Sponsored Cycle... LG to RW

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Sponsored Cycle... LG to RW

  • A very belated CONGRATULATIONS from me Brian/Black Jaguar, (I have been away for a week and not online at all). Just great to find that you reached your destination safely and without any of the wheels falling off !!  - just joking!!    And of course, to read the fantastic total achieved so far - it may even grow some more yet, and surpasses all of our hopes from what we talked about at the beginning of your epic task.

    Well Done for sticking it out in what must have been more than disappointing weather conditions, and achieving your aim to reach Rutland Water, all for the Ospreys and for all of us, the folk with Ospreyitis.  I really take my hat off to you.  Please take a well earned rest, now.

  • Hello BJ  Likewise belated congratulations I have been out of action one way and another but have jst watched hyour video of the trip.  I was a bit concerned about you as the weather was so bad.  I really enjoyed the video made me even more homesick.

    What a great achievement I hope you have had a good rest before going back to work.


  • The total goes up to £2,040


  • Hi folks, SheilaFE, yes it was a week i will never forget for so many reasons.. you hold a special place in my memories because of your generosity.... and Lindybird, yes the weather didn't play ball but hey I enjoyed it.. every minute.

    Lizzie good to hear from you, Mary GK has created a summary thread of the whole trip.


  • Forgot to say, yesterday, Thanks to all those who have posted pics and slide shows - you are Stars!

  • Totally agree with you there Lindybird. All that have posted and contributed made comments and donated have made this adventure all the more enjoyable for me. To have a thread that is over 1,300 posts long dedicated to a cycle tour on a bird forum I think is pretty amazing in it's self. Everyone embraced the idea and I really looked forward to posting each evening.

    So thank you once again every single one of you.


  • Take credit yourself too BJ  Your inspiration, don't forget

  • The bridge at Osmotherley Youth Hostel.

    I just found this as I was going through my pictures I'd forgotten I had made a wee video.

  • Jag

    A creepy hostel and the bridge underwater, no wonder you left early :)

  • Thanks for that (I think) Jag! Might just make me think twice about staying there again.

    Osmotherley hostel used to be a (water-powered) mill of some kind, I think. Maybe they didn't divert the water supply far enough! I'm not sure I would have dared risk crossing that. But then again, you can do a lot when there's a warm bed on the other side and you're soaked anyway.

  • Jag, just LOVED your wee video.  So this is the spooky one!

  • Jag so sorry. As I said on the Gabfest, have only just watched your slide show. Lovely set of pics despite the weather, thank you so much!  I love Pachelbel's Canon, have done for years, so thought you made a great choice there.

    Just watched your video at Osmotherly too, thank you. Wow! So much water flowing over that bridge.

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  • That river looks bad!

  • Good after noon folks,

    While I was tucked up asleep I have had email.

    Richard is back from holiday and sent this, my reply is also here.

    Hello Richard,

    I trust you had a nice holiday. 

    I am really looking forward the the fun kicking off again at LG, when or hopefully when the eggs hatch. 

    The drama at the start of the season was great to see and I know that many many people are virtually glued to the live camera. 

    Yes I have a couple of "wee grumbles" as do a few others that have followed the cycle. 

    I look forward to your reply and as always you are free to call me. 07841261411.

    Many thanks, and welcome back.



    On 8 May 2012, at 08:32, "Thaxton, Richard" <Richard.Thaxton@rspb.org.uk> wrote:

    Morning Brian

    I am just back in the office today, from leave since 25th April, to find myself “in the stocks”. I will address your “wee grumbles” as you put it, in due course, by the end of the week hopefully. I trust that's ok.

    In the meantime, very many congratulations on completing your epic cycle ride to Rutland. No mean feat under any circumstances, but with the weather you had to endure, it is all the more remarkable – well done.

    Whilst I was abroad, Team LG texted me to let me know you had arrived safely on that Sunday.

    Anyway, many congratulations and thank you.

    More anon.


    Richard Thaxton