Summary Thread........of The Loch Garten Nest

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Summary Thread........of The Loch Garten Nest

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  • FRIDAY 22ND JUNE 2012

    Another milestone has been reached. Last night was the first night the chicks had spent alone on the nest but EJ couldn't have been too far away as she flew in to check a few times in the wee small hours. It seems unbelievable that they have reached this stage.It doesn't seem that long since they popped out of eggs!

    4.06 Day cam

    4.10 EJ visits for about 10 minutes.

    6,23 EJ arrives with an enormous golden looking trout, FISH No 1 of the day.Poor thing still flapping a bit. #1 feeds first but eventually both partake and in fact, at this point, #2 gets the lion's share. #1 seems content to lay under EJ's tail.  Then EJ flies off with the fish and lands on the RHS, out of view, but obviously feeding more to#1 After a while #2 gets more bites as well when #1 walks away. The whole fed takes over an hour. Not clear whether EJ got any other than an odd piece now and again. (vid p8 1.19  P10 3.22)

    8.20 Chicks asleep together, No EJ  Rain heavy.

    8.42 Rain has stopped. Radio chaffinch broadcasting.

    8.48 EJ returns.

    8. 49 She probably saw Odin, who lands with FISH No 2 #1 and #2 don't seem that interested after their recent repast. No squabbling, but do condescend to have a few beakfuls, #2 soon has sufficient and moves away. #1 carries on eating.(vid p6 9.05)

    9.00 Meal over 5 minutes later EJ leaves.

    10.10 Chicks resting but not asleep Engaging in a fair amount of preening.

    10.38 Alarm calls Chicks alone on nest but EJ close by.  (vid p6 10.40)

    11.11 And alarm calls again. (vid p7 11.11)

    11.37 The sun has broken through

    11.39 Chicks taking it in turns to show off their wing exercising skills (vid p7 11.49)

    12.25 EJ arrives, but only stays a few minutes to do a little HW (vid p8 1.08)

    12.38 Chicks resting but alert

    12.39 More alarm calls and chicks flatten themselves into the nest (vid p8 1.12)

    12.55 EJ spotted in the dead tree.

    By 1.13 the wide view shows her on the side of the nest

    2.18 #2 flaps its wings so enthusiastically that it is practically jumping. These chicks really seem to be in advance of the norm (vid p 9 2.19)  Seems as if the chicks are fast approaching the last leg before fledging.

    2.26 EJ back in what seems to be her favourite dead tree, She is so amazingly beautiful.

    2.57 Chicks asleep so close together they look like one. Very relaxed, just giving a wee stretch once in a while. EJ in her tree, "All's right with the world."

    Apart from #1 displaying her position at feed time, and even then usually lets #2 eat when she has had her fill, the 2 chicks seem happy in each others company, as they rest, or do nothing much at all.

    They have a few stares at the world beyond the nest otherwise all is peaceful.

    Another day of dear Odin not being around, suggesting that there are still great problems with fishing. Chicks haven't eaten since 9.00 a.m. Luckily they had EJ's "whale" which seems to have helped set them up for the day.

    4.10 EJ lands on the cam post Chicks all agog....probably hoping for fish, which isn't forthcoming. (vid p12 4.19)

    5.18 EJ land, possibly with nesting material. #1 NOT impressed and says so.....loudly.

    5.30 #2 practices wing flapping again and this time does give a little jump across the nest. (vid p13 5.37)

    6.00 Beautiful capture of the 2 siblings asleep beak to beak.  Presumably, they can't be too starving or they would be begging and shouting.

    6.51 Odin with FISH No 3 EJ is not present so #1 takes it and won't let#2 near  Odin leaves #2 watches and complains but doesn't approach the fish  (vid p15 6.59)

    7.02 EJ with HUGE FISH, No 4. #1 leaves Odin's fish and starts being fed by EJ #2 waits but continues complaining It clearly wants to be fed but is wary of #1. Odin's fish is ignored until #2 finds it and attempts to eat, but pretty soon gets frustrated. Gives up.  (vid p 16 7 .13 and 7.21)

    By 7.30 both GEMs being fed by EJ  (vid p 17 7.34)

    By 7.41 #1 must be full and rests but #2 still being fed  Eventually, #1 stretches and goes back for more but is not very pushy. Soon goes away again.EJ would like some fish for herself but #2 screams blue murder. Just like EJ's whopper in the morning,#2 gets the lion's share. All the time it is eating it is also quietly complaining to itself.   EJ manages to get some for herself.

    8.11 #1 back for more It seems that #2 is satisfied AT LAST...but no. EJ feeding both once more.

    8 .19 Starts to rain again. Its heavy, but, thankfully, relatively short lived.

    8.30 At last both chicks have finished. It has taken an amazing hour and 35 minutes to satisfy them both !!!!!!!!!!!!!This leaves EJ free to eat the tail end.

    8.37 EJ finds Odin's fish but before she can start it #1 asks for some...and gets.

    8.45 Odin's fish all gone. EJ goes back to the remains of her fish.(vid p 20 9.06)

    8.56 #2 flat out. #1 watches EJ tidy up fish debris. (There is some debate whether the debris included anything of #3's remains but no conclusion reached. vid p 20 9.20) * subsequent vid confirms that it was just fish skin that EJ was eating p22 9.46)

    9.04 2 chicks completely zonked. EJ potters and makes a bang and wakes up #2 who starts food begging. 

    9.10 EJ flies off leaving 2 more or less comatose kids to, hopefully, sleep the night away.

    10.22 Odin arrives with FISH No5 small and headless. He is quickly followed by EJ but he himself doesn't stick around. The chicks wake and immediately begin soliciting and they manage to fill a few empty corners. There is no domination by #1.

    By 10. 30 It is all over. The fish is all gone but #2 is not happy with that.

    10.31 Night cam and EJ leaves.         Sleep tight little (?) ones.

    It is still a mystery how EJ ALWAYS manages to bring in such large fish. She must know of a secret loch!!!!

    Thank you to all contributors, in whatever "guise" but most especially to video providers who allow for endless replays and thus observations, analysis and clarifications.

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  • 23rd June 2012.

    Here's a summary of events at the Loch Garten Osprey nest, and surrounding area, for the above date.  As usual please feel free to point out any errors, and I'll happily correct them.

    04.28:  Odin brings FISH 1.  Feeding begins.

    04.32:  Daycam comes on to reveal a damp morning.

    05.02:  Courage has a peck at EJ's face as they settle down after the feed.

    05.20:  EJ flies from her nest, and returns at 05.29.

    06.02:  Odin makes an express delivery.  It's FISH 2.  Feeding starts with Wisdom being fed, as Courage watches.

    06.16:  Wisdom doesn't quite get the nestorising right but this youngster is quite adept at wingercising.

    09.28:  EJ brings FISH 3.  It is massive, and the GEMs settle down to enjoy this feast.

    10.26:  FISH 4 delivered by Odin.  The youngsters are still devouring EJ's earlier whale, so this goes into temporary storage.  When this fish is delivered, Courage decides to have a peck at Odin's head.

    10.27:  The giant fish delivered by EJ at 09.28 is finally finished.

    10.28:  EJ discovers the latest fish brought by Odin.  Another feed begins.

    13.30:  After a spell off the nest, EJ lands and starts some nestoration.

    13.44:  EJ seems to be either curious or concerned about something.  She quickly becomes more relaxed again.

    14.43:  EJ begins to call very loudly.  She is off cam on the live vid shot.  The shout appears to indicate she's warning off a potential intruder, rather than asking for a fish.

    15.17:  Odin brings FISH 5.  At first only Courage feeds, and Wisdom casually looks on.  The Wisdom later joins in the feed.  It starts to rain near the end of this feed.  The rain then quickly turns into a heavy downpour and EJ has to spread out to shelter the chicks.

    15.34:  New blog from John.  This includes a great poem by Partick. 

    16.25:  The rain stops.

    16.29:  After a short break the heavy rain begins again.  Respite from the elements is short lived.  The rain eventually stops and is replaced
     by a light breeze.
     17.39:  The heavy rain is no match for Odin The Magnificant.  He brings FISH 6 to the nest.

    17.50:  EJ flies off.  The rain gets very heavy in the evening, and the youngsters get soaked by the rain in her long abscence from the nest.

    20.53:  Odin brings FISH 7.  EJ's not around to feed it to the youngsters and after musing about whether to make an attempt at feeding, he decides to fly off and leave the food serving to the Mrs when she gets back.  Courage has a brief go at tying to feed him/herself but hasn't got the knack of it yet.  So the fish is left uneaten on the nest.

    21.21:  EJ returns with FISH 8, then begins to feed this to the youngsters.  Shortly after she feeds the 20.53 fish to Courage and Wisdom.

    22.02:  EJ flies away again.  

    22.14:  Alarm calls from Odin.  The danger quickly passes, and a short while later the night cam comes on.

    22.40:  EJ comes back and the youngsters happily welcome their mum back to the nest.

    Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful posts, pictures, and video clips which made this summary possible.


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  • Deleted.  Posted in wrong thread.

  • Sunday 24th June.

    A very wet night. EJ is seen to be doing her best to protect the chicks, but they are all soaked.

    05.49 EJ flaps and flies off. The chicks make some adult-ish chirps and flap like mad. Afterwards they take it in turns to try to get under each other.

    06.32 FISH number 1 from EJ. video page 3 DU. Both chicks have a good feed.

    07.23 Feed over and EJ tries to shield the chicks from the heavy rain again, until 07.52 and she flies off.

    08.34 EJ is back to cover the chicks again. It's raining hard.

    09.11. EJ starts to call.

    09.19 Odin arrives with FISH number 2. EJ takes it but continues to nag. She doesn't feed the chick. Videos page 5 DU

    09.51. EJ starts to feed the chicks from fish 2. Only #2 wants any fish and #1 watches. video page 7 DU

    10.09 fish gone and EJ covers them as best she can.

    10.42 FISH number 3 from Odin. The chicks don't seem interested, so EJ starts to eat alone.

    10.53 #1 joins EJ and is fed. videos page 8 DU

    The heavy rain finally stops.

    12.31 EJ flies to the nest for some serious defending and alarm calling. video page 10 DU

    The afternoon is spent with the chicks snuggling up together, preening and the odd wing flap or two.

    18.04 The live cam has broken down. Still cam shows EJ standing on the nest with the chicks laid down.

    19.37 Still pics of EJ calling, slightly mantled.

    19.42 EJ has flown.

    20.19 A nice set of pics from TBoL. EJ just in shot at RHS of nest. Looks like she may have fish.

    20.35 A second set of pics shows that there could have been a small feed.

    21.14 Still shots of EJ with a BIG yellow belly Brown Trout.

    Feeding started and continued on and off until after night cam had come on.

    22.37. Feeding has finished.

    It's hard to get an accurate summary when the live cam is down, but I've done my best. Thanks to all the posters on DU without whom, the summary would not be possible.













  • Monday 25 June 2012

    Today was a day which dried out both the chicks and the nest, and the sun finally shone once more.  A day of intruders, wingercising and preening.  All relatively quiet in the day of the life of ospreys.

    Scylla started today's thread by reporting that nestcam which went off early in the evening (Sunday 24 June), had been resumed at 02.26hr.  EJ was seen feeding the chicks from the remains of yesterday's brown trout which arrived before 21.15hr.  (Scylla vids at 02.42)

    03.33hr Scylla noted feeding going on.

    04.09 CC noted that EJ landed with something in her talon, chicks were snoozing so she flew off with it again.  It was probably the left over of the 21.15hr fish, but without live nest cam it was difficult to confirm.

    04.26  Daycam came on.

    07.01  EJ tried to tempt the chicks again with the leftover fish, but they didn't get up to feed. (Moffer vid 07.31)

     07.34  and  08.05hr  A nice series of snips of the chicks from TheBadgerOfLurve

     08.09  Report of the first intruder with EJ alarm calling and mantling, which turned to food soliciting. 

     08.41  Odin was reported to have flown by.

     09.10  Moffer reported that EJ was calling relentlessly and posted a vid of nest activity.  (Moffer vid)

     09.53. EJ takes a short flight. She returns, picks up the old fish piece and feeds #1 a little before abandoning it again to resume calling for new supplies.

     By 10.00hr the chicks were dry and showing their beautiful feather colours once more.  EJ had been calling for food for over an hour.  (Moffer vid at 10.08hr)

     10.09  Richard Thaxton wrote on the main blog:


     10.38 Moffer posted a vid of preening, lots of calling from all three.

     10.47  EJ picks at yesterday's leftover fish again and #1 gets some.

     10.51  Intruder around, EJ mantles and alarm calls.

     10.50  More alarm calling by EJ (video by MOFFER at 11.15) and another osprey seeing flying away in the distance.

     11.25  Wide cam was back and operating.

     12.02  FISH 1 – a Brown Trout from Odin.  EJ and Odin alarm call, and Odin chases off the intruder.  While EJ is occupied with the intruder #1 tries to steal the fish!  (MOFFER vid)

     12.22  Fish has gone and there are more calls for more fish.  Chicks join in.

     12.41  Moffer posted a video of the feed.

     12.51  EJ flew off and returned with a stick for the nest, rather than a fish for the chicks.  #2 objects LOUDLY.

     13.05  CC posted a video – A Portrait of the Chicks at this Stage.

     13.13  MOFFER posted a video of EJ bringing a big stick to the nest.

     13.15  EJ returned to the nest, calling and looking wet.  She must have had a bath and flew to the dead tree to preen.#

     13.52  EJ alarm calls again and watches the intruder as it flies by.

     14.49  EJ returns to the nest, mantling and calling.  Moffer's vid of 15.26 intruder.

     15.39  Possibly another intruder.  Sun is out and chicks are panting.

     15.50  EJ calls again having seen an intruder.

     15.56  MOFFER posted a series of picture of the afternoon, of lookout duty, preening, defending the nest against the persistent intruder,  #2 calling for fish and lots of wingercising when #2 almost reached lift off!

     16.09  Fish 2 from Odin.  Chick #2 feeds on the fish, with no aggression from Chick #1.  Fish was gone by the time Chick #1 get up to eat.  (Moffer video at 16.19.)

     16.26  Chick #1 is calling for fish, having missed out earlier!

     16.29  EJ flies away only to return at…

     16.32  with a stick!  #1 complains noisily.

     17.04  Moffer posts a video of the delivery of Fish 2, when Chick #2 is fed the whole fish.  Moffer noted that #2 cleaned its beak on the nest sticks after eating.

     17.12  EJ returned to the nest.  A male osprey display call was heard.

     17.28  Fish 3  Delivered by Odin, alive and flapping.  Chick #1 is fed.  MOFFER's video posted at 17.36.

    17.50  Moffer's 12 minute vid of Chick #1 getting the lion's share, and Chick #2 getting a top-up feed.  Chick #1 takes the tail and eats it by itself.

     18.10  A lovely photo of both chicks gazing at the camera.  Orange (#2) and yellow eyes(#1).

    19.35  Fish 4  Delivered by Odin  Both chicks were fed, however by...

    20.00 Both chicks were calling for more fish.  Beautiful evening sun shining on the nest.

    20.45  EJ left the nest

    22.00  TheBadgeofLurve posted two lovely photos of the chicks in the evening sun.

    24.00  EJ had not returned to the nest by midnight.  Chicks were snuggled up together (vid by CC).

    What will tomorrow bring.  Certainly sunshine, but perhaps more exciting the ringing and tagging of the chicks, when we will learn their names and their sex.

    Thank you to everyone for contributing to the DU for 25 June, for the videos, picture and comments without whose help I would not have been able to write this.  I will happily correct or add if you see any errors or omissions.

    The link to the Tuesday 26 June Daily Update here

  • TUESDAY 26TH JUNE 2012

    Today the chicks are 41 and 39 days old respectively and continue to make amazing progress. A major change seems to be that #2 now seems to be the dominant chick when it comes to feeding but if this is truly the case then it has been achieved without any display of aggression. In fact the nest has been peaceful for days now......except for some raucous shouting. The chicks are almost constantly in each other's company.

    3.46 Daycam

    6.55 FISH No 1, courtesy of dear Odin. It must have been quite a small offering as the feed only takes about 10 minutes, Chicks loudly shouting for seconds. (vid p 2 7.11)

    Its a misty but beautiful start to the day with the sun gradually breaking through which bodes well for the rest of the day.

    The chicks try to snuggle and cuddle under each other (vid p2 7.16)

    8.49 Chicks preening and looking around.

           Bit of preening; bit of stretching......just marking time until the next fish arrives.

    9.50 Resting again......apart this time. One's got its head resting on a stick.

    10.08 EJ arrives and alarm calls, (vid p6 11.36)

    10.10 EJ on side of nest, alarm calling and mantling,

    10.52 EJ still on the nest and chicks complaining.....loudly......that they are starving

    11.05 Quietly resting again EJ left at some point.

    11.44 FISH No 2 brought by Odin. EJ not present. Odin departs leaving the fish with #2 who mantles over it. There are alarm calls and both chicks remember to lie "dogo". (vid p6 11.45)

    #2 not very successful with the fish (vid p7 12.02)

                            and eventually gives up.

    12.19 EJ lands with one of her whoppers, FISH No 3.......and #2 is ecstatic.

           Amazingly, yet again, #1 lets #2 have first takes of the fish.......although s/he complains the whole time that #2 is feeding. (vid p 8 12.31)

    It is a good 10-15 minutes later that #1decides s/he had better be fed as well.

    12.55 #1 is satisfied and seems to beak clean,  No prizes for guessing who carries on eating!

    1.00 #2 is finished too and EJ feeds on the remaining end part.......but then #1 creeps up for some more. Eventually, s/he has had enough and leaves EJ in peace

    To prove it really was a whopper, 1.10 EJ is still finishing off.

    1.13 She finds Odin's forgotten fish and starts tucking in to a fish that is of a reasonable size.

    1.28 It looks as if EJ has had enough and is asking the chicks if they would like to try some. No takers, so she eats a little more.

    1.31 EJ carries the rest of the fish over to the resting chicks and #2 obliges its mum by eating some.

            (Partial video of this looong feeding session.....p 10 1.41)

    1.42 EJ finishes Odin's fish herself and 5 minutes later is beak cleaning. It has been approximately 1 1/2 hours since EJ arrived with her catch.

    Chick #1 potters/ wingercises/ and rests at the "back" of the nest whilst #2 is comatose at the "front". (vid p10 1.56)

    Around 1.57 EJ flys off. #2 still fast aleep and #1 still pottering and not doing very much at all.  Eventually #1 disturbs #2 who gets up and potters too.

    2.35 2 very warm chicks sit with their wings away from their bodies, panting.

    2.48 FISH No 4 brought by dad.Its a good size and who else but #2 can find room for another meal? Later, #1 has a few bites.

    3.16 More alarm calling and mantling chicks lower themselves, although #2 keeps an eye on the proceedings. Sounds of skydancing, (vid p13 3.21)

    4.12 FISH No5 Odin doing well today. EJ takes the fish but feeding doesn't commence. Something seems to be disturbing EJ and even the chicks flatten themselves into the nest. When feeding eventually begins, it is #1 who is there and #2 seems totally disinterested. This is probably explained by the amounts it has tucked away earlier. EJ remains wary but finally #1 has had enough and. once more, EJ is left with the end....but she too has fed OK today.(vid p17 6.16  p 18 6.50)

    4.56 No EJ present and the scene is one of 2 totally relaxed and zonked chicks.

    C. 5.35 starts to rain EJ returns and chicks try to shelter

    6.04 EJ leaves

    6.44 She returns to protect the chicks as best she can

    7.42 Still raining and EJ still trying to shelter chicks

    7.45 FISH No 6 and pretty large  (vid p21 8.20)

    Soggy chicks are difficult to distinguish but as per usual one feeds and one waits Is it #2 being fed initially? Eventually, both chicks are fed but the second one doesn't appear particularly hungry.

    8.05 The chick that started the feed has had enough and moves away. EJ can concentrate on feeding the second GEM.

    8.11 Fish all gone. EJ starts shouting, perhaps for more fish as she hasn't had any. It continues to rain.

    8.58 2 drenched chicks huddle by mum who, for some reason, is still calling vociferously!

    After some considerable time EJ stops calling and as it seems to have stopped raining, she moves away from the chicks to the RHS of the nest

    By 9.45 EJ has gone and the chicks seem pretty much settled for the night. Hope the rain doesn't return.

    10.10 EJ can be heard insistently calling "off-stage" which somewhat disturbs one of the chicks who does a few quiet clucks Then the second chick gets up and does a little preening.. Not clear why EJ is calling but chicks chunter as they settle again

    10.20 All seems quiet at last.

    c.10.33 Nightcam........but off and on EJ can still be heard calling in the distance. She lands on the nest and wakes the kids, She continues to call. Then it starts raining again.

    10.35 EJ shields the chicks and they take up the food begging call. Sadly, no more fish is forthcoming and poor EJ must go to bed hungry. At last they all settle for the night, the chicks having their heads tucked under EJ.

    Once again the GEMS have lived up to their title and fed well today thanks to the stirling efforts of both of their parents.It seems not so for poor EJ.

    Grateful thanks to all the contributors who make these summaries possible and thanks to #1, #2 Odin and EJ who provide us with so much pleasure and fascination whilst doing "what comes naturally".

  • Wednesday 27th June.

    Another day closer to fledging. The chicks are growing at an astounding rate. They wingercise regularly now and with some vigour. Their calls are noted to be changing to more adult tones at times.

    After a soaking before midnight, the chicks and EJ stayed on the nest together all night. At around 4am EJ leaves.

    04.25 day cam on find the chicks asleep, side by side.

    06.36 FISH number 1 delivered by EJ. #2 eats first followed by page 3 DU

    07.17 The fish is gone. EJ does a little house work and leaves.

    08.34 EJ returns food calling

    08.36 FISH number 2 is delivered by Odin who lands on #1. video page 4 DU

    08.52 The fish is gone. #1 had a little, but EJ ate the rest. She starts to call for more fish straight away.

    Between now and 09.45 EJ constantly calls for fish. The chicks preen, flap and try to sleep.

    12.43 EJ flies in with a stick. #1 tries to copy mum by moving a few twigs too.

    12.48 It starts to rain again. She tries to shelter them.

    12.53 Odin brings in FISH number 3. A large Brown Trout. videos page 9 DU. #2 is fed first and then #1.

    13.12 The feed is over. EJ immediately calls for new stock.

    13.48 EJ flies off

    14.09 EJ returns with brightly coloured furnishings. video page 12

    14.51 #2 has a really good wingersize. One of the parents are around on video page 12

    15.08 The alarm is given off nest. Both chicks keep down.

    15.43 EJ returns to shield the chicks from the now heavy rain.

    16.09 EJ leaves.

    17.14 The rain has stopped. Both chicks have become restless. They are chatting, shaking the rain off and flapping as well as preening. video page 14 DU and some wonderful stills by Sheila.

    17.50 Worn out by all the exercise, both chicks are flat out again.

    18.28 EJ flies in and checks out the nest. Nope, no fish here and leaves.

    19.03 EJ lands with FISH number 4. A large flapping Brown Trout. Just 34 minutes from leaving the nest to returning with a meal. What an Osprey! video page 15 DU

    #2 feeds first and when she's had enough, moves away and #1 feeds. All very harmonious until #2 pushes back in for some more. #1 has eaten well and just moves out of the way. No aggression at all.

    17.38 The fish has been consumed in 35 mins!

     A very quiet, dry evening with the chicks mostly sleeping but occasionally having a flap, chat and preen.

    22.40 (approx) Night cam on.

    22.44 Odin arrives with FISH number 5. EJ follows him in and feeds #1. #2 doesn't even get up. Video page 17 DU. The fish is gone in just 9 minutes. EJ starts to call for more fish.

    23.08 The chicks settle down quickly with #2 half under #1. EJ continues to call for fish

     Many thanks to all who post on DU, whether pics, vids or comments. It would not be possible to complete the summary without you.












    The good early morning weather created anticipation of ringing, but as opening time came and went, no ringing has yet happened. Intermittent rain has made everything soggy, most likely including the ground around the nest. The chicks have had enough to eat in the meantime, and enough to feed their curiosity about the world outside the nest and their instinctual urge to fly. Wingercising has become the main activity between meals besides resting companionably with each other. The expressive term “wittering” is invented by Cirrus to describe EJ’s soft fish-tweets, and used throughout.
    5.59        The morning begins with EJ wittering for fish. (Video: scylla)
    6.48            The chicks are flapping and jumping. (Video: moffer) p.2
    6.50            FISH #1 from Odin. #2 takes possession and then #1 takes over, but #2 then gets it back again. Both try feeding themselves. (Video: scylla) additional videos from moffer p.2
    7.12            FISH #2 from

    EDIT - Top part by CC as she had started a summary as well.

    Heron started us off at 2.55am - growing up fast and awake and preening.

    4.16am - day cam came on and EJ was heard to be food soliciting.

    5.52am - Scylla posted a super stills cam pic of dawn, nest and mist - quite atmospheric

    6.48am - chicks are getting in some flapping, wingercising exercises etc.

    6.50am   FIRST FISH OF THE DAY - #1 took fish but did it nab it from #2 reported by Syclla

    7.02am - #2 got it back again see vid on pg 2 posted by Moffer

    7.12am - EJ WITH A WHOPPER

    7.16am - Moffer posts vid where EJ is feeding #1 and #2 is eating Odin's fish pg 3.

    Feeding carried on for a while. 

    7.43am - Moffer reported that  #1 had found Odin's fish and was having a reasonable success with it.

    Usual carryings on on the nest, EJ twitters, chicks preening, resting etc.

    During the morning the chicks were taking an interest in their surroundings and EJ doing her pottering about or staying at the side of the nest.


    Not much enthusiasm reported from the chicks whilst EJ continues to cheep gently and quietly. No-one seems hungry at present.

    12.02pm  Brenda reports that #2 has deigned to take some fish, #2 stands up and watches.

    EJ begins to call for more fish - #1 contemplates #2 leg , see pic on pg.10 posted by mims

    1.12pm the rain is coming down and EJ does her best to shelter the ever growing chicks.

    2.15pm Moffer reported an alarm call and the chicks reacted very quickly see vid pge 12 posted by Moffer 

     EJ had been coming and going on the nest quite a bit in the afternoon, bringing in moss and colourful lichen to adorn the nest. 

    3.55pm Its reported that the chicks are getting restless and doing more and more exercising of their wings along with preening.

    3.56pm Moffer posts a vid with the exclamation "Good grief......they want to fly!!" pg.14.

    Usual goings on on the nest with EJ coming and going from time to time

    18.16pm  ODIN WITH FISH 4.- raining there and EJ returns.

    #1 has fish at 6.20pm. and has a go at feeding itself.

    18.22pm   EJ WITH A WHOPPER AGAIN- see pic posted by Moffer on pg16

    .18/25pm Moffer reported that #1 got aggressive with #2 and Brenda reported a few mins later that it was protecting Odin's fish.

    Pictures are posted but difficult to see much due to the rain.

    18.32pm Moffer posts vid of the latest delivery by EJ pg.17

    19.18pm Brenda reports that both have been fed and as usual #2 taking more.

    19.37p-m pic of #1 sheltering from the rain under #2 (Moffer - pg 18.) and then eventually go head to head with the rain sounding heavy.

    19.54 EJ returns to shelter her two huge chicks as reported by SheilaFE.

    22.05pm  - just looked at the chicks and they are hunkered down through the rain looking quite soggy, EJ is not on the nest so is probably nearbye.

    Thanks to everyone who has posted vids, pics etc and if I've missed anything off please feel free to add on.













  • FRIDAY 29TH JUNE 2012

    Many of us have had grave concerns that there would be no opportunity to at least ring the chicks this year because of the pretty-much constant awful weather but to most watchers delight and surprise, today has been THE day.

    3.57 Daycam

    4.25 Looks as though it might have been raining again, with possible droplets on the chicks' backs.

    5.27 Wingercising (vid p 1 5.41)

    5.38 FISH No 1 delivery from Odin (vid p1 5.48) which didn't take long to devour, and EJ starts calling for more.

    6.38 Chicks sound asleep. EJ on side of nest calling for fish.

    7.13 Alarm calls and chicks flatten themselves

    7.53 Repeat scenario except EJ in particular is VERY agitated.and distraught. (vid p14 9.56)

    8.06 Sounds of a ladder being put in place and people talking

    8.09 Ladder seen on wide screen against the webcam post. Chicks really laying doggo.

    8.12 Man seen on top of ladder with bag.  Chicks stay quiet and in submission.

    First chick in said bag.

    8.15 Second chick collected.  Parents alarm calling whole time.

    We are grateful to see that the camera lens is also cleaned.  Our hero.

        (vids p7 8.26..p9 9.02 with plenty of stills on p 7 as well)

    9.03 The ascent begins to return the chicks to the nest.

    9.04 The first ringed and tagged chick is returned to the nest and seconds later it is joined by its sibling, both clearly traumatised and pretty miserable.

             EJ seems to have been alarm calling the whole time.     (vids p 12 9.22 & p 13 9.26    plus more stills)

    10.05 First chick starts to stir. Gets up for a brief while, looking around, It does settle down again but not so hunched up as before or as it's sibling remains. (vids p 15 10.18 & p 15 10.19)

            EJ on dead tree, Quiet but alert.

    10.27 Second chick still cowed. First has its head tucked down but raises it now and again to look around. Not easy to identify which is which at this stage but it is suggested that the more alert chick is #2.

    10.40 EJ returns with a chirrup. She doesn't stay for more than a few seconds but both chicks look up as she flies off and this confirms that #2 was the first back on the nest and the first to stir. It now readjusts its position  again and now #1 keeps its head up.

    It seems EJ has chased off something that she felt came too close to the nest, and alarm calls.

    10.45 She returns to the nest for a brief minute. Chicks still pretty flattened into the nest and #1 has barely moved since being returned.

    10.52 EJ quietly returns but keeps her attention skywards, but soon leaves.

    10.38 #1 partly gets up and moves closer to #2. Not exactly lively, but more alert. (vid p 17 10.57)

    11.26 At last #1 seems over the worst of its shock. It gets up properly and walks around a little. Poops. preens a little. Squats down once more but then gets up again. Does a short wing exercise and settles by #2   (vid p 20 11.48)

    11.34 FISH No2 courtesy of Odin. #2 is first in the Q #1 watching patiently and engages in a little wingercising whilst waiting. Finally, it gets some fish as well (vid p 20 11.49)

    Begins to rain lightly and EJ gives the chicks a little shelter

    12.03 EJ leaves and soon after is spotted in her favourite dead tree

    12.53 EJ comes back to the nest after alarm calling (vid p22 1.19)

    1.09 She leaves AGAIN and the chicks are up and more or less back to normal #1 exercises those wings but #2 has had a hard morning and flops down again. (vid p22   1.21)

    1.20 The chicks just seem to be enjoying each other's company. Bit of a wind ruffling the grass on the nest and #1's head feathers. It gives #2's head a little preen.

    1.35 EJ returns, calling for food for her starving brood........but leaves once more within a few minutes

    2.15 EJ is back on the nest, looking around and calling intermittently, with 2 taking-it-easy chicks

    3.22 New BLOG (P23) with all the necessary data   Both FEMALES

              #1 Blue white AA!  CALEDONIA   (CALLY)                             #2 Blue White AA2  ALBA         Named by the children at Deshar Primary School

      3.37 Determined intruder seen on side of nest, near a chick, via the wide view camera    Oddly, EJ stands on one of the chick's back as she takes off to chase the interloper. (vid p25 4.09 )  (vids p30 5.57 & p 31 6.49)

    3.45 EJ still on guard at back of nest with 2 slumbering chicks. She looks around..Then she starts calling and mantling(?)  Intruder or has she seen Odin?   She starts to doze, standing on one leg.

    4.00 FISH No 3 fleetingly delivered by Odin.

    At first the chicks don't seem interested but then, lazily, Caledonia gets up to be fed. Most of EJ and the whole of the fish are out of sight, but judging by EJ's earnest wing flapping it is possible that the poor fish is still alive.  After a time, Alba comes over and begs for food. She gets a few bites, but, unfortunately for her, the fish is soon gone. She is not happy.   (vid p26 4.25 & 4 ,29)

    EJ cleans her beak and then departs, leaving her newly "christened" youngsters to wingercise for a while before settling down once more.

    After this EJ spends some time bringing some moss to the nest and generally nestorising.(vid p31 6.37 & 6.46)

    7.46 FISH No4 from Odin (vid p 32 7.47 7 7.51)     Chicks are alone with the fish but initially don't show much interest. Then Caledonia takes it. Alba wants to try for it but Caledonia defends her prize (vid  p32 7.55)

    7.52 EJ lands with a large FISH No 5 It seems not to be up to her usual standards. Alba is the first to be fed but is soon joined by Caledonia.(vids p 32 8.05 & 8.10)

    8.23 Meal finished. EJ possibly finds Odin's fish but it is off camera, and she leaves soon after.

    9.34 on p 35 is a nice group photo of the ringing/tagging team with "our" 2 young marvels

    22.37 Nightcam

    23.02 Odin lives up to his title of "The Magnificent" by bringing in FISH No 6 at this late hour.

    Cannot tell with the b/w vision but one chick is enjoying a near-midnight feast from mum whilst the other rests. It seems likely that Caledonia and Alba will sleep well tonight after their eventful day and on full stomachs. Here's hoping it is a dry night for them and not too chilly......and that they have no bad dreams about things called ladders and humans and big orange hands.

    Once again, huge thanks for all the what-would-we-do-without-them videos, as well as the captures and posts that keep us all so well informed and up to date.

  • Saturday 30th June.

    The day after ringing/tagging took place. Day 45 for Cally, 43 for Alba. They seem to have recovered from yesterdays trauma, both the human and intruder kind. We wished for dry weather and lots of fish, and we got it ;o)

    A quiet peaceful night after yesterday's late fish was disturbed at

    02.48 EJ calling off cam. Was there danger around? She continued to call until her return to the nest at 03.22 and then flies on and off a couple of times food calling.

    03.52 Day cam on. EJ is still on and off the nest calling for fish.

    04.12 EJ flies off.

    04.18 A stunning photo of Cally and Alba posted by Scylla, page 3 DU

    05.30 EJ returns with a large silvery FISH number 1. Alba is straight in for the feed, Cally hangs back, but both get a good feed with EJ getting some too. Videos page 4 DU

    06.18 EJ leaves after finishing the feed. The chicks sleep it off.

    07.00 The sun is shining, and continues to, on and off all day.

    08.09 EJ returns to tidy up the nest, but only stays for a couple of minutes.

    08.24 Birdsong posts some lovely stills of Alba wingercising.

    09.02 EJ brings in a very large branch (small tree) and drops it on Cally. She takes ages deciding where best to put it. Video page 6 DU

    09.44 FISH number 2 delivered by Odin., a medium size Brown Trout. Both adults start to alarm call and EJ mantels over the fish. Intruder around again today. video page 7 DU Feeding is postponed for a few minutes until it is all clear. Both chicks feed again.

    10.10 EJ and Cally have a dispute over where to put the new small tree. Cally wins.....for now. Funny video  bottom of page 7 DU.

    10.15 Vigorous flapping by both chicks in the wind :o video page 9 DU

    10.56 EJ returns and moves the same large branch to right in front of the camera. A few minutes later, a gust of wind blows it over.

    11.17 EJ starts to alarm call again. She's really tweeting for a couple of minutes.

    11.31 Cally moves that branch again.

    11.56 New photo's of yesterdays ringing are added to the BLOG.

    12.26 FISH number 3 delivered by Odin. A good size Brown Trout. Both chicks take their time about it, but both are fed. They take it in turns to flap balancing on a stick, preen and eat. Cally moves the stick again. Videos and some great stills page 10 and 11 DU

    12.47 EJ moves the stick again, while Cally is staring over the edge of the nest.

    13.10 FISH number 4 from Odin. Another good size whole Brown Trout. Both chicks eat as much as they can and EJ eats the last half of the fish. Videos page 12 DU. More minor alarm calls.

    14.25 Another photo is posted on the BLOG

    14.35 A 3 minute intruder episode this time. Video by Scylla page 14 DU

    14.48 FISH number 5 from Odin. Another good size Brown Trout. Odin is on form today! Intruder alerts continue and the chicks stay flat while EJ clutches the fish. Video Page 14 DU

    15.01 Scylla posts a comparison of the chicks eyes. Alba's are chick coloured, deep orange. While Cally's are much lighter and more yellow.

    15.19 EJ manages to temp the chicks up to feed from fish 5. Video page 15 DU

    17.08 EJ flies onto the nest alarm calling.

    17.19 FISH number 6. Odin should be proud of himself with this one. A large, EJ size yellow-bellied Brown Trout. Odin flies off and alarm calls for a few minutes. The chicks stay down. video page 16 DU

    17.26 The chicks are up and preening before their meal. Odin alarm calls off nest and the chicks hit the deck. EJ is still holding the whole large fish. video page 17 DU

    17.43 EJ starts to eat the fish. Cally shows interest and joins her.

    17.53 Cally has moved away and Alba is eating a little. After the large amount of fish consumed today, they are not hungry. Between now and 18.18 They eat a little, preen, flap a lot and doze, and then do it again and again. EJ then eats alone. Some great stills pages 17-20.

    18.30 EJ has had enough fish and just stands patiently holding a good 1/3 of the fish, waiting for them to wake up.

    18.48 EJ flies off for a comfort break. On her return she makes out that this is new fish. Alba eats some, but not a lot. The chicks go back to resting.

    20.08 The chicks wake up and start to preen. EJ starts to eat the fish that she has been holding. They don't show any interest, so she picks up a stick in her beak, holding the fish in her talons, she marches over in front of them. After fussing with the stick she starts to eat. That works, and the chicks eat. Alba standing, Cally laying down. Video page 20 DU

    20.23 The chicks move away from EJ full and she finishes the fish. They move to in front of the camera. Video page 21 DU

    The rest of the evening has been quiet with little movement., just a little preening. The wind has dropped.

    22.17 Some lovely pics posted by RtB of the chicks snuggled down showing their beautiful contrasting head feathers in the evening light. page 21 DU

    22.23 EJ returns. A stunning shot of her and the chicks on page 22 DU also by RtB

    22.35 Night cam on.

    22.40 EJ leaves and after a quick fly around appears to land on a lower branch of the nest tree. The chicks are sleeping after a fish filled day.

    Many thanks to everyone who posts on DU whether it be pics, videos or comments, all are welcome. This summary would not be possible without them.






















  • This post was written by Mims on Sunday 1st July

    The chicks had a settled night , a good sleep – and a lie in too.

    04.33: First to greet the new day is Alba, who does in style with some wing flapping. She is then joined by Caledonia who almost achieves lift off – see videos (p.2/Scylla) and a selection of stills,  p.2.

    06.37: It seems EJ is heard, but not seen. Everyone is waiting for their breakfast.

    06.54: Odin delivers fish 1 and EJ flies in immediately. Caledonia tries to drag it away from EJ.....but no luck! – see videos (p.4/Scylla) and (p.5/Moffer). Both chicks get a good breakfast.

    07.23: Alba starts to peck at Caledonia’s sat tag. She gives the battery box a long nibble and has a tug on the Ariel for good measure. See videos (p.5 Moffer and Scylla). EJ, with better things to do with her time, flies off.

    08.35: EJ returns to the nest with some nice home furnishings; a clump of delicate pale moss.

    For a time the chicks try to get some peace while EJ bashes around the nest doing ‘housework’.

    08.50: EJ continues to arrange sticks whilst Caledonia commences wingercising close to the edge and worse still, out of sight of the cam...! EJ’s nest reinforcing skills are captured in video (p.6/Moffer)

    Some lovely stills are captured of the morning’s moments – (p.7/Badger of Lurve/Robert the Bruce

    08.46: Everyone’s hearts are in their mouths as Caledonia wingercises - WITH JUMPS. See video (p.7/Moffer)

    08.50: EJ continues to arrange sticks whilst Caledonia commences wingercising close to the edge and worse still, out of sight of the cam...! EJ’s nest reinforcing skills are captured in video (p.6/Moffer)

    Some lovely stills are captured of the morning’s moments – (p.7/Badger of Lurve/Robert the Bruce

    09.36: It is now raining heavily and EJ tries her best to tuck Cally and Alba underneath some success. See stills (p.8/Moffer/Robert the Bruce)

    Wingercising continues and this time Alba gives it her all. See videos (p.8/Robert the Bruce and p.9/Moffer).

    10.53: fish 2 is delivered by dear Odin, a whole brown trout, and this time EJ is there in a flash before Cally can grab it! See videos (p.9/Moffer and Robert the Bruce, p.10 /mims and p.11/Robert the Bruce ). The fish is a decent size and both chicks get a good feed.

    11.42: Caledonia and Alba now decide to try their skills at ‘housework’ Stills(p.11/Robert the Bruce and p.12/WendyBartter).

    The chicks are becoming more inquisitive every day, and there’s a nice video of Alba watching something we can’t see on p.12 by Moffer. A peaceful afternoon ensues until......

    14.02: Odin delivers fish 3 and suddenly there’s a skirmish; lots of flap flapping and what seems like something amiss happening, especially when a deadly silence ensues....but all is well and the feed commences. See videos: (p.13/Moffer and p.14/mims) and stills (p.13/noc and p.14/Sandy).

    16.46: Odin is back with fish 4. Caledonia tucks in first while Alba waits patiently. A nice brown trout, medium sized, and both chicks get a good feed. See  videos  (p.16/Moffer/Scylla).

    After the meal, what better than to jigger it all about with some vigorous exercise – a hop, skip and jump: see video (p.17/Moffer)

    20.57: EJ grabs the limelight with her usual showstopper – a scrumptious yellow-bellied brown trout. It’s big, it’s beautiful and it’s...still flapping. EJ has a bit of a struggle with controlling it – but not for long. All tuck in. See videos and stills (p.18/Moffer/Scylla).

    It’s good to know the family won’t go to bed hungry tonight. And just when we think it’s all over....

    21.24: Odin with another fish, this time a lovely rainbow trout for pudding. See videos (p.19/Scylla/Moffer) and lots of stills (p.s19  and 20/Moffer/noc/Scylla/Lynette/Alicat).

    Everyone’s full, so who cares about the rain? Two bright and contented sisters pose for some gorgeous stills – what a lovely end to the day.

    A big thank you to everyone who contributed all the posts, stills and videos. You bring their story to life.


  • Monday 2nd July.

    A dry but cloudy day for the most, with fish deliveries not as regular as in past days. The chicks day has consisted of a lot of sleep, preening, very vigorous wingercising and eating.

    03.36 - 03.41 Some lovely night cam stills of the chicks posted by Scylla, page 1 DU.

    04.13 EJ is on the nest, which is surrounded by thick mist/fog, chirping loudly.

    04.55 Two damp looking chicks get up for their morning exercises. Video page 2 DU

    05.46 EJ stops calling and flies off.

    The chicks make the most of their time alone on the nest and exercise a lot!

    Around 08.00 EJ flies back and forth the nest, bringing bits and pieces in, until she settles at 08.08. Video bottom of page 4 DU.

    08.31 Odin arrives with FISH number 1. It is either very small or a part fish. Videos page 5 and 6 DU. Both chicks fed, but the fish was gone in 3 minutes :o( EJ starts to call for more fish.

    09.02 EJ leaves.

    10.52 Lots more preening, exercising and looking over the edge. No sign of EJ or Odin since breakfast.

    10.59 EJ returns to a couple of pecks from Cally. She flies off again.

    11.10 EJ is on the edge of the nest food soliciting. Odin alarm calls near by.

    11.27 - 11.33 EJ is on and off the nest again.

    12.58 EJ starts to fly on and off the nest again, bringing bits of nesting material.

    13.03 EJ leaves. Very serious wingercising by both chicks follow. They are jumping and lifting now! Some great stills by Lynette on page 8 DU video page 9 DU

    14.34 A BIG FISH number 2 from Odin. That's more like it, a yellow-bellied brown trout. A nice wide-cam shot of all the family together is posted by Birdsong, and video of the delivery Page 9 DU Cally eats first, after a few minutes Alba joins her. They both feed well. After the meal is over, another bout of wingercising. They are getting really strong now.

    15.14 The meal is over and EJ leaves.

    A quiet period of sleeping and preening this afternoon.

    17.26 EJ returns with another stick. She retreats to the edge of the nest. The chicks are chunnering.

    18.12 FISH number 3 from Odin. A medium headless brown trout. Videos page 11 DU. Alba eats first this time but is soon joined by Cally.

    18.30 The fish is gone. The nest is very busy. Alba flapping like a mad woman with jumps!, EJ moving sticks in front of the camera and Cally watching while preening. Video Page 12 DU.

    During the early evening EJ makes short visits to the nest.

    20.23 EJ arrives with a BIG silvery fish, number 4 (maybe Rainbow Trout)  Both chicks eat well, taking it in turns with Cally going first, then Alba, and then sharing. Video Page 12 DU

    21.06. Both chicks are full and have moved away. EJ cleans (house) nest. 

    21.58 EJ give a strange one note call, and a few seconds later another call.

    22.20 EJ is alarm calling and flies to the nest mantling. Odin lands with FISH number 5. Well, a scrap of fish. Videos of the combination on page 13 DU.

    22.24 The fish has been eaten by Cally and EJ has flown.

    22.29 Night cam on.

    Many thanks to everyone on DU for all your posts today :o)