3.47) Another small one #1 attacked #2 but it was still #3 that went into submission (vid p23 4.24)

    Another round of attacks #2 on #3 so #1 on#2  It seems that even #1 is becoming more aggressive because of the food shortage.#3 doesn't seem to be fed again, but difficult view becase on R hand edge of nest  #2 definetely got fish

    4.26 EJ takes a fly around

    4.35 Intruder

    4.53 #2 goes at #3 again and ends up putting some twigs on it???? (vid p25 4.53)

    4.46 All asleep in a heap EJ standing towards the back looking around, perhaps hoping for more fish

    5.29 All chicks screeching (for food ???) whilst EJ tidies the nest

    5.46 Chicks resting  EL standing at back again, maybe looking expectently for Odin

    6.00 EJ gathers all the chicks under her

    6.08 FISH No 5 #3 cowed unde EJ's tail but doesn't feed ~#1 seems to get the lions share and once again the fish is gone before either#3 or EJ eats

    (various vids p29 6.32  p 30 6.55 & 7.10 & 7.56 p31 8.16)

    6.41 #3 Just when there isn't any #3 food begs

    9.00 3 chicks around EJ It seems poor #3 is complaining


    There is a new and baffling blog from the centre which seems to imply that all is well, with sufficient fish and 3 chicks feeding!!!!!!!!!!!????????????

    Such a sad nest and such a rapid and dramatic change around after the seemingly idyllic situation last weekend.  Will tomorrow in any way change #3's situation for the better?

    Once more thank you to all those providing videos, and to all for pictures and observations.


  • FRIDAY 15TH JUNE 2012

    We started the day VERy worried for #3's situation but by the end of the day we were all elated.

    4.18 FISH No 1 delivered early by Odin and #3 able to grab 4-5 beakfuls (vid p3 4,48)

    At times #2 tries to bully #3 but #1 seems to protect it.

    10.29 To everybody's surprise and delight, including the chicks a whopper FISH No 2 is delivered by EJ. Initially #2 is kept from the fish by #1 #3 under EJ and getting a jolly good feed. Eventually. #2 gets to eat as well and #3 goes into submission.

    (vid p13 1.15  p15 2.24  & 2.30)

    11.18 #2 assaults #3 but then carries on eating with #1

    Finally, they all settle.

    12.35 FISH No 3 from  Odin (vid p13 1.36)

    #1 too full to eat. #3 getts a little more before going into submission again After the fish is gone it solicites for more but the cupboard is empty.

    1.27 Raining and EJ becomes an umbrella again.

    2.11 FISH No 4 from stalwart Odin but arrives off camera (vid p14 2.19 & 2,20)

    Once again #3 gets fed (45-50 bites) as #1 and #2 too full to bother. Then #1 thinks it better have some too. #2 feels left out and approaches EJ and fish #3 gives up eating and takes up the submissive posture.....but, at least, it wasn't attacked.

    3.26 NEW BLOG from Richard giving a better take on the nest and situation of #3

    4.24 Wet and windy EJ shlters chicks as best she can

    Between 5.56 - 6.47 EJ takes 3 short breaks

    6.56 She leaves again.

    All chicks asleep peacefully together.

    7.49 Odin brings another FISH (No. 5) and it is still alive and EJ absent from nest (vid p22 8.01)

    Odin doesn't seem to know what to do and whilst he is dithering, #1 grabs the fish. #3 in submissive mode once more.

    Odin leaves.  #1 trying to puzzle out what to do with the fish (vid p 24 8.15)

    7.56 In the confusion EJ lands with a whopping FISH No 6, (vid p23 8.04  p24 8.15)

    #3 creeps closer to EJ At first #2 seems too full to bother and only #1 is feeding.

    Terrible attack on #3 by #2

    Once again, feeding is off to the far RHS so difficult to see exactly what is happening.

    8.33 It looks as if #2 wanted to assault #3 but #1 blocked its way. Even though #2 looks full, it will not allow #3 near the fish.

    8.52 At last #3 gets to eat and some for EJ too but then #1 and #2 return. #3 heads for safety.

    #3 solicites and possibly gets fed again.  

    Now the 2 older chicks can clearly be seen and EJ's motions appear to be those for feeding a chick so #3 must be getting fed.

    9.13 #3 definetely seen eating and its crop looks pretty full.

    9.21 Unbelievably, #2 eating again. 4 minutes later it is joined be #1

    9.35 EJ leaves for a short while

    9.38 #3 pottere eating scraps.

    10.03 Yet another FISH (No 7) from dear Odin (vid p 38 10 .08)   Nobody but #3 wantd any so it gets a really good feed.

    10.11 Night cam.

    10.16 All finally asleep, in a row, STUFFED.  The best day for #3 in while.


    If EJ hadn't gone fishing. would we be ending on a different note.  Whatever prompted her to do so it has brought an amazing and unbelievable change in #3's fortunes. Let's hope the trend continues.


    Once again MANY thanks for everybody's contributions.





    Started 3.50 and after yesterday's elation we are in the doldrums again. #3 position seems to be back where it was on Wednesday/Thursday)

    c. 4.21 Day cam

    5,49 FISH No 1 (vid p2 5.54)

                     and #3 immediately takes up submissive pose

    #1 and #2 seem to feed....wouldn't they just.... but because #3 and EJ right over on the RHS of nest  it is difficult to tell exactly what is happening  It is moving about so didn't stay in submission for long  (vid p5 11.40)

    c.9.35 EJ leaves, but, unfortunately, not to go fishing.

    9.53 She returns empty taloned.

          All quiet on the nest.

    11.25 EJ takes another break

    11.42 Still quiet with EJ brooding as best she can

    11.45 FISH No 2 (vid p5 11 58) ~3 between the other 2  but then moves to one side. Doesn't go into submission but doesn't appear to get any fish either, which is soon gone. Its possible that Odin may have already eaten some (vid p6 12.11)

    1,24 EJ flies off and returns with.....a stick

    2.06 FISH No 3 (vid p7  2.12) Once again not clear whether #3 feeds

    #1 and #2 have a brief scrap and #3 is seen at the side of EJ but whether it has any fish?????

    (vid p7 2.38)

    2.28 FISH No 4  and poor #3 is near its siblings but NOT in the feeding line-up. (vid p8 2.47 p 10 3.53)

    3.35 Intruder (Vid  p 10 3.49)

    EJ tries to cover the chicks as best as possible in cold and windy conditions otherwise everything seems eerily quiet.

    6.12 EJ has a brief fly around. Chicks seem asleep.

    Damp and wind continue and EJ has to brood in whatever way she can.

    8.39 EJ has another quick fly around

    9.10 FISH No 5 brought by Odin but even with the fish right in front of it, #3 remains in a submissive posture so, once more, doesn't feed. (vid p 14 9..17 p15 9.25 & 9 25 & 9 27


    Unbelievably, yet again there has been a complete reversal of the previous day's happenings but, sadly, in this instance, in a very negative way with poor #3 going all day without sustenance. The poor weather conditions have meant that EJ has not been able to leave the nest to supplement Odin's deliveries as she needs to remain to protect the chicks. We long for the weather to turn for the better but that doesn't appear immediately likely. It seems that only a bonanza of fish will see #3 getting any. Ending the day in an atmosphere of gloom after yesterday's elation.


    Thanks to all who have provided videos, captures, comments and observations. 




  • Dear Patily - thank you so much for taking time to write this excellent summary.  I am very grateful to read the summaries most often after a day's work - so Monday to Thursday.  On Fri/Sat/Sun, I have more time to read/catch up with the full blog so from my perspective, since this is such a commitment, a Mon-Thurs summary would be fantastic. Others may have a different view of course.....thanks to all who take time to do the summaries. Emma x

  • Sunday 17th June 2012

    Here's a summary of events at the Loch Garten Osprey nest for the above date.  It gives great sadness to report that Bravery the youngest of the chicks has passed away.  I have to admit that this is the most difficult summary I have ever written.  Please point out any mistakes and I'll be happy to correct them

    At 05.34.  The first pic from the day cam shows a wet EJ and two wet chicks.  The youngest chick is under the warmth of its mother's body.

    06.01.  A brief attack by Wisdom on the sadly increasingly weakening Bravery is seem off by the oldest chick Courage.

    06.52.  EJ who'd flown off the nest returns followed by Odin who delivers a FISH.  Feeding comences.  Sadly not for Bravery though.  This chick faces away from the food, and adopts the cowering posture, which sadly has become too regular in recent days.

    07.58.  Another attack by Wisdom on the weak Bravery.  Courage intervenes.

    08.40.  Once again, Courage stands up for Bravery against attacks from Wisdom.

    08.44.  It is observed that both older chicks are now attacking Bravery.  A video is posted of these happenings.

    08.54.  EJ is back on the nest after a spell away.

    09.06.  The first suggestion is posted that Bravery's short life has come to an end.

    09.15.  A picture is posted, showing EJ perched on a branch near the edge of the nest.  Bravery lies still and montionless.  It soon becomes apparent that Bravery is no longer alive.  Sadly the end has come for this fine young Osprey. 

    Just before 10.25.  One of the two remaining chicks deficates and hits the camera.  Needless to say viewing from then on becomes a challenge.

    10.30.  A video is posted of Bravery's last moments.

    11.10.  Brief intruder worry.  Quickly passes though.

    13.20.  A new blog is posted by Richard

    13.45.  EJ delivers a FISH of WHALE proportions.  A long feed begins.

    14.30.  Odin brings a FISH.

    14.28.  It is commented that "EJ could shriek for England"  I'd rather that she shrieked for Scotland :-)

    15.00.  EJ leaves the nest.

    15.33.  EJ has returned to the nest and is feedin once more.  Wisdom, with a full crop doesn't seem interested, and rest behind Courage.

    c16.00.  The rain starts again.  Light at first then later becomes very heavy.

    17.30.  Odin battles through the tough conditions, and comes up trumps with another FISH.  Feeding commences.

    17.48.  EJ is calling again.  Perhaps she wants seconds, as she won't leave the chick when poor weather is about, and intruders may be a danger.

    The rest of the evening continues in a peacefull fashion.  EJ continues to brood Courage, and Wisdom.  The rain thankfully abates.  The body of the late Bravery lies on the nest beside EJ, and his two siblings.  EJ will soon likely remove this.  The memory of Bravery cannot be removed from our minds however.  Today is indeed proof that survival of the fittest is a key element of nature.

    10.36.  Night cam comes on.

    A heartfelt thanks to all who posted on the DU today.  Without your posts, pictures and videos, this summary wouldn't be possible.


  • Monday 18th June 2012

    After the traumatic events of yesterday everyone was looking forward to a stress-free fish-filled day on the Loch Garten nest. And so it largely proved to be....

    The day began inauspiciously enough with rain in the early hours, and the two remaining chicks tucked up under EJ for most of the time. During the night shift an interesting explanation of the chicks' behaviour with regard to food was provided by Nellie (p.2), particularly in relation to #2's attacks on the smallest. Hopefully with the current situation we will not have to witness such behaviour again.

    A cold morning of 10 degrees C with a stormy-looking sky (picture clansk p.5) gave way to periods of sunshine, moderate breezes and thankfully no rain.

    The following timeline provides a run-down of the day's events:

    04:00 EJ is observed by scylla to leave the nest, and not seen again until 07:51, when she stayed for only 4 minutes.

    09:51 The first FISH of the day is delivered by Odin, which must have been a real tiddler (or merely a scrap) as the feed took barely 4 minutes! It was variously referred to as an 'antipasto' or a 'sardine'. Videos of the delivery and feed from scylla p.6. Picture of the feed from noc p. 4

    12:31 EJ alarm calling, assisted by the chicks - presumed intruder about

    13:35 Odin brings in a fairly large FISH, and alarm calls before leaving (vid scylla p.10) Did an intruder follow him home? During feeding time #1 squares up to #2 but no fighting is observed. #1 cheekily grabs the tail from EJ before she can eat it, and consumes the lot! (vid scylla p.12)

    15:29 Third FISH of the day, a small brown trout from Odin, most of which is eaten by #2 (delivery vid RtB p.14; full feed RtB p.15)

    Not a lot happens, with the chicks contentedly snoozing on the nest and EJ standing by, until.....

    20:00 All hell breaks loose ;-) Odin arrives with what looks like a substantial FISH, but EJ is absent. So #1 marches over and grabs it off him, then mantles over it. EJ returns shortly, and #1 places the fish beside mum and waits to be fed! After seeing off #2 in a series of fights, #1 gets all of the fish. By 20:18 supper is over and #2 has gone hungry. (vids: delivery and antics CC p.17; #1 falling on fish, passing it to EJ & fights scylla p.17)

    20:30 - 21:25 EJ begging almost constantly for food, joined by chick #2 and latterly #1 as well, but no fish is forthcoming....

    So far it has been a four-fish day, and fishing light is fast running out.

    The two young are looking much more like adult ospreys now in size and plumage, and #1 was observed exercising its wings on several occasions. Some good snapshots were taken, including by noc p.11, RtB p.14 (#1 standing up), RtB p.16 (neck of #1 and tail of #2), Lynette p.7, and RtB p.12 (comparison of chicks' eyes). Hopefully these will also provide an aid to identifying the two growing ospreys in the days and weeks to come!

    Lastly a thank-you to all those dedicated bloggers who by their observations, snapshots and video clips made this summary possible :-)

  • Tuesday 19th June.

    03.51 day cam on and EJ flies off

    04.27 It's raining and EJ is doing her best to cover the chicks.

    04.41 FISH number 1. It's a small one and lasts just 8 minutes. Video page 6 DU

    07.07 FISH number 2. video page 6 DU

    10.42 FISH number 3 videos page 6 DU

    12.59 Intruder alert which carries on for some time.

    13.51 FISH number 4 arrives, headless. videos page 9. #1 is asserting it's dominance over #2, and so #2 has only a small amount of fish after #1 is full. Then #1 wants some more and #2 is pushed out again. video page 10 DU

    16.44 another heavy shower. EJ acts as umbrella.

    17.26 FISH number 5. Once again #1 doesn't let #2 feed, (the dominance starts before Odin has even landed) and it adopts the submission pose. Eventually #2 moves to the other side of EJ and gets a few morsels. video page 12 DU

    20.25 After some time away from the nest, EJ returns with moss! video page 14 DU.  #2 has been calling for fish since fish number 4 (about 14.00) It is becoming quite alarming that #2 is not getting much to eat.

    The rest of the evening was quiet with the chicks partially under EJ. Poor little dead #3's body is still on the nest.

    Thanks to all for your posts, pics and vids.







  • Wednesday 20th June.

    An 8 fish day!!! with both chicks being well fed. Thank goodness after yesterday!

    4.17 First day cam pic of the day by CC, shows that it is misty at LG and the chicks are home alone.

    05.02 Odin flies in with a FISH number 1, and flies out with it again after just a brief touch down. EJ flies in and Odin returns with the fish. #2 lets #1 eat first. Videos by Scylla page 3 and 4 DU

    09.07 EJ flies in with a stick. #1 is so disappointed that it pecks her wing. video page 6 DU

    Between 9am and 10am Both chicks are seen walking on their feet, nay strutting around the nest. Videos on page 6 DU

    10.07 FISH number 2. Both chicks feed but #2 is very wary of #1. Videos page 7 DU

    11.34 FISH number 3 The chicks are sharing this fish without tension. Videos page 9 DU

    13.24 FISH number 4, delivered by Odin. EJ is not around! Odin hesitates and then leaves the fish with the chicks. video page 11 DU

    Between now and 15.28 when EJ returns, the chicks try many times and different ways to feed themselves from this big fish. They did OK for a first attempt. Many videos of this event from pages 11 - 17 DU

    15.28 EJ returns and claims the fish from under #2. She starts to feed the chicks but #1 is pushing #2 away. #2 tries several times to feed, each time being ousted, but in the end gets a little fish. Video page 20 DU

    15.57 FISH number 5. #2 is getting fed first this time. Video by Scylla page 20 and 21 RtB DU

    19.32 EJ brings in a large branch with roots. She puts it on #1 who jumps up, postures toward her and pecks EJ on the wing! Videos page 23 DU

    20.54 FISH number 6 brought in by EJ.  #1 won't let #2 anywhere near the fish. videos page 24 DU

    21.33 FISH number 7. #2 gets a good feed from this fish, thank goodness. video page 25 DU

    22.50 Night cam on. EJ has been calling for a while.

    22.51 FISH number 8 arrives! Both chicks being fed. They will sleep well tonight. Video page 26 DU

    23.15 The feed is over and EJ is shouting for more fish!!

    Thanks to all for the comments pics and vids, without which this summary would not be possible.






  • 21st June 2012.

    Here's a summary of events at the Loch Garten Osprey nest for the above date.  While the weather started off pretty decent it sadly turned out a rather wet and miserable day.  At least the camera lens is clean though.  Please let me know if I've made any errors, and I'll glady correct them.

    04.29:  The day cam is on, and FISH #1 has already been delivered.  A pic of both youngsters on relaxing after breakfast.  EJ has just flown off by this time, possibly to try and catch a larger fish.

    c06.00:  Odin delivers FISH #2.  This is reported in an update in the blog.

    07.00:  Video posted of the first fish delivery, which was brought by Odin at 04.22.

    08.45:  EJ returns to the nest, and does a little nestoration before leaving again at 08.49.  

    09.51:  Great pic posted of Wisdom staring at the camera.  The sort of stare from this youngster that EJ would be proud of.  

    10.37:  EJ returns to the nest empty taloned.  The chicks voice their displeasure.

    10.43:  A new blog is posted by John.

    11.05:  After two alarm calls the chicks try to visibly try to flatten themselves.  Vid posted by at 11.23.

    12.57:  A video is posted of Wisdom doing much shouting.  Very mature in sound and almost like one of EJ fish arrival shouts just before Odin lands.

    13.13:  A pic is posted of EJ doing her best to keep Courage and Wisdom sheltered from the heavy rain.

    13.37:  EJ flies off.  Behold! The lens is clear.

    13. 45:  Another pic of a Wisdom stare.

    13.56:  A video is posted of Courage and Wisdom roaming about just after EJ left.

    15.06:  EJ lands, then quickly takes off.  She doesn't have a fish with her.

    15.40:  EJ lands with FISH #3.  The older Courage asserts his / her dominance over the younger Wisdom.  Wisdom eventually gets some of the fish.

    16.04:  In a rather somber moment of the day.  EJ starts to make efforts to remove the body of Bravery, who passed away on the 17th of June.  Her attempts are not succesful.  

    16.26:  A video is posted of the feeding of the 15.40 fish.

    17.59:  A video is posted of one of the adult Ospreys briefly landing on the nest before flying away.  Initially this is thought to be EJ but an update on today's blog at 21.57 indicates that it was Odin who made a brief visit.

    18.34:  A video is posted of Courage doing some mild wingercising, then letting off some mature sounding chirps.

    18.38:  A video is posted which shows Courage having an astounding resemblance to his or her mother.

    19.25:  A picture is posted of a soggy looking Courage, and Wisdom.  They are resting on the mortal remains of their dead sibling.

    21.08:  EJ is back.  With FISH #4!  Feeding begins at first Courage dominates the feed but eventually Wisdom gets some of the fish.

    22.10:  The night cam comes on.

    22.26:  Odin brings FISH #5.

    Right folks.  That's the sumary done for today.  Appologies if there's any errors.  Many thanks for all your posts, pics, and vids which have made this summary possible :-)