DAILY UPDATE (Loch Garten nest) Monday 7 May 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

DAILY UPDATE (Loch Garten nest) Monday 7 May 2012

  • EJ softly calling, followed by a Cuckoo calling.

  • Good Morning:   Nice to see that its not raining on the nest:  today is going to be wet for most of UK for most of the day.  Thanks for your posts and pics, Everyone.

    Sorry, can't help with the summary myself as too busy to commit to it, but very grateful to those of you willing to make such a contribution.  Such dedicated Osprey lovers on here, its great.

  • Good morning fellow ospreyholics :-)

    Many thanks for all the updates, pics, vids etc.  Great to read and view as always.  Absolutely delighted to hear that Cukoo FM has began broadcasting for the season.

    Tiger.  Thanks for starting the thread.

    Lmac.  Thanks for volunteering to do the summary.

    EJ calling.  Perhaps breakfast will arrive via Odin's talons soon :-)


  • A few Crows around calling, and something made EJ very alert when it landed on the cam post.

  • Thanks for the vid, Moffer.  EJ certainly looked alert.  I wonder if it was one of the Crows.

  • EJ hates those pesky intruders!

  • It's Odin standing guard over the nest...bless him. What an osprey.

    Morning Heron and Lindy, and I think that i missed Birdsong earlier, so HI :)

  • EJ... looking up. Thank you honey, but I can take it from here. I'm hungry.

    Odin...looking down, Are you sure? I'll just wait a bit.

    EJ... Yes I'm sure! Now you go and fish.

  • So happy Odin's guarding the nest.  He looks very noble up on that cam pole.

  • And off Odin flies.  It's mighty impressive seeing him speed into the distance.

  • Odin has now flown, but my bits are all frozen up. BBS, need to reboot.

    EDIT. Back now. EJ readjusts herself as Odin takes off and flies into the distance.


  • Good Morning and thanks for all your reports and pictures. Poor EJ having to sit through a cold night with the frost. As always a big thank you to SCYLLA and MOFFER for their videos.

  • With regard to the summary thread there a few points to note.

    1. It is very much appreciated in the community

    2. There are too few people actually doing the preparation.

    Now since there are people watching this thread 24/7  all it needs is for those people to make a note of key events throughout the day in another thread. I have suggested the osprey chat thread as it is really an add on to this thread.

    This will have two consequences.

    1. It will make the summary thread much easier to prepare

    2. It will widen the ownership of the summary thread


    As you can see I have already added in what I see as the key events of today already.

    Chloe and I know from our annual data site that it is much simpler to record key events as they happen rather than find them later.



  • Morning Brenda and Tiger.

    OK Tiger, will give it a go :o)

  • Good morning all and a quck catch up again.  Thanks to patily  for the summary and to scylla and moffer for videos and to all for chat and captures.  Nice to read EJ had two fish yesterday and I hope Odin is off fishing now.  Poor EJ frost covered again but at least the sun has come up and let's hope there are not many of those wintry showers forecast for today.  On the subject of the summary I wish I could offer but I can commit as I am not always watching.  In previous years I seemed to have a lot mor time to watch but this year it is so busy on the forum that it takes a while to catch up each day let alone get myself together and do a summary.  As others have said I am so grateful to the reguar contributors whithout whom I would not have a clue of what was going on.