Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 6 May 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
Love the Loch Garten ospreys? Tell us all about it!
Loch Garten ospreys

Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 6 May 2012

  • NiteOwl - watched Planet Earth see my post.

    Lovely also to watch the story unfolding in the Masai Mara.

  • Yes Lynette I saw it, thats why I mentioned it I wasn't sure if you were on hol or not till I saw you were here, glad you enjoyed it, its a worry for that lion cub though.

  • Just had a late read - sorry DIANE and HEATHER were worried - I was just busy on Sat and out on Sun!  Computer is okay(ish).  Too late to write more now - DIBNLIB: will reply tomorrow!

  • Evening all: Had breakfast with daughter this morning; watched two deer grazing in the open area just outside her window (she just called and there's a young deer out there now with a coyote trailing it - she's keeping an eye on things since coyotes hunt in packs).  :-(     Great-granddaughter called and will be here with her OH and Delilah for a quick visit for two birthdays (my OH's and grandson's) and to pick up our older car, which they're buying and will drive back to Arizona; they're currently driving an ancient Toyota Corolla with about 200,000 miles and which is simply not big enough, safe enough, or reliable enough for a young family.  I told my OH we should get a business licence since we seem to be the main conduit through which they all eventually get their vehicles!  :-)

    Trish2: Welcome back!  So nice that you had decent weather (a tan in Scotland!!) and got to see EJ and Odin. I'm with Mia when it comes to spiders.

    Lindybird: Welcome back to you too. Ugh. Hate spiders in the shower - something about all those dark wiggly legs on such a nice clean background!

    BrendaH: Will think sunny thoughts for your weather.

    Alan: Am waiting for the UK government to announce that the water levels in the river Neme and neighboring lakes are still way below normal.

    dibnlib/Heather/AQ Seems like we're behind the curve in terms of what's "in" when it comes to earrings.  I shall have to dig around for all my odd ones and start pairing them up.  :-)

    dibnlib: Those are amazing carvings on the trees - wonder if they cause any problems...

    Heather: You could sue your misbehaving appliances for alienation of affection in your divorce. :-)

    Diane: I have one of those little hand-held battery operated fans and Lightning (cat) gets very, very curious and agitated whenever I turn it on - she comes rushing over to try and bat it with her paws.

    TerryM: Thanks for explaining the empty osprey nest syndrome.

    Lynette: Fortunately I haven't seen any Orcas go after the whales, but two or three years ago the folks on the whale-watching boat, the Condor, got more than they bargained for when they got a front-row seat when a pod of Orcas attacked a cow/calf pair just offshore. Definitely not the whale-watching cruise they signed up for.

    Got back from daughter's to find neighbor lady out in the street calling for her old Labrador, who'd snuck out of the house while she was in the shower and then managed to get past the patio door. We hopped in our cars to go in search and a few blocks up the road I came across another neighbor walking her dog and asked if she'd seen a golden Lab - "Yes," she said "There!"  pointing across the street to someone's front garden, where the Lab was lurking behind a hedge. The Lab wouldn't get in my car but we managed to herd it back down the road where we met the owner drivingup the road. Happy reunion!  

    Anyway, I'm off to bed. Have a good Monday all.

  • Good Morning Everyone.    Met by bright sunshine coming in the window, this morning, but forecast for most of UK for the rest of the day is dire. I shall be doing the ironing, of course  :-((

    Annette:    My OH picked up the big spider and threw him smartly out of the window for me.  Don't think he likes spiders either, really, but he had to do the manly thing!   Nice that you are going to have another family visit, and will get to cuddle Delilah.    How useful to be passing cars around the family! - seriously though, we have sometimes done that as at least then you know the vehicles history & reliability.  Happy story about the lost lab - they are lovely dogs but none too bright, I think!!

    I watched the Planet Earth Live programme and it was as I expected - they had advertised it heavily as being 'Live'  but of course most of it is filmed earlier. Expect and hope that we will get more actual live footage later on in the series.  Didn't like the way they over dramatised everything.

    Will try to reply to others later;  I have not read all of the posts from the last few days yet so don't know how you all are.  Very jealous of Trish having been to LG!!!   Going back to read her posts about it, later.

    Meanwhile, here are your Monday Smiles for this week:  more quotes --

    Never believe anything until it has been offically denied.

    Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly.

    If getting even doesn't work, then just get odd  (that's me!!)

    If the worst comes to the worst, you can always be a bad example.

    Success always occurs in private and failure in full view.

    Never:     Never agree to sit on a committee.     Never confuse your career with your life.

    Never grow a moustache.  This applies to both sexes.   (not sure about this one, my Dad had a very fetching toothbrush moustache from his days in the RAF)

    Never forget the friends who helped you move.    Never forget:   Friends come and go, but enemies accumulate.

    Have a good day.

  • Morning all Didn't get on yesterday as my vertigo was a bit active - not whirling rooms but sickish and rather wobbly.  I'm now so far behind that I can't comment on all your posts.  Miserable day here.  I woke to heavy rain, which has eased now but still threatening more.

    dibnlib I haven't seen the wood sculpture at Culloden - wonderful! I remember seeing a 'Nessie' wood sculpture at the Ness Islands.  Must look for a photo of it.

    Trish2 Glad you enjoyed your week in Nethy.  From your description of the fly bites, I wonder if they were inflicted by Birch Flies.  A few years ago we were in Nethy in Spring and my sister got badly bitten round the tops of her socks when walking near Feshiebridge.  The dogs all had the same kind of red swellings on their tummies as you say Mia had.  We took Fly (the best-behaved!) to the vet in Grantown, who identified the bites and said that the area around Kincraig is the only place in the Uk apart from the very south of England where the Birch Fly is found.  The exact timing of their appearance varies with the early or late arrival of Spring.

    Lindybird Love your Monday smiles.

  • NiteOwl

    Hi Lynette ~ i'm glad you didn't miss the program, I put a quick message on for you earlier as I didn't want you to miss it. It was lovely to see the little bear cubs, but a worry when they were stuck in the snow.

      hi NiteOwl, sorry I didn't acknowledge your previous message but I did see it.   Yes, it was a worry but I knew everything was alright because I subscribe to a dail update which brought us the news that they were OK.

  • PATRICIA the man who owns the cottage said it was likely to have been Birch flies too.  Vicious little things!

  • Annette, its nature, some you win some you lose.  Yes some of it is filmed but in realtime whatever that is.  Of course live, its night in Sri Lanka and the Masai Mara but at least we get it live initially in Minnesota.

    Glad to hear neighbour's dog was reunited with her and what super neighbours you are popping in the car to search for her.   Happy endings all round.  Hope the birthdays went off OK.

    Lindybird - love the Monday smiles.  I know what you mean Lindy, Hammond came over a bit too full on for my liking.

  • Good Morning ALL. There is a glimmer of sunshine this morning but I can't see the  sun. Rain due around noon.

    Alan, I hope the swan and her nest remain safe. Lovely photograph,thank you. We seem to have more swans than usual who are swimming around the flooded fields. I should imagine it is a very good source of food for them.

    Dibnlib, I love the wood carvings, especially the second picture. I hesitate to name him. 

    Heather / Diane, It was brilliant to follow your exchange about, ovens, OH's and reasons for divorce. Heather, I am sure if you say you are unable to produce his favourite meals any longer, he will soon want a new oven ordered.  

    Annette, I hope that you hear that the cayote don't kill the young deer. I hate seeing kills on nature programmes, so would find it very difficlt in reality. Well done on tracing your neighbour's dog.

    Linda, Thank you for the Friday Smiles. My Dad also had an RAF moustache until, as he reached 40, my Mum convinced him that he looked much younger without it. She was right too.

    Patricia, Sorry, you were suffering from your vertigo yesterday. Take it easy today.



  • Patricia:   sorry to hear about your having vertigo - not very pleasant, a friend of mine gets it but can get pills from the Doc which counteract it.

    Have come on to quickly post some holiday pics:   Here is the relatively new Marina at Caernarvon, which we walked around but did not stop to have a coffee outdoors as some hardy souls were doing!

    ~  ~   ~   ~   There are some beautiful modern flats overlooking the Menai Straits:

  • Monday – time for a big catch-up!  I won’t be able to reply to every post, but have enjoyed hearing all your news and views.  Seems I haven’t been on the Chat Thread since Friday midday!

    Heather - I did so enjoy your “update on life”! Sorry about Brother’s Brittany house problem!  Sensible forward thinking on the part of RAF SiL!  Oven without baking?  Where does your OH think all your delicious bakes will come from?!

    Alicat – good that the Satnav is in working order!  How is your shoulder?

    AQ – pleased you enjoyed time with your friend on (I think) Friday.  Nice for you to see the MoB/Bride agonies from outside after getting your two out the way!  Wasn’t it a Fairy Penguin that the two Welsh idiots captured from Sea World near Brisbane – I’m sure our news reports called it by the traditional name!

    Annette – ASL is Additional Support for learning (used to be “Special Needs” but that is no longer Politically Correct!)  The acronym is used in common to mean the concept, the administering office, the department in school, the worker and the child.  Sounds like a pleasant Sunday after a nother busy week – pleased you will be seeing Granddaughter and Delightful Delilah soon.  Good that they can have your car – but a long drive back to AZ for the little one!  So glad you located the missing Labrador.

    Terry – good to see you are about – but soooo busy!  Pleased you can fit in your duties at Bassenthwaite again this year.  Pleased people are visiting, even if birds are not on the nests!

    Patricia – sometimes if a pic doesn’t post first time, it will go at a second or third attempt.  I hope we do get to see your photo of the Londonderry family coach – and the views from the Woods – would be good to see Galloway “from the other side”!  Sorry you had a bad day with the Vertigo , especially as it has seemed so well controlled recently.  Interesting reading about the Birch Flies around Kincraig!

    Diane – thanks for Supermoon reminder – my photos were rubbish – OH set the camera up on the tripod and I forgot to check that he had set it for night time photos!

    Dibnlib – nice cows from Nairn!  Love the work in the chainsaw carvings, although prefer the more naturalistic ones – not into wizards and dragons!

    Linda – welcome back to junk mail and Spider!  Pleased you had some good days, pleasant walks, swimming for Buzz – and sightings of the Ospreys.  Had a good smile at the quotes.  Weather hasn’t reached us yet today!

    Trish – I wonder which wind farms you saw – if you drove the M74, the main one would be the South Clyde Wind Farm, which has been under construction, with associated forestry operations, for the past 3 or 4 years on both sides of the M-way.  So glad you had such great weather, and managed to do and see so much.  Sorry about Mia’s bites, and pleased the facial swelling went down quickly.

    Alan – I do hope Lady P will be reasonably pain free for your holiday in Wales, and that Hamish will also keep well.  Pleased Mrs Swan at Barnwell didn’t get flooded out – thanks for the lovely photo.

    Lynette – glad you enjoyed Planet Earth “Live” – we have recorded for later consumption.

    Brenda – good to know you have at least a glimmer!  Our weather is supposed to drift up from SW today, with rain about 1pm, so OH has been busy during this morning – although he seems to have lost momentum over a long cup of coffee!

    Hopefully I shall come back later.

  • Sorry, LINDA, hadn't seen your photos!  Like the boats, but I think flats are not in keeping with the area!

  • It was all very modern, OG, and there were coffee shops and expensive clothes shops too. plus all the usual places to get the gear for the boats & sailing ships.  We thought that those in the flats (of which you can only see about a quarter in my pic) must have an absolutely wonderful view of the Straits in both directions, and of course opposite them is the Isle of Anglesey.  So,    v e r y  expensive, I'm sure!

    Rain has only just begun here, and stopped my OH from decimating too many of my shrubs with his power hedge cutter thingy.

  • Hi  OG finished tablets from doctors shoulder is still quite painful