Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys


  • LOL, B&B, I would love to have seen the expression on your face when Odin took off with that fish!!  It would have outdone EJ's I'm sure.  Your posts said it all.

    Night cam is on, but still daylight at 10:00p.m.  That is about late as daylight lingers here on our longest day in late June.  I'm hearing some plink plink, but at least it isn't clinkety-clack and not so frequent.  So maybe not so heavy for now.  But mist, rain (?) is beginning to settle over the trees in the near background.

    EJ stood up, turned an egg and I had to tell her not to step on Little Blue.  She/he was right by her foot, but EJ was careful and all was well. She settled back down again.

  • June my face was not nice and as my mother used to say "Pull a face like that and if the wind changes, you will stay like that"

    I have had a re-think and EJ did not get up to try to take the fish as she would usually and it must be down to keeping "Little Blue" warm.

    More danger from the cold and rain and hope weather is better tommorrow and I am a worrier :)

  • Just for the record.

    Egg #1 was laid at 5.15pm on Monday April 9

    Thus that means that the egg was incubated for 6  hours 45 minutes on 9th April

    Then there are 21 more days in April

    15 days in May until 15th

    and 23 hours and 30 minutes on 16 May

    Thus 21 + 15 = 36 days

    but 23 hours and 30 minutes + 6 hours and 45 minutes = 1 day 6 hrs and 15 minutes

    Thus total incubation time =  37 days 6 hours and 15 minutes


  • Yep, I believe you Tiger!!  Lol lol

  • Can't settle this argument by blaming it on leap year, can we?  Since leap year day is in February. :)

  • No doubt whatsoever Tiger.

  • Eggsactly!

  • Yes this agrees with JSB's prediction who is known for his mathematical rigour. His calculations are here

  • Goodnight Gabbers - Hope the weather is better tomorrow and gives EJ, Odin and little osplet a break! 

  • TIGER...

    JSB... I am bowed and salute you.  


  • Night night Mary GK

  • up the wooden hill with my own thoughts :)

    Nite all and hope the weather is more kind tomorrow

  • Good evening Grant. Glad you have found your way to the Gabfest.  Hope you come back often. And greetings to you too Valc. Haven't seen you here for a while.

    Chloe, Not ignoring you, just trying to say Hi to newcomers and the long lost.   Valc, guess you haven't really been away that long, but it seems like it.

  • Folks I'm off up my wooden hill...

    Was night shift last night and have not been in bed today..

    So night night folks. Jag

  • Friday May 18

    REVISED Countdown for Hatching of Loch Garten Chicks

    Egg #1 Laid Mon April 9 Hatched Wed May 16th at about 11:30 p.m

    Egg #2  Laid Thurs April 12. Is due to hatch late Friday May 19 or Saturday May 20.  TODAY IS THE DAY TO WATCH FOR CHICK #2

    Egg #3  Laid Sun April 15. Is due to hatch on Monday May 21.  Three days to wait.

    (With apologies to Tiger.)