Daily Update (LG Nest) Friday 11th May, 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Daily Update (LG Nest) Friday 11th May, 2012

  • have to go and get dinner on, back tonight to catch up.  Do hope Odin goes fishing again and brings EJ some supper.!!!

  • Up periscope!

    Perhaps that should be 'Odin-scope'

  • Thank you for the Odin-fest (and everything else!), all will be saved :)

    The speakers have gone on my watching/video-ing laptop, have attached external but it's hard getting the balance right for low buzz and high tweets :-(  We need a sound separator, I bet they exist for ££££.

  • 16.50. Odin comes to the nest with a tiny bit of something dark (moss?) to look after the eggs. EJ doesn't say no :o)

  • Love it RtB :o)

    Hello Scylla. I keep missing you these days :o(

  • The rain has stopped again. It was Odin's turn to get wet looking after the eggs.


  • WOW, Had to screenshot the event. 4 seconds of sunshine!

  • 17.48 The sun is out...hooray!!!

  • WOW! Caught up Just have to say unable to use laptop for over 2 hours whilst micro. worked on it...stuffed with viruses so that warnings didn't get through 80% infected so wonder it was working at all Phew! OK now Better start the summary

  • It started raining again at 18.10. EJ has been gone for an hour and a half. That's a nice break for her from sitting on the nest in the rain. I wonder if she's gone fishing.

  • 18.42 EJ is back. Odin doesn't hang around....he's off.

  • 19.10 EJ is calling softly, maybe asking for fish?

  • EJ has begun begging Where's Odin?

  • moffer and CC  I think EJ can probably see Odin nearby, hope he has a fish and will bring her some soon.

  • Odin has only been off the nest for 50 mins, but he might have fish. EJ wants fish anyway, and she is telling him so!! LOL