Loch of the Lowes (APRIL 2012)

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Loch of the Lowes (APRIL 2012)

  • She is tidying the middle of the nest and then layed down to make it comfy.

  • I think we will have an egg tomorrow! :-)

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  • I think you are right Sandra, only time will tell.

  • Thanks Rockchick.

    Heck, this doesn't sound good, does it?? At least Laird brought in a lot of fish for her!!

    Speaking of not being pleased, our new male has had a mixed reception from her today, not carrying off all his partner duties too well.  After supplying a fish this morning at approx 9.50am, and successfully seeing off a buzzard near the nest, he disgraced himself this afternoon. He brought in a very large pike to the nest , and when he looked like he was about to leave with again, the female lunged at him and took it, and tried to fly off with it herself , whence he promptly stole it back and exited the nest- she left him in no doubt of her displeasure. Finally this evening, around 7.30pm, he caught a huge trout, and proceeded to eat it nearby the nest, not sharing again, and then promptly dropped it, wasting what could have been her dinner!

    She will need plenty when she has babies!!

  • Thanks Sandra. Very strange behaviour from the male.

  • Time for me to go now.

    Leaving this for the nightshift! Please keep an eye on Lady because I think we might have an egg through the night/early morning! :-)

    Good night and happy watching. :-)

  • Lady sleeping in the nest cup and intermittently doing some light preening of her neck feathers.  Looks peaceful, dry and not too windy for now.

  • Haven't been on for a few days so its great to read things are progressing fairly well except for Laddies so called provider of fish / or not!! Keeping it to himself.  Could this be a young inexperience bird?

    Anyway thanks for all your updates and pictures.

  • Lady is sleeping on her nest again with her head tucked under her wing.

    No sign of egg laying yet.

    Image copyright Scottish Wildlife Trust


  • Evening all: Not happy to read of Laddie's greedy-guts behavior today. Not on!!  Lady deserves better treatment!  She's currently snoozing on nest.

  • Not much action at all. Lady  has barely moved, though now seems to be awake. Poor old girl.

  • Now she's very alert...

  • Lady has been very alert for a few minutes; something is overhead but can't see what!

  • OK well she's settled down again....