DAILY UPDATE (Loch Garten nest) Tuesday 8 May 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

DAILY UPDATE (Loch Garten nest) Tuesday 8 May 2012

  • Morning, PATILY :-)

  • You know, you are right, scylla - there is NOT a cuckoo on that video. I think it was a cuckoo from the Estonian cam I was watching, at the same time. Gulp. Mea culpa. :-P

    EDT: But I just looked at YOURS, and there IS one. I must have had my sound turned down? Now I think I am certifable, and I guess it mean I must go to bed! This is dangerous business!

  • No fish. Just a small moss offering.

    VIDEO: Odin's First Shift of the Day

  • Here's me following you again - it's taken me ages because I thought I'd try to fix my sound on big lappy and then action started.

    Odin takes over quietly @ 0545hr:

  • I'm just extracting from the kalakotkas and notice the cuckoo in the background - what a coincidence! :-)

  • can still hear the rain but not heavy as Odin doesn't appear wet He's having a doze EJ taking a nice break

  • I don't think it's rain, PATILY, I think it's ticking on the microphone, to add to the buzz for our entertainment - but I could be wrong.

  • Better that its not rain Hope EJ has dried out after her night

  • Cat feeding time Back asap

  • scylla

    G'night CC :-*

    I got delayed by interruptions, how dare they!

    Earlier when EJ was looking at the sky I wondered if there was a skydance going on - I can't hear much when volume is low, and when turned up the buzz is horrendous.  What does anyone think?

    Good morning Scylla.  Yes the buzz is quite bad, though it stops from time to time so I hope that means somebody technical is working on it.

  • EJ returns, Odin rises, nice chirps from EJ and a nice fly-away for PATILY, I hope...

  • 07.28 EJ returns.

    Morning all. It's going to be a short visit. I have to go out for most of the day, but will look in when I can.

  • 07:28 EJ returns (love Odin's white underwing)

  • EJ returns, it's more of a sail-away than a fly-away, PATILY :-)