Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 6 May 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 6 May 2012

  • Ooh tell me more about the afghan hound spider, I've missed out on that.  It made me think about one night on holiday.  Mia came upstairs with me as usual and settled on her bed but I soon heard her snuffling and huffing so looked across the room to see her disappearing out of the door and a spider was running across the floor.  Even when OH came up she wouldn't settle for ages and wouldn't go anywhere near her bed.  What a wuss of a collie we have!  Our cats would just have eaten it and looked pleased with themselves.

  • TRISH   Dillon is scared of anything that buzzes. Think it may be because of me as I am terrified of wasps!!!

  • Lindybird

    Good morning - we are returned, & came back yesterday to a pile of junk mail on the mat which would put War & Peace to shame, plus a spider in the shower resembling an Afghan Hound both in size and appearance....

    Trish: See Lindy's post above re: Afghan Hound spider. LOLOL

    Anyone heard from OG today?

  • Trish/dibnlib: A friend of mine once bought me a pair of house shoes/slippers that massaged my feet. They ran on batteries and buzzed. They were heavenly to wear, but my big boxer dog was utterly terrified of them because he thought the shoes had wasps inside them. He would look at me wide-eyed and bark frantically when I put my feet in them! LOLOL

  • Lynette ~ Herb and fern are on tv on Planet Earth Live :) NOW

  • Diane - I haven't spotted OG on here, she emailed me yesterday and all was OK

  • Hi all,

    I will be back later to see what you've been up to.. didn't want Lynette to miss the bears as she kept us informed for weeks on them. :)

  • Thanks, Heather. Yup, I chatted with her yesterday, but just noticed her absence from FB and this thread. Wondered if her computer finally died.

  • Evening all. Alicat, I hadn't thought of a Latvian living in England, I thought you meant Latvian places in the SatNav LOL!

    Annette, re ospreys moving in to empty nests, we have had a few "spare" osps flying around odd days and we don't know if they are different ones or the same ones. If the same ones, they could be nesting nearby, but if they are different ones there's always the chance that they are late birds or young ones not old enough to breed and they could move in to a readymade nest and maybe just bond with a potential future mate.

    Another damp(ish) day today at Bassenthwaite, but loads of people so time went really quickly.

  • Hope OG's computer is OK, Diane, we will soon see! My oven is now misbehaving, like I didn't have enough problems with a dodgy washing machine, lol. I was baking cakes today and they just didn't cook properly. Oven is 10 years old. My OH is cracking up but true to form he just said 'Well if you can still cook in it, it's fine. You just won't be able to do any baking'  I am within a hairs breadth of overriding  him and ordering new appliances whether he likes it or not! Perhaps I should just divorce him, citing unreasonable behaviour ;-)

  • Heather: Sounds like legal grounds for divorce to me. LOLOL! Seriously, I hope the oven sorts itself out -- or you just over rule your OH. :-))) My oven has been misbehaving. I found that I have to turn on one of the burners on top in order for the oven to heat properly. Don't ask me to explain that. I've learned to just accept all of this house's idiosyncrasies. LOLOL For example, I can't run the microwave and the toaster at the same time without causing the power to go out. :-) Good luck to you and your oven.

  • Diane - you have made me laugh (sorry) when I really needed to rediscover my sense of humour! Thank you :-)  Reminds me of years ago, in another house, when I turned the outside lights on, the bathroom lights came on, also! I'm off to bed to read a book and forget the events of the day. Goodnight, all !!

  • Hi, looking in early this week.   Just watched Planet Live and it was fab.   Julia is in Minnesota with Dr. Lyn Rogers at the NABA research centre and they have been following Juliet and her 3 cubs and Jewel, first time mum, and her two. Overall a fascinating programme.   Thought of Annette when they went to the coast off California to watch the grey whales migrating and the Orcas' coming in as predetors - should make for super watching.   Annette - you said you go whale counting would this be part of your remit????

  • Hi,

    Trish2, i'm glad you had a good holiday and that the weather behaved for you, we went to Spey Bay last Sept' on one of our treks out, I think its on that coast we came across a pet cemetry.. right on the see front, it was amazing, i will try to remember to ask OH exactly where it was, he's gone to work now.

    Alan I'm pleased to know Hamish is on the correct treatment now, and I hope you have a lovely holiday too.

    Well my memory fails me and i can't remember what everyone else has said, oh those carvings are brilliant, I saw one in scotland last year a big totum pole carved out of a tree... don't ask me where.. lol I need my other brain that does remember but it isn't here just now!! :))) oh dear this is terrible... its a wonder I can remember who I am these days!

    Sorry to all those I havn't mentioned, i hope all of you are well and those who are not will soon be.

    Have a good week all. :)

  • Hi Lynette ~ i'm glad you didn't miss the program, I put a quick message on for you earlier as I didn't want you to miss it. It was lovely to see the little bear cubs, but a worry when they were stuck in the snow.