Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 22 April 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 22 April 2012

  • I would take that Tweet to be a recognition of the whole Loch Garten Ospreys group. He couldn't really tweet all the threads could he? :)

  • Yes on twitter you only got 140 characters to say what you are going to say.

  • Good Morning ALL, It was raining when we went to church, then some sunshine but clouding over now. Probably more rain. Tomorrow looks particularly very wet.

    Diane, Thanks for starting the week. A happy week to you also.

    AQ, You sound as if you are doing so well in such a short time since your op. Sorry about all the pain though. Trouble is if you try to do things too quickly, you could do damage, which is what you don't want.

    Annette, Happy Anniversary for when you wake up. Sounds a lovely place you are going to, to celebrate.

    Linda, Sorry about your window. It is so annoying, but as always on these occasions, it is not worth getting too 'worked up' as it doesn't get the job done any quicker :-) I know how you feel though.

    Dibnlib, I envy your day at LG. I like the sound of that cake.

    OG, Take care, all the one handed typing and anything else you are doing, could start the other hand, at least, to start aching. Glad you managed a night's sleep though. My niece sent me so many photographs of the Titanic commemoration that I have had to open a separate file for them all. I think they plan to go to see the reunion today and then the puppets are seen to leave on a boat down the River Mersey.

    Trish, I love your plea to Alan. Don't look at this week's forecast !!

  • Very interesting falcon cam here

    It is in Aylesbury Vale

  • BRENDAH I know the forecast is not hopeful at all.  I do hope though that it will all be out of the way before we go away.

  • TIGER thanks for the Peregrine cam link.

  • Good morning, everyone. Well, it's just barely dawn here. Another dreich and dismal day. Alan, I'm going to need one of those Ark Kits if we continue to get rains. Are they available to international customers? LOL

    For the last few days, I feel as though I'm living in a drumming circle. I have three pairs of Red-Bellied Woodpeckers, one pair of Downey Woodpeckers, one pair of Hairy Woodpeckers, and one pair of the enormous Pileated Woodpeckers.

    I can't figure out how I can have three pairs of the Red-Bellied ones in such close proximity without having bitter territorial battles. I think it's the old resident pair and two of their offspring with new mates. For some reason, the offspring stayed with the parents over the winter.

    The drumming starts at dawn and lasts until sunset! LOLOL!

    Red-Bellied Woodpecker Male

    Red-Bellied Woodpecker Female

    Back in 5 minutes to post replies. I need coffee -- mint mocha. Yum!

  • LOVE the Woodpeckers, DIANE !  Thanks for posting!  (& sorry you have such noisy nights!)

  • Oh here come the hail stones again!!!

  • jsb: Thank you for the satellite post. Fascinating!!! I usually keep up with the space news, but I'd missed that. Good story.

    Brenda: I loved those Titanic figures. I want the doggy one for my garden. That would keep the chipmonks out of my ceiling! LOL!

    Patriciat: Congrats to Fly for her most excellent fourth place in agility. Hope your antibiotics have kicked in. 

    dibnlib: So glad that Dillon is going from strength to strength. Wonderful news. Congrats on seeing the Capercallies!!! BTW: I also love Scrabble! The Muirton Baisin photo was lovely!

    Lindy: It figures that the window without a guarantee is the one that has problems! Hope it all gets made right. I loved your movie review. You are such a good writer!

    Trish 2: I hope that the hail stones don't cause any damage to your property. You all have been having a lot of hail, and we have, too, in the U.S. In Texas, a couple of weeks ago, they had a storm that dropped hail waist deep! What's up with all these ice balls falling from the heavens???

    AQ: I loved those bumper stickers. Good luck with the exercising!

  • Tiger: Thanks for posting the link to the Great Horned Owl photo. Wonderful! Loved it!

    OG: I forgot to say that I'm sorry you had to miss your Golden Eagle event.

    Margo: That's funny that Billie seemed to blame you for the rain, thunder, and hail. My boxer dog hated rain, and he would always sit and glare at me whenever he wanted outdoors but it was raining. He made it clear that he thought I should make it stop.

    Alan: Funny that you're having a hosepipe ban during all the rains. :-) We had a No-Burn Warning the other day, and my grass was so wet that when I tried to mow it, it turned to slime! It looked like cooked spinach. LOL I loved your Norse God list of Odin connections!

    Annette: I neglected to say that your Oriole photos were WONDERFUL! One of the most beautiful birds. Very interesting that they choose to land on the wind chimes. One would think that they would avoid them. Maybe they hope that the noise will scare predators? Your body lotions sound quite elegant. They all sound like they would smell good. I so hope that you can see the Endeavor Space Shuttle when they deliver it to the California Science Center. Woo Hoo. I so wish I could go with you!

    I'm sending healing energy to Patriciat, Alicat, AQ, OG, NiteOwl, and anyone else who's ailing! Feel better!

  • Afternoon all,

    Brenda : I see that the Hosepipe Ban is having an effect on your weather too.

    Diane : Ark Kits are only supplied by the government when there is a drought just like when they told people to stockpile petrol in their garages when there is not going to be a petrol tanker drivers strike. The woodpeckers are great. I think there was one of them on the Dunedin cam earlier in the season.

    Trish : Sorry about the hailstones, ours have not arrived yet.

    jsb : Thanks for the info about the satellite. I hope they manage to get it 'switched on' again.

    Patriciat : Congrats to fly for a great effort.

    Day 18 of the Hosepipe ban.

    Despite the Hosepipe ban and the obvious fact that it rains every day now we decided to go to Short Wood to see the bluebells. I thought they would be quite far advanced after the good weather in March but they were actually not out as much as previous years at this time. When we left the wood it started to rain but managed to get to the car fairly dry.

    Short Wood bluebells:



  • Trish, My mother used to say that 'the sun shines on the righteous'. (don't ask me the basis of that ) so you should be fine for your hols. I am worried about myself though :-))

    Diane, Sorry about the wooodpeckers' alarm clock. Your pics are lovely but I wouldn't appreciate their drumming all day either. We haven't chanced cutting our grass, like your's, it is far too wet. OH reckoned he could see tigers roaming through this morning.

  • Lovely bluebells, Alan.  Maybe they are later when they are sheltered by the trees from direct sunlight.  Rain on/off/on again here today.

  • Nice soup lunch made by OH - Spiced Parsnip & Apple.  Not going to church tonight – no energy to try to shower to go out!  Promise I’ll have shower tomorrow!  A little rain a while ago, but dry now, with sun – 14 degrees.

    Trish – there can’t be much more rain (and snow) left to fall on Nethy when you are up there – it has to stop soon, surely.  And a lovely time of year to be going.

    Diane – how wonderful to have all those species of Woodpeckers around – you will have to synchronise your bed time outwith their drumming hours to get any sleep!  We were both sorry to miss the Golden Eagle event, but I couldn’t have gone with the pain as it was – much better that I got the wrist looked at.  I just hope this bad flare-up will be an isolated event!

    Trying to think of things to do – OH is busy cleaning the fridge!  Plenty I ought to do, but concentration is poor, so just can't settle - I am a very impatient patient!