The Osprey Chat Thread For May, June 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

The Osprey Chat Thread For May, June 2012

  • Yes NiteOwl - it's on their website.  

  • Thanks Ruthie ~ I thought I might know it as I lived in Killamarsh and Eckington NE Derbyshire for nearly 30 years.

  • NiteOwl
    I know we know different in the EJ..XD saga but what I'm trying to say is if we were not privvy to the goings on then this is what we may think had happend. MIA doesn't necessarily mean dead. I hope this makes sense.

    That is true. However it is likely that they will be spotted sooner or later if they are alive. Not sure if you remember but there was a huge ho ha back in April 2010 when it was felt that Orange VS may have been photographed in early April 2010.

  • No tiger I didn't know that, but I still hope to see the Laird spotted again one day, but unless a ringed bird lands or fly's close too the photographer or spotter with fantastic scopes and binoculars a possitive ID can't be seen. I was just giving my own senario a mention as a what if .. was going round in my head and the MIA.

  • Yes I understand what you mean NiteOwl. In lots of cases we just don't know do we?

  • This might be a good place for preparation of the summary thread.

  • Tiger, what do you mean? I just write it straight in the summary.

    I'm more concerned with who is going to write it on that day. Twice now I have had to write the summary the next morning. I don't mind writing it at all, but it would be nice for everyone to have the chance to say that they would like to do it for that day. At the moment that is not happening, and unlike many chatters, I stick mainly to the DU thread.

    See here for what I thought.

  • moffer   What I mean is that people who are on say in the morning could copy the time of key events over to this or a dedicated preparation thread. Then at the end of the day it one person could collate the various additions throught the day. That way it would perhaps be a less onerous task for the person doing the final report.


  • That sounds like a good idea. Lets see what everyone else thinks.

  • 3.57 am    EJ takes a brief break

    5.13 am Sunrise

    6.24 am   The nest bathed in sunshine

    8.00 am  Changover between Odin an EJ

    8.19 am   A Cuckoo disturbs Odin's nap




  • I think this is LMac offering to do today's summary

    It would still be a good idea for people to note key events in this thread so that the summary is easier to compile and he load of preparing the summary more widely shared.

    4.34 am scylla reported that it was very frosty.

    4.50 am day cam on and it is very frosty.

    5.12 am Odin arrives

    5.25 am Odin takes over egg sitting

    7.00 am EJ returns



  • 7.52 am Odin brings a clump of moss to the nest.

    8.35 am The sun starts to shine

    8.49 am A cuckoo starts to call close to the nest and startles EJ

    9.08am Odin flies in and lands on the cam post. Crows calling close to the nest.

    9.54am Odin flies off.

  • 9.47 am. Dramatic set of pictures by moffer , one of Odin guarding the nest.


  • The only thing I would find a bit awkward is that you might have to go back a page to catch up on the days events whereas in the Summary thread it is all there under one heading and not in bits and pieces which is what is happening for today. -  just a thought.

  • 12 noon. Intruder flying around the nest. EJ screaming at it. Vid page 5 DU

    12.16 EJ is mantled and screaming. Intruder tries to land, twice. EJ pushes it off.vid page 6 of DU

    Close up pics of intruder on page 6 DU

    12.25 Intruder again tries to land but EJ prevents contact. vid page 6 DU

    12.40 Odin arrives with fish. videos on page 7 DU EJ takes it and leaves

    12.52 Intruder alarm from Odin

    1.11 pm EJ returns