Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 6 May 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 6 May 2012

  • Rain came – about 3 drops per square inch on the back path – now blown away!  I have been pondering what I might have been doing since my post on Friday!  All I can find for Friday was ironing, cooking and watering!  Saturday we decided not to go out as planned and we spent the morning sorting route, timetable and train tickets for OH to visit Auntie in hospital in Northampton next weekend – and possibly see his older brother too (well overdue).  In the afternoon, it was gardening as usual.

    On Sunday, after morning service and soup lunch, we went to Threave again, with the usual hot chocolate at Gardenwise on the way.  We went because we had a meal booked in the evening.  After much debate, we decided to go round the Gardens again instead of down to the riverbank to the Ospreys.  We made the right decision as we found out later, in conversation with the Events Manager: Black 80 (formerly of Glaslyn) is still alone!  A female tried to join him on the nest a few weeks ago, but he chased her off, and is apparently waiting for his unringed partner of 4 years to return!  We took the big scooter, so we could get around more of the garden, and found some real treasures – including seeing a Goldcrest, which I recognised because of seeing them at LG last year (sorry no photo).   Dumfries and Galloway was holding a “Flavour Taster” weekend, featuring local produce, and the event we chose to go to was a Tapas Menu put on by a very good (but inaccessible to me) Dumfries restaurant and outside caterer, at Threave visitor centre tea-room.  It was beautifully cooked and presented, and tasted excellent – as well as charging a sensible price.


    Alicat – I hope you will return to the GP – he should by now have a letter from the hospital correcting his original diagnosis.

    I am now going into the garden to water all my protected plants – this will be last night’s watering late combined with today’s early – hoping to avoid later rain, which I think will inevitably reach us some time this afternoon, according to my barometer.

  •  Hi all.Thought I would show you four baby Goshawks in The New Forest. Cam is not at a very good position this year though.

  • ANNETTE   What a nightmare for those tourists. We didn't watch "Planet Earth" as I hate to see anything killed. I know it is necessary in order that others may eat, but I don't want to watch it.

    Glad there was a happy reunion between neighbour and Lab. I still have the shivers when I remember Harvey going missing from our garden when he was just a few months old - our milkman hadn't closed the gate after him. I banged on neighbours door, she put children in her car and went one way while I went the other. She found him in the front garden of a house very near the main road which lead to the Heathrow roundabout. This was in 1980 and my neighbour was probably about 30. OH met her husband many years ago at a  dining in night and we learned that our old neighbour had Motor Neurone Disease.

  • Love the little Goshawks,  SANDRA.

  • Sandra – loved the four little bobble-heads!  Has it dried out yet, down your way?

    Rain seems to be intermittent light showers now – allegedly sunny spells tomorrow – we shall see …

  • OG I'll try the L'derry Coach again tomorrow.  Havn't put the Galloway pic on my laptop yet but may get that done too.   Don't get too excited, though, as the vis. across the North Channel is clearer on bright winter days!

    Great excitement this evening (well, I was excited, OH not impressed).  We had a male bullfinch in the garden, eating buds and flowers off a Malus tree.  This is the first time I've seen one in this area.  I do hope he'll reappear.  We have much chaffinch, greenfinch and goldfinch activity, also great, blue and the occasional coaltits.  Can't keep the sunflower hearts feeder filled.

  • Evening all: Will catch up tomorrow - feeling a bit "virusy" and going to hide out with a book.

  • Annette: Feel better!!! Pop some vitamin C and take good care of yourself. Lots of rest! There's a lot of flu in California right now.

  • Off to bed - but thanks Diane for that - it's that tiresome state where I'm not sick enough to stay in bed or even lay down, but poopy enough not to get a lot of things done!  Grrrr.

  • Good Morning.    Sunny start to the skies here and  'the best day this week'  is promised on the weather front - it should be warming up a little again too. Last night was so cold we had the heating on and I also sat watching TV with a blanket over my knees, as if its winter.  Going shopping today & then accompanying my OH to the Driving Range, as he has now applied to a local Golf Club so needs to get some practice in. Might call in on relatives, too.

    Annette:  Sorry to hear that you are feeling 'grotty' as we used to say.  I know what you mean, when you are not ill enough to take to your bed but get nothing done and can't even concentrate on reading something, is a rotten state of affairs.  Hope that its short lived.

    Have been trying to read through all thats been written whilst I was away last week - see that I missed Joans birthday so belated Good Wishes to you, Joan.    Have enjoyed everyones pictures, especially the lovely Blue Tit.    Sorry to hear that you have such a rotten time on the health front, NiteOwl - my thoughts are with you.

    Here are a couple more pics from our hols - no birds, I'm afraid, although we did see all kinds of sea and estuary birds, they were too far away for my camera lens as I only have a snappy digital camera.  Buzz enjoyed himself enormously, here he is on Roscolyn Beach on the Isle of Anglesey - as its out of season, there were so few people there that there was plenty of room in the tiny car park which is not the usual state of affairs there:

    ~   ~   very wet from being in the cold water, and raring to go  - "where's my stick, Dad?"

    there were other dogs there, but he just wanted to chew his stick and get most of the sand from the beach onto his coat and into our car....

    Have a Good Day Today, All.

  • ps.   PATRICIA - so glad for you that you saw a Bullfinch in the garden.  Its always a treat to catch sight of something you don't usually have on your feeders.

  • Welcome back Trish and thank you for travel report.

    Welcome back Linda. Great Smiles. EDIT Thanks for holiday pics - we've nearly met today.

    Sorry Heather & Brenda for getting you muddled. Sometimes lately I think I have not been quite "with it".  Will try harder.

    Dibnlib - Love the carvings.

    Annette - Hope your virus is minor.

    A Fjordland penguin has strayed from its home in New Zealand. She was found 3,000 km from home at Carpenter Rocks near Mount Gambier. She had lost half her body weight. Brought to Adelaide for emergency medical care, she is recovering on Torrens Island near Port Adelaide. Today's report says she is eating and had tried to peck her handlers. Negotiations are under way with New Zealand authorities on her return to NZ.
    Two juvenile birds made it to SA in 2010 but died within 24 hours. The maximum range of large penguins was normally 300km. There are believed to be only 3000 breeding pairs of the Fiordland penguin left in the wild, and all of them are located on New Zealand's south island.

  • Hi AQ  - amazing stories about the penguins.  They are so little that you can't imagine them managing the huge distances.

    Hope you are continuing to become more mobile - see that you managed a trip to the Grocery and are now pottering out to the garden to feed your birds.

  • Linda - They think the penguin was swept here by a strong current. Still incredible to survive.

  • How is your weather there, AQ?