Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys


  • Chloe I have thought about mobile broadband and interested how long it will last :)

    June a new Gabfest saying and maybe a forum saying CHANGING OF THE GUARD. Love it June and brilliant

    I must go as was up early this morning and was at Port Ann and walked to the ruined village and a few miles :) the weather was good but I think the bad weather here now  it is going North so poor EJ will be wet again.

  • Oh, I have to tell this one!  I've been telling a friend about the LG osprey family and some of the adventures and so about JAG's Charity Cycle.  Finally I told her  he raised over £2000!!  She looked at me the strangest and finally asked:  "Pounds of WHAT?"  I couldn't believe my ears!  I told her pounds of money!

  • Is the rain off now with you B&B. If so I can expect it to pass over here in the not too distant future.. I am just a little North and east of you..

  • Classic June... Just love that wee tale. We are back to that common language again... Lol

  • Ok Jag, not that year then.

    For mobile wi-fi I have a Vodafone dongle and also a Huawei mobile modem with a data sim in it (sim is on 3 network). I use the 3 sim/modem at home when I have connection problems too. It works fine at home but in some out of the way places you have a problem getting any network signals at all with mobile modem or dongle. Just like mobile phones.

    I would have thought that had the intruder been one of EJs offspring she would have been more tolerant towards it. By her reactions I would think it was a strange, unrelated male but could be wrong of course.

  • BTW I buy my 3 data sims on Amazon. You can get sims lasting 1 month, or 3 months. The Huawei modem itself cost me about £60, not sure what they are now. It is rechargeable and fits my mobile phone charger.

  • Countdown for Hatching of  Loch Garten Chicks

    Egg #1  Laid Monday April 9. SEVEN DAYS until hatching on Tues May 15.

    Egg #2  Laid Thursday April 12.NINE days until hatching on Thurs May 17.

    Egg #3 Laid Sunday April 15.Twelve days until hatching on Sun May 20.

    All hatching dates are only probabilities or approximations based on recent history.

  • I've just eliminated a double post, so I'll use the blank space to say it is now my  bedtime.    Hope you all are in the midst of sweet dreams and I will see you in the morning.

  • At 4:20 ahint of daylight is just breaking across some of the background trees. EJ sits quietly on her eggs.

  • JSB gave a  statistical analysis on the likely hatching times. See    likely hatching times

    They agree with June's predictions.  


  • Good afternoon, everyone. A check-in at the nest gives the sound of rain, not the usual plinkety plink but a more general sound of falling rain.  I am curious as to whether I am interpreting this correctly and why the change?

    A bird sits quietly on the eggs.  The broad brown bar from nostrils back across the forehead tells me it is Odin taking his turn at incubating the  awaited youngsters.

  • Chirping calls me back to the cam to see EJ returning.  This time she dumps a twig on Odin's back.  He flies away.  EJ continues with a bit of furniture rearranging before she settles back on the eggs.

  • Hi June.. I can't say why the rain sounds different.. I just wish it would stop...

    I've a few wee chores to take care of then back for a sleep. Maybe get a look in later or a mobile gab this evening.


  • JAG said: "I just wish it would stop... "   LOL Jag, now why would you say that?  More seriously tho, you have had much more than your fair share of rain recently, haven't you?  I certainly sympathise with your wishing it to stop.

  • Nest exchange.  After considerable calling by Odin on the eggs, EJ (saw leg ring) flies in.  Some family chattering takes place as they change places.