DAILY UPDATE (Loch Garten nest) Sunday 6 May 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

DAILY UPDATE (Loch Garten nest) Sunday 6 May 2012

  • I'm NOT an expert, but just from observation: heavy rain/ spate conditions means lots of silt etc. in the water, as well as the extra surface disturbance, so it will be difficult for even the most experienced ospreys to see - let alone catch - anything. And at the same time, the unseasonal cold means the fish will be staying low in the (deeper than usual) water, so difficult if not impossible to reach. First factor mainly affects rivers/ lochs, the second is probably also relevant at fish farms.

    I don't know that much about the lifecycle of fish, but if they - like everything else - are spawning around this time of year, then the heavy rain is potentially bad news for future fish stocks too, as spate conditions will presumably disturb the spawning grounds & wash away developing eggs.

  • After having a little play with her moss, EJ started calling for food.

    20 minutes later, she is still calling

    It's gone quiet now. Perhaps Odin has left.

  • Lmac

    They will re stock at fisheries and farms but not sure about rivers, think that is more weather related and river conditions, maybe if there is a biologist/scientist among us they can explain.

    Thank you LMAC for taking the time to reply to me . Tiger might know. He really is a  mine of information !

    AG - I think EJ can see Odin , but if he's eating his portion of a fish, I'll eat all my hats.

  • Sobering thoughts RACHEL. Thank you for your observations on the matter. It certainly makes sense.

  • Somethng's rooting around at the bottom of the nest, maybe a pine marten. Heard the noises before and EJ looked 'alert'. Anyway, have to go now . Back in the PM - enjoy your watching everyone. I shall be looking for a ''fish'' in big large letters   !

  • That noise that you heard Cirrus was the Great Tit back again and landed on the mic before flying around the nest. I think that it's after EJ's loose feathers for it's nest, aww :)

  • As a plane flew over, EJ suddenly gave this alarm?? call and then went quiet but she has been scanning the skies.

  • EJ is food calling again now!

  • EJ now shouting continuously.  Odin likes to sit on the eggs, EJ likes to eat fish, so Odin should suss that if he brings in a plentiful suplly of fish he will be able to egg-sit until his heart is content

  • Come on Odin, it's been 24 hours since you last fed EJ - what are you thinking?

  • Oh no it is snowing again on poor EJ.  Where is Odin, she is shouting a bit so hopefully he caught something beforethe weather turned

  • What else is there to do when your waiting for fish, turn the eggs and WWN :o)

    A hail/sleet shower has started.

  • Gimmee a fish Odin!!

  • Sunshine on the nest now, but no sign of Odin, poor EJ must be so hungry.

  • Fish 11.25