Sponsored Cycle... LG to RW

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Sponsored Cycle... LG to RW

  • Thanks for sharing this - good to know Richard is "on the case"!

  • Thanks Brian. I just hope that you both come to an amicable agreement and doesn't 'take the shine' off your great achievment.

  • BJ, thanks for letting us know you have heard from Richard,hope everything turns out well.

  • Thanks folks... I'm pretty sure a wee friendly chat over a coffee or even a pint, is all we need to arrange. :-)

    There are lessons to be learned all round here and it will be good, from my point of view, to take these forward.

  • Thanks for the update BJ and I hope things work out agreeably and amicably in a way that does not detract from your amazing achievement

  • Thanks for keeping us in the picture, so to speak, B. Jag.   Hope all can be sorted out, as you say.

  • MARY, I think you need to remind us again not to be posting on the SUMMARY thread.  I accidently posted there and I think other posters are finding there way there now also. And we really don't need that!  It is better if The Summary Thread is left to one person, namely YOU.  Keep us in line, Mary!

  • Thanks June, but as you know I am on holiday at the moment and can only get on line when we can get to somewhere that has WIFI, so I have only been checking the Daily Update Summary to see how EJ and Odin are doing when I can get on line.   I did update the Summary yesterday with the new video that Brian had put in and latest message he got from Richard.       I do see that Lindybird has posted in the thread so I hope that she sees this message and should be able to go into the SUMMARY THREAD and delete the message she left as it should still be showing the little red cross for her to be able to do that, as if there is no message posted after the last message she should be able to delete it using that red cross. 

    Other than that there is not a lot I can do when I am away on holiday and not at home and checking on the forum almost 24/7 ha ha....       

  • Sorry, Mary, didn't mean my last post to be pushy or in any way a criticism. Just a friendly reminder and a confession of my own goof.  Any time I have tried to delete, it takes away the message but leaves the space.  I'll try again using th "red cross" method as you describe.

    BTW you have done an excellent job which is much enjoyed and appreciated by me.

  • I'd like to echo June's view. Great job Mary.

  • Just seen Mary's post about my remarks being in the wrong place.....  H U G E   apologies, but have been unable to delete it entirely apart from leaving it blank.

  • lindybird do not apologise as if I had a penny for everytime I posted in the wrong place, I would still be poor lol :)

  • Lindybird

    Just seen Mary's post about my remarks being in the wrong place.....  H U G E   apologies, but have been unable to delete it entirely apart from leaving it blank.

    If you want to delete a post. Click the <abuse> button and send a message to the mods saying that you want the post deleted. It will get deleted quite quickly.


  • Hi folks, Lindybird... Please just leave it where it is..:-)


    It's quite a funny post ...lol
  • The total has suddenly jumped to £2,096

    It is not clear why this readjustment has taken place.