Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 6 May 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 6 May 2012

  • I helped OH hang out the washing today . . . and brought it in. Temp reached 27 C, expecting rain by the weekend . . . promises, promises. Now I must inspect the kitchen. I don't think the vegies can manage without me!

  • 'Bye AQ   - nice to speak to you in real time!  I must go get dressed as my OH is returning and will strangle me if I'm not ready to go out soon....  Have a nice meal and a good night.

  • ANNETTE   Get well soon. The carvings were done on diseased elm trees which had deen cut down to leave about 15 feet for the carvings. There are a few 15 feet stumps left so maybe more carvings will appear.

    LINDY   Buzz really does look as if he is having fun. Our beaches here tend to be quiet all the year round which is just great.

    AQ   Hope the penguin gets home safe and sound, shame about the juveniles dying.

  • Annette Sorry to hear you're feeling 'under the weather'.  Hope it's not the flu which Diane said was in California.  Do take care of yourself.

    Linda Buzz is such a happy looking boy!  He certainly seemed to be enjoying his holiday - and that lovely beach.

    Just back from a visit to the dentist. I had expected to have a tooth removed but we agreed it could stay where it was, so had a filling instead. I'm going to have another try at the Londonderry State Coach.  I've uploaded stuff before, so don't know what the problem was this time.


    Yaaay! Success!

  • Good morning all, not posted since last Thursday so well behind with everything again.  We thoroughly enjoyed our Don Williams concert, an amazing performer who at 73 still sounds exactly the same as he has always done.  Weather over the weekend was a bit of everything.  Wanted to mow the lawns again but too wet so we had a good tidy up in between showers and more prolonged rain and sorted out some rubbish for the tip which we had wanted to do for some time.  OH worked yesterday morning so I got my summer clothes out (if I ever get to wear them that is) although it has warmed up a bit now.  Can't believe how many times we have had to put some heating on in the evenings.

    Lindybird was   nice to see you back and sorry the weather wasn't perfect but at least you got to see ospreys in real life and that Buzz had an enjoyable time.  Nice photos of him on the beach looking very happy.  Thanks for the Monday Smiles.

    trish 2 you were so lucky to have some decent weather while you were away.  Shame you felt a bit unwell but hope it did not spoil things to much.  Hope Mia has recovered from those nasty bites.

    Alan lovely pic of the swan and I do hope the weather will improve for your week away.

    dibnlib I really like the wood carving pics, what a clever man.

    Heather thinking of you battling away with a cooker that does not work properly and a washing machine that is on the blink.

    patriciat so sorry you are suffering with another bout of vertigo, hope you are feeling a little better today.

    Sandra lovely pic of the goshawk chicks, it has been very windy in the Forest of late.

    Annette hope you have not gone down with the flu, take care and rest.

    Hi to  everyone I have not mentioned but hopefully I am back on an even keel for a while, that is until I go away next Monday for a few days.  Take care all and have a good day.

  • Good Morning. We had very heavy rain overnight. I was woken by what sounded like hailstones at some unearthly hour. The sun is trying to shine now and the patio is starting to dry. Another bowls match has been cancelled for today. Tennis courts have not opened yet and there is so much water on the fairways on our nearest golf course. The village cricket ground looks suitable for water polo,with four swans on it this morning.

    Annette, Sorry you are feeling as if you possibly have a bug or even flu. I hope you have a speedy recovery.

    Patricia, We do see bullfinch here, but I still sit and watch them. They are lovely. Good you didn't have to have your tooth extracted. Great photograph of the Londonderry State Coach.

    Linda, Our heating is still on most of the time. Everywhere is so cold and damp feeling. Supposed to feel warmer today. Lovely pictures of Buzz enjoying his holiday.

    AQ, So good to see you are progressing so well. Lucky penguin being rescued and now recovering. I hope it all has a happy ending.

    Alan, You could be lucky with the weather for your holiday. They are forecasting a dry weekend.

    Margo, You must be very confused as to what clothes to pack for your holiday with your sister.

  • Afternoon all,

    Linda : Thanks for those pics of Buzz on the beach. I dont think I have been to that particular beach. We usually go to Newborough on Anglesey.

    Dibnlib : Really good wood sculpures, There is one of an osprey outside the Lyndon visitor centre at Rutland Water done by a local artist.

    Heather : Time for a new washing machine and cooker.

    Patriciat : Thanks for the pic of the coach. Really ornate.

    Sandra : Nice goshawk chicks. I have not been following that cam.

    Margo : Glad you enjoyed the Don Williams concert. I see you are also going away next week. I hope the weather improves for both of us.

    Thanks to everyone else for the chat etc.

    More heavy rain last night but I did wake up to a cuckoo calling at 05:15 this morning. That is my first of the season. Managed to get the front grass cut yesterday before the rain started but the back is just too wet. Hope to get it done before saturday. Some lawns around here ae like hay meadows as people have just not been able to get them cut due to the rain every day. At least it is a lot warmer today. Up to 16.1c at the moment. All this cold and wet weather has done wonders for an azalea we have in a pot due to our soil being alkaline. Usually we have only one or 2 flowers:

  • Margo - I was on the point of phoning you this morning because I missed you from here!  I decided to go out shopping and check when I returned and lo and behold!

    Sadly, washing  machine and new oven were not on my list but even then it was a very unsatisfactory expedition. All I want/need/desire are a couple of casual tops  that aren't striped. I also require that they have 3/4 sleeves. I already have several stripey tops. I think that I look like a washerwoman in short sleeves. It would be easier to get psychotherapy for what seems like body dysmorphia (no disrespect meant to anyone who is a real sufferer from this distressing condtion) than to get clothes that I want in Inverness. Rant over!


  • This is exactly what I need: a car that drives itself. And we'll be able to get a license for it. Finally technology rescues me from my bad driving!!!

    Back to catch up with everyone later. Have a GREAT day.


    Goodbye, Maurice Sendak. May the Wild Things comfort you on your journey. Maurice Sendak 1928-2012

  • Just come on here to report the sad death of Maurice Sendak, at age 83 - I see that DIANE has already done so.  What a wonderful man and a great author.

  • PATRICIAT  Sorry the vertigo returned, hope you are ok now. Love the Londonderry coach, very very smart.

  • Hi, all.

    Annette: I hope you're feeling better today. I loved the story of the labrador. Well done to you! Glad you get to enjoy a family visit. Hope you kick your virus in time. I've sent you an email about today's election results in the Indiana primary. It will probably go to your spam folder because I used lots of really bad sweary words.

    Heather:never wear short sleeves; they have to be at least elbow length!

    Alan: Beautiful azalea. My back garden looks like a hay meadow. We're finally going to get a few dry days starting tomorrow -- at least that's what's predicted.

    Brenda: For some reason, four swans floating on the cricket ground sounds like the beginning of a horror novel to me. :-)))

    Margo: I'll bet you are looking forward to your holiday away.

    Patriciat: The Londonderry State Coach is elegant! Glad you only needed a filling instead of an extraction.

    AQ: I'm so glad that you're getting around a bit more. Interesting about the penguins.

    Lindy: I made that first photo of Buzz into my desktop wallpaper, because it made me laugh when I got up this morning. That must be the happiest dog in the world. Thanks for posting the holiday pics!

    OG: That's interesting that Black 80 chased the new female off. Waiting for his former mate must go against his deepest instincts. Wonder how often that happens?

    Big hello to Terry, Trish, dibnlib, Lynette, and everyone I've missed!

  • Evening all: Thanks ALL for good wishes - I'm feeling my old self today. Fed the roses this morning then met up with some friends for tea this afternoon. Now back to painting doors--- Ugh.

    Lindybird: We're actually getting some money for this car since it's too new to give away!  Do like "Never believe anything until it has been officially denied."  Have always been a great believer in learning the rules so you know how to break them; also in announcing your intention to do something otherwise frowned on so no-one can say you were sneaking about (nobody stops you from doing those things, by the way!)   Wow. Those are modern buildings; not sure I like that one with the odd bits and pieces stuck on it; the other gray one looks like a medieval fortress.  Hmmm. Sometimes I wonder about architects (and especially planning commissions).  Nice shots of Buzz enjoying himself.

    OG: Thanks for explaining ASL; we still have "Special Needs" here.  Ironing, cooking, and watering takes up a lot of time - and I still have the ironing to do.  Tried a new recipe this evening; food was eaten but recipe now safely in trash can where it can do no more damage.  Oh dear, now I'm worried about Black 80 being alone on the nest. Dinner out sounded good.

    Alicat: What's the next step with your shoulder?

    Sandra: Thanks for cute goshawk pix but yes, cam not so well placed this year.

    dibnlib: Very hard to search for missing dogs with just one person in one car. Also aways so scary when you live close to busy roads.  Oh good, nice to know "no trees were harmed" in the creation of the sculptures! :-)

    patriciat: Interesting about Birch Flies. Hope your vertigo has settled down a bit. I Googled Bullfinches - very pretty! I was excited to see our Orioles when they showed up some weeks back, but they've been MIA for a while; same thing happened last year. Will have to ask someone who knows what they're up to.  Love that stagecoach! We have some on display at various museums; mostly Wells Fargo stages and with much more humble pedigrees.

    Margo: Another good show - hurray!

    Alan: Didn't you know that azaleas love droughts! :-)

    Heather: Ah - the search for 3/4 sleeve tops. I know it well. I love those Indian-style cotton gauze tops with draw string necks and puffy sleeves that are all over our stores again- I used to wear them back in the 60s but when I look at them now I can hear my mother whispering in my ear something about "mutton dressed up as lamb." :-)

    BrendaH: Haven't had an update on coyotes - must confess I'd probably intervene in any "kills" - OH forced Lightning to drop a lizard the other day; we've loads of them in the garden.  Also tend to close eyes at TV "kills" too.

    AQ: Interesting about the Fjordland penguin; do they often show up in your area?  We've had two sightings of Great White Sharks near here in the last week: One right off Stearns Wharf; it had attacked a seal and the theory is it must've still been in the area when folks caught the seal and took it off to marine rescue (it died); then a few days ago a surfboarder had a narrow escape when a Great White took two bites out of her board off Catalina Island (across from Los Angeles).  Eeek.  So good to hear that you're getting around more - but don't rush, remember how nice it was to hear your OH doing the vacuuming!

    Diane: Got your e-mail (and responded). No problem with sweary words; my Inbox is used to them (as is my Outbox!) Terri Gross replayed two interviews with Maurice Sendak on Fresh Air today; the most recent one, I think from last Fall, was really touching.  Did you hear that this has been the warmest year on record in the US? Must be all that hot air from Washington DC.

    Well, was going to do some painting of doors tonight but it's already almost 9 so far too late, right? Must pop over and look at the LG and LoTL cams, though must confess I've been slacking off this year...

    Take care everyone and have a good Wednesday.

  • I woke at 3 am, soon after that an ambulance flashed & siren-ed down our street to Somewhere. Read for a while, couldn't sleep, got up 5.30, fetched in paper & breakfasted. Then went back to bed & slept til 8.30 am!!! Dressed & we were off on shopping expedition - fruit & veg shop, bakery, Foodland. It was so nice to have OH trailing along behind taking purchases back to car. I could get used to having a trailing porter!!! It was pension-discount day, so all the elderlies were cluttering the aisles, besides the young generation who wander off leaving trolleys in the way. A real eye-opener for OH. He finds HW very tiring, I just laugh & suggest he needs more practice.

    Penguin update. A battle begins on the fate of the strayed Fjordland penguin. Wildlife Rescue want her returned to her homeland. Taronga Park Zoo (Sydney) wants her to keep company with a male they have. What part of "this is a wild animal" don't they understand? Endangered species what's more.

    A slightly cooler day with temp ranging 12 to 21 C. I got quite hot soaking up Vitamin D for 15 mins.

  • Good  morning to everyone. Just been watching Blue Tits and Sparrows collect Dillons newly brushed hair. Lovely warm nests, one bald dog!!!! Off for a swim in 30 mins. Cold again and cloudy. We had intended to take a canoe out at Loch Insh but decided to wait for a better day. Keep wondering about buying our own but probably wouldn't make enough use of it to warrant the expenditure.