Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 6 May 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 6 May 2012


    Here's a bird study with some interesting findings.

    The research found that a chick's brain is fairly inactive until a chick is 80% developed inside the egg.

    Another finding: Even while inside the eggs, the chicks woke immediately in response to their mothers' alarm calls. But when the researchers tried to wake up sleeping chicks by playing other loud sounds, the chicks in the eggs just ignored them and slept on. 

    Also, it was shown that chicks are often moving, even when they are asleep in the eggs.

  • Evening all: Much slower day today, with time for a little loll in the hammock.

    Diane: Just saw the Supermoon - what a sweetheart you are! - letting us know the time, although it appeared about 15 minutes early, large and orange. OH and I went out to take a look.  Thanks for starting the thread and for the interesting info about chicks.

    HeatherB: Hmmm, not much of a future for OH's SiL party methinks...  I kept the surviving earring from the one I lost on the plane tucked up in a tissue that I put somewhere safe - trouble is, haven't seen it since.

    TerryM: Isn't it a bit late for other ospreys to take over nests?

    patriciat: Looking forward to seeing your photos of what sounds like a lovely day.

    dibnlib: Sounds like you had a nice relaxing day too (along with those Highland cows).

    Planning another slow day tomorrow in between starting on the second French door. Seems like it takes me at least half a painting project to remember what makes it go more easily.  OH, though he doesn't know it yet, will be digging a couple of holes in the front garden for the two new Icebergs!  Take care everyone

  • Diane - You wrote "01:05 p.m. CST 6 May in Adelaide, Australia" Huh? What moon? Not even a yellow thing in the sky. Just a thick white blanket all day, alas.
    "But when the researchers tried to wake up sleeping chicks by playing other loud sounds, the chicks in the eggs just ignored them and slept on. " - sounds like teenagers. LOLOL

    Heather - I saw a woman on the bus one day with 2 different earrings. I wondered if she knew; if it was deliberate; maybe a new fashion statement!

    Freezing cold here. I must get OH to crawl beneath my computer table and plug in foot-warmer. Population of fur seals on Kangaroo Island have recovered from commercial sealing in 1800s. Now the seals are threatening the colonies of fairy penguins. (Political correctness gone mad decrees they now be called little penguins.) Talk of culling the seals as in Canada & European countries.

  • Good morning - we are returned, & came back yesterday to a pile of junk mail on the mat which would put War & Peace to shame, plus a spider in the shower resembling an Afghan Hound both in size and appearance....

    We had mixed westher, which included two nights of horrendous winds when we first arrived in Wales, but did manage some lovely walks and of course Buzz was in and out of the sea almost every day - doggy heaven! Highlight of the whole trip was catching sight of the Ospreys at Glaslyn:  my heaven!

  • Ps--  Thanks to Diane for starting us off on the thread. Saw a huge moon last night and you have now explained it.

  • Hello everyone, masses to catch up on after just over a week away from here.

    ALAN how is Hamish settling down on his tablets?  Have loved your drought updates.  So sad about the Nottingham Peregrines.  I imagine many birds will have perished thanks to the rediculous weather.

    DIBNLIB / DJOANS guess what, I bought 2 of those stone owls on the shop at LG the other day.  A medium sized one and a smaller one.  The funny thing is I put them on the fire place yesterday when we got home and Mia did a double take as she passed by and noticed something new was there.

    OG is is my imagination or has there been a big increase in wind farms up there since last summer?

    NIGHTOWL thanks for the video of BJ and SUNSHINE I loved the sign.

    PATRICIA I'm glad Tweed's limp settled quickly.

    DIBNLIB I've wondered this before but cannot work out the ROFL abbreviation.

    FISH love the swans pic.

    Well I think we must be incredibly lucky to have timed our holiday as we did.  The weather had been awful before we went up but this last week has been fantastic.  We went on the Friday.  After we'd unpacked the car at the cottage we went back to have a walk round LG and Loch Mallachie.  We did need proper coats on then and it did hail a bit.  The Saturday was lovely and on Sunday and a few of the other days I honestly wished I'd taken some shorts. We had half a day of rain on Monday and went up to Spey Bay and Findhorn.  I wasn't feeling very well that day so was glad not to walk too far.  Next day I felt really fluey and achey and so I stayed 'at home' while OH and Mia went out on their own.  I had to shut the curtains though as the sun was so bright in the living room.  Later that afternoon we did go for a short walk by the river and I just had a sleevless T shirt on and caught the sun in only about an hour.  By Wednesday I'd started to feel better so normal (coatless) walks resumed.  The temperature must have dropped 15 degrees between Thursday and Friday providing a complete contrast.  We walked round Loch an Eileen in hail showers but at least it was 'dry' hail so we didn't get soaked.  When we left on Saturday there was a frost but it was beautiful and bright.

    We did visit EJ and Odin a few times.  Sadly we can't go in together because of Mia so we tend to take turns.  It was quiet though as obviously there is just incubation and change overs happening.  It was funny though that each time when I arrived it was Odin who was incubating.  One time EJ had flown in while I was on my way up the path but they were both there doing a change over when I got to the centre.  Another time Odin was incubating while EJ was relaxing and preening herself in her favourite dead tree so I had good views of her.  It was lovely to see them both.

    One day Mia got badly bitten by flies near Loch Insh.  By the time we got back to the cottage her eyes looked like she'd done a few rounds in a boxing ring they were so puffy.  Under her tummy where her hair is thin and skin is pink between her back legs she had huge red patches.  They'd really had a meal off her.  We were worried about her face but by next morning the swelling had gone down.  Her pink bits are still pinker than normal but loads better than they were.  We seem to have escaped Ticks this time.

    We did see red squirrels though only a couple.  Also crested tits, Goldeneyes and even a couple of Goldcrests which we haven't seen the last couple of times after the bad winters.

    The weather at home had obviously been awful and the feeders were horrible and claggy with the damp so they've had a good wash.  I managed to cut the grass when we got back yesterday afternoon as the garden resembled a small field after all the rain.

    The neighbours couldn't believe we've been to Scotland and come back tanned.

    Anyway I think the washing machine finished long ago so I'd better go and get the next load on.  It's a shame holidays always have to result in so much washing!

  • Good Morning ALL. It raineth all night and still is. Got quite wet just walking from the car into church this morning. I would love 24hrs without any rain.

    Diane, I cannot remember when I last saw the moon. Far too much cloud and rain.

    AQ, You mistakenly awarded me with one of Heather's granchildren on Friday. As much as I would like to have a grandchild, I haven't any yet. I saw both children yesterday and they didn't have any small additions with them:-))

    Heather, Sorry about your ear ring.Is there any chance that you lost it in Tesco car park and somebody handed it into the store. I handed in a watch a few years ago, which I nearly drove over.

    Terry, I presumed you had started your work at Bassenthwaite. Not the place to be in the pouring rain. You will have to put a 'Vacancy' sign up for visiting osprey.

    Patricia, good to see you had good weatherand enjoyed your walk with your dogs.

    Dibnlib, I agree with you about the Duchy biscuits. Trouble is, there are so few biscuits in the packs.

    Linda, In case you missed my post last night. Welcome home. So good that you were able to see the Glaslyn ospreys.

  • Afternoon all,

    Trish : Hamish is ok on his medicine. It is not a tablet but measured drops in his food each morning. Glad you had relatively good weather in Scotland and managed to get to LG. Sorry about Mia getting bitten. We used to have problems with ticks when we took our previous dog to Scotland but it was always later in the season than this.

    LInda : Welcome back from Wales, we are off to our usual cottage on saturday and will probably visit Glaslyn at some time. Hopefully after at least one hatch.

    Brenda : Sorry about the rain, you seem to have had it worse than us over the last couple of days.

    Thanks to everyone else for the chat etc.

    The rainy season seems to have abated for a couple of days with only the odd light shower today and yesterday. Drove to Barnwell and was amazed at all the flooded fields around Oundle. At Barnwell the river Nene was as high as I have ever seen it and water levels in all the lakes have risen. Fortunately the swans nest was safe. Nothing warm about the weather though,. still around 9c today. 

    Swan on her nest today at Barnwell CP:


  • AQ /HEATHER once went to work with different earrings. both were silver with blue enamel Ortac earrings. No one noticed till I pointed it out.

    LINDY   good that  Buzz got plent of sea splashing and you saw an Osp

    TRISH You certainly were lucky with the  weather. It is still lovely and sunny here today though quite cold. Out with Dillon at 0700 this am and swam before church. Not long back as there was a bring and share.
    ROFL    roll on floor laughing.



  • OG    Sent you a PM.

  • ALAN   I just love all your swan pics

    meant to say it was not a Conran caddy but a Joseph one.

  •  We have a prize winning chainsaw carver locally. We have an Eagle and an Owl  he has carved. Some time ago the counci commissioned him to do some work and these are some of the results. The ideas came from local schoolchildren. The carvings are on trees in "The Avenue" in Culloden and you have to keep a watch out as now and then a new one appears. Sorry the pics aren't great but I was looking into the sun. May take camera again when the light is better for piccie taking.

  • dibnlib: Those are fabulous. I so love the dragons. Perfect! Good photos, too.

    Lindy: WELCOME BACK!!! Hope you are now safe from the afghan hound spider. LOLOL!

    Trish: WELCOME BACK to you, too!!!

    Alan: Lovely swan.