Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 1 April 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 1 April 2012

  • Welcome Back OG, not sure if I did say yesterday in all the excitement of Odin arriving, glad you got your computer sorted out.

  • I'm off to bed. Take care everyone. (G'night Mary!)

  • Annette in SoCal

    I'm off to bed. Take care everyone. (G'night Mary!)

    Nighty Night Annette

  • dibnlib

    Even our church had an April Fool as it said MacDonalds were going to stack their burgers the other way up ie starting with the relish and finishing with the burger. This was esp for left handed people. There was of course a meaning to this in the word of God. We all sighed and laughed.

    This reminds me of a  Dawn French joke.

    McDonald's approaches the Vatican with a proposition.

    In return for £1,000,000 sponsordhip could the The Lord's prayer be changed to "give us this day our daily hamburger"

    The Pope says "Oh we could not interfere with the holy scripture"

    McDonald's then said "What id we offered "£50,000,000"?

    The Pope said "I would have to speak to the Cardinals"

    He goes to the cardinals and says "I got some good news and some bad news"

    1. The good news is that McDonalds have offered £50,000,000  to sponsor the Lord's prayer.

    2. The bad news that we would lose the contract with Wonderloaf

    :) :)


    See Vicar of Dibley 1998


  • Morning all,

    OG : Welcome back. I see you have been having problems too but slightly different to mine.

    Linda : thanks for the film review the other day. I did read it but did not manage to comment. 

    Thanks to everyone else for their chat pics etc.

    Weather is bright and sunny but chilly here with current temp 4.4c. Yesterday we went to Barnwell CP but it was very quiet with very few birds around. The resident swans seem to have 'moved on' all of their 8 cygnets from last year now but there is still no sign of nest building. Plenty of chiff chaff and lots of little birds like wrens and blue tits etc but nothing unusual. We then went to Elton for lunch and then returned home to all the exctement of Odins return and also Mrs 5R at Manton Bay.

    I still have not been able to re activate my old account so will remain as Thunderbird3 in the meantime.

  • Well, we still have communication; so I will try to complete my catch-up. 

    The “afternoon tea” at the Museum on Thursday wasn’t what I expected – I think afternoon tea includes little sandwiches, scones and cakes.  This was more like a cocktail party with cups of tea (no alternative drinks) – canapés and just the birthday cake!  Friday was an ordinary day – with blood tests and failed BP check.

    On Saturday, OH and I were going to a History meeting, but this one was daytime in Kirkcudbright, instead of evening in Dumfries.  We set off early, and had hot chocolate at Gardenwise.  Then we stopped at Threave Gardens for a short stroll and an excellent sandwich lunch.  I also had a huge slice of carrot cake – he had an even more huge piece of chocolate cake!  They had opened the season early because the gardens are so advanced with the recent weather.  The talk at our meeting was excellent – about the Built Heritage of Scotland’s Hydro Electric Schemes.  Historic Scotland have done a survey of them all to list the ones which are worthy of merit and possible future preservation if necessary – at the moment, they are all still functioning.  In the evening, the three of us went for a lovely Italian meal at Bruno’s in Dumfries.  I had Panzanelle (pizza doughballs) with garlic mayo dip, a wonderful Pork dish, with mushrooms and cream, and a salad, and half a Crème Caramel!  So it was a really enjoyable birthday.

    This morning, OH is on duty at Annan Museum and I am going to bake some Blueberry Muffins.

    Brenda – I have a note beside my PC reminding me to make the usual purchase of stamps before the price goes up.  But I noticed the illustration of 1st class on the online news when the increase was announced was white background with gold printing – do you think this will make a difference to using the older all-gold ones?

    Lynette – usual procedure with replacement knee is to get onto it ASAP!  They stood me on mine the day after the op – while I still had the drain – and next day I was taking little walks around the ward.

    Annette – pleased to read that you were “good tired” after a pleasant walk in the hills.

    Here is a photo of Threave – taken on the wee “car camera” – this is the Countryside Centre which has exhibitions of forestry, land management, wildlife etc:


    And can anyone ID this garden plant?  Growing under trees near pond.


  • Sorry TIGER and ALAN, you posted while I was uploading photos.  Sorry about Alan's communication problems, but we all know who you are!

    We are promised rain today, so OH treated lawns yesterday afternoon.

  • Hi OG   Is that your old Spathiphyllum?

    Great pictures!

  • BTW in case any of you are taking an interest they topping out the shard of glass about now. See some picture here

    I will be fascinated as to how they get the crane down.

  • Hello. Having probs getting signed in on the Site. Will come back later today with the Monday Smiles - off out with OH .

  • That looks a bit like Cuckoo Pint OG, or plant from same family maybe. Thanks for pics of Shard Tiger, quite a job!

  • Certainly looks like spathyphillum, Tiger. Usual great pics from OG.

    Glad you had a good birthday, OG. I had an extension of mine at our dog agility Winter League, when a huge chocolate birthday cake was produced!  I have the remains of it home and it's delicious.  Fly did wewll on Saturday when a friend ran her in the Veterans' class and they came 2nd - she wouldn't have had that result with me!

    Grey, damp and chilly here today.  I haven't had dogs out yet as we had to wait for District Nurse to come and take blood from OH.  We'll go immediately after lunch.  My sister and I are going to the Fim Club at Church this evening, to see 'A Night to Remember', the ?1960s? film about the sinking of Titanic.  We saw it many years ago and know to take plenty of tissues with us.  My sister was quite young last time and was absolutely distraught, sobbing her heart out - I hope for a bit more restraint tonight!  Yesterday I took a drive round the Titanic Quarter in Belfast on my way from church.  I'd hoped to take pictures but it was very busy and the only car-park I could see was underground at the Visitor Centre, probably very expensive.

  • BTW could someone please remind me how to gey the wide angle shots.

  • patriciat I take it this is going to be a big fortnight in Belfast with the 100th anniversary of the Titanic coming up? It was quite funny last year that I took a bet on the date of the sinking of the Titanic with my nephew.

    You would imagine he would know better by now because Tiger only ever bets when he knows not when he thinks he knows.

    Also my nephew had an Iphone 4 sitting beside him so the dispute was readily resolved! :)


  • patriciat

    BTW could someone please remind me how to gey the wide angle shots.

    Click that Loch Garten Links in my signature and that leads to all the important Loch Garten links including the wide angle camera.