Daily Update (LG Nest) Friday 11th May, 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Daily Update (LG Nest) Friday 11th May, 2012

  • CC, I'm sorry. I've only just seen that I double posted with the videos. It's too late for me to delete them now.

  • OMG moffer - NEVER apologize! It's okay to duplicate. If not for you and others, we would never have the rich record of vids we have of the season! I am so occasional, I am thankful for anyone else that posts! (PLUS, it is much easier to see the Youtube vids than mine, which open in a new window.)

    BTW, how is the head these days?

  • EJ is starting to call again. She jumps up has a nibble at something on the nest, flaps like she's wingcersizing and sits again.

  • Not sure why EJ started calling and then did a bit of hovering?!

  • CC, thanks. My head is not too bad today. I need an eye test really. The wet camera and the hum just gives me a headache. I have a plan though. I turn the volume up, so that I can hear whats going on, but leave the screen so that I am not straining my eyes at the blobs of rain, lol. What am I like....eh?

  • What stunning colours in this light.

    Ahhh...... She's grumbling to Odin.

  • HAH - indeed she IS grumbling. Great pic of Odin. Odin looks as if to say, "But how the heck can she be hungry so soon!"

    [Moffer - I would do the same. When I am here, I turn down the sound to mute the hum but loud enough to hear the chirps. Rain blobs are NOT helpful, but I haven't been here so have been spared most of that. Take care of yourself.]

  • 16:18 Buzzard just called

  • Just a little Odin-fest :o))

  • Has that rain stopped. It seems so. Perhaps EJ can dry out a bit she looks sodden.

  • She'll start grumbling to Odin again now. "You come over here, and I'll just go and dry off"

  • EJ gently calling again

  • Can't resist the Odin-fest - here's one of him preening. Doesn't seem to be thinking about fishing at all, despite EJ's chirrups!

  • 16:54 Well, I've had a good preen, you can have a break now

  • Lovely handover,  Odin flies in and EJ takes a break

      EJ about to take off

      now to do a stint at my favourite past-time.