Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 1 April 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 1 April 2012


    News for This Week

    On Osprey Days of Our Lives: Well, statistically speaking, this should be the week that Odin arrives from his long migration. Will he return? What will happen if he does?

    ∞  ∞  

    The Full Moon is Friday, 6 April 2012. That's also Good Friday for those who celebrate.

    ∞  ∞  

    This is not an April Fool's Joke: An asteroid the size of a passenger jet will buzz Earth today, Sunday, 1 April. Asteroid 2012 EG5 will be closer than the moon when it passes Earth at 0932 GMT. The 150-foot-wide rock will be just over half the distance between the Earth and the Moon's orbit.

    Another big ol' space rock will whoosh by Earth on 4 April in a range just beyond our Moon's orbit. NASA says that neither asteroid poses a danger. Last Monday, two other small asteroids passed Earth at close range.

    ∞  ∞  

    Everyone have a wonderful week!


  • AQ will be going into hospital for knee replacement surgery. I wish you all the best, AQ, for a successful surgery and a quick, easy recovery. You'll be photographing churches, birds, and other animals before you know it. Get Lizarda DaVinci, the blue-tongued skink, to keep you company while you recuperate!


  • Oh, dear. I've just been going back and catching up with recent posts that I've missed. I see that NiteOwl is also in hospital. Here's an orchid for you, too, NiteOwl, along with my best wishes!!!


  • Diane: Thanks for starting the thread. What gorgeous cards for AQ and NiteOwl.

    Alan: So glad you're okay; hope you get your RSPB problem sorted out soon.

    AQ: Thanks for Part 1 of Cat Etiquette; you're a sweetie.  It's Sunday afternoon there, right? When are you going into the hospital? We'll all be cheering you on!

    Lindybird: "Pirates" sounds like huge fun; will keep an eye out for it.

    Have a good Sunday all.

  • Do hope that OG gets all her communications back today. I know it is Sunday but BT will hve to compensate them if things go on longer than 3 days and they will not want to do that so hopefully will pull all the stops out.

  • I hope so, too, dibnlib. I know she must be going crazy because she can't be online.

  • Hello Everyone:    That sounds hopeful, that BT are obliged to try and sort out OG's problem - she will be tearing her hair out, indeed. Don't they know at BT that it's Osprey Season!

    Many thanks to Diane for starting us off again, &  in such an informative way.  Frightening to think that asteriods are whizzing by regularly, and just missing us.

    patricia:  Glad that you had sunshine for your day out with the dogs.  We have taken our t shirts off again now, and put our warmer clothes on as its returned to more normal temps.

    AQ:  Hope you have enjoyed your bus trip whilst we were all asleep here in UK - if we don't hear from you again today, hope that all goes well for your stay in the hospital - and I for one will be thinking of you.

    Annette:   Meant to say last night, that it sounded like a good shopping trip you made, with lots of happy purchases. Sometimes its the little things daily which keep us cheered up, like using something which makes you smile.

    As its April Fools Day, I have a joke for you: 

    A man and a small boy walked into a barber's shop together. The barber said "What can I do for you?"    "I'll have a shave, shampoo and a haircut" the man said.  Once the barber had finished, the man put the boy in the chair and told the barber he was popping out for a paper.

    The barber finished the boy's haircut, but there was stil no sign of the man.  "Looks like your dad's forgotten all about you"  the barber said.   "Oh, he isn't my dad",  the boy replied.  "He just grabbed me outside your shop, and said "Come on boy, me and you are going to get a free haircut".


  • ps.  What beautiful cards for AQ & NiteOwl, DIANE.

  • I just had to check in to see if Odin had returned while I wasn't looking. I guess still time, as it's only mid-morn Up There.

    Diane - Thank you for the beautiful bunch of orchids. I should print & take them with me. Hey, I heard on the news that someone in Illinois is somewhat richer. You?!

    Annette - Yes, it's Sunday here, now 7.30 pm. I'm to report to hosp 2 pm Tues, I expect op circa 4 pm Tues. I'll leave you to translate that into Cal time.

    Linda - Thank you for your kind thoughts. Great bus trip today, tho' I restricted my walking and sometimes didn't get off the bus at the obviously difficult spots. Took the walking stick which helped. Photos & saga will have to wait til later. I have little planned for Mon or Tues morn, probably taking it quietly & osp watching.

    IKEA had an advert today advising those who had received left-hand allen keys since Jan 1, could return them to the store today,  April 1, for the correct right-hand allen keys.

  • Love that from Ikea, AQ !!

  • HEY!!!

    Pam, over on the Daily Update thread, has just posted the following:

    "HI all.  Just back from LG and haven't read the posts yet.  Great excitement as it looks as if Odin is back!  Not confirmed yet but EJ attacked blue XD this morning and not long after that, at 9.05 an unringed osprey was seen above.  He has been on the nest and EJ seemed pleased to see him so it seems likely that it is Odin.  We were watching the two males circling each other in the sky but they were so high it was difficult to see much.  Richard gave a lovely welcome to the first few visitors of the season and I met LMac who also posts on here. Lovely to put a face to a name.  Might manage another visit before we go home to see if Odin has chased his rival off!"

    Thanks, Pam!!!

  • Diane that is amazing news.

    On the other hand it is April 1st!

  • Tiger: I thought about it being April Fool's Day, but surely she wouldn't do that to us? I decided to trust...


  • Diane in Indiana


    Thing is old XD is still here