Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 13 May 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 13 May 2012

  • Too much standing this morning and early afternoon, so my back is shouting at me to rest it, therefore a quick catch-up here before I get hosed down for tonight’s concert.

    Sandra – sorry you are still getting ******** weather!  I had hoped that, since you had it bad when ours stayed good, you might have been let off this time!

    Bjane – so sorry about the downturn in your husband’s condition and his recent falls, and the difficult decision which you are having to face.  I am praying for mental and physical strength for you at this difficult time.  I am so glad to see Patricia has offered one-to-one contact to share your cares, but feel free to call on the rest of us anytime – even if it just a shout to release some tension as you wrestle with the situation.

    Patricia – see my post to Bjane above – so good of you to be available for her, and I am sure it will help you also to share with someone who understands what you have to deal with.

    AQ – good that you are still improving – just take it gently and let your body tell you when to stop.  Pleased your OH is happy with the new vac!  Thanks for the smiles – heard the last one before, except I think the Cockatoo was a Parrot in that version!

    Diane – sorry you did too much again yesterday – do please look after yourself!  I know you are younger than many of us, but sometimes you do need to slow down!  Like the fella with a Blue Tail!

    Annette – I hope your weather is right for the intended gardening today – but to you also: don’t overdo it!

    Brenda – pleased you have some dry weather – cloudy with light showers here.  We are looking forward to our Scottish Strawberries, from Angus or Fife – and Raspberries too – nothing beats a Scottish Raspberry!

    Linda – “happy new haircut” – another of my Dad’s sayings!

    George – it really is haircut time again – and not just the ladies!  Sorry you and Diesel are getting wet walks – and do wrap up warm too.  Nice to be able to say “see you soon at LG” – at least two others going are already known to me, so you can watch out for a bunch of us and do please introduce yourself!

    Alicat – so pleased to know that the injection has eased your shoulder so well – remember to move it gently and help it to continue to improve.

    Well, time’s up – must get sorted – oven is cooking early dinner.

  • bjane I've requested you as a friend - I think I need you to accept the request before I can send you a Personal Message.  I'm not very good at this but someone will put me right if I'm misleading you!

  • You are quite correct Patricia.

  • Our day didn't stay dry, we had a couple of hours light rain at lunch time and it has stayed cloudy and quite cool. When do we turn the heating off !

    Linda, Does a new hairdo mean you have completely changed your hairstyle. You sound very happy about it.

    George, I haven't tried a hand held Dyson. I still have an old hand held Dirt Devil. Very rarely use it these days but it is one of those things that never seem to wear out. Sorry you are feeling so cold but I don't think that it helps with all this very wet weather along with the low temperatures.

    Patricia, What a decision to have to make. Your hair or walk the dogs. I think the dogs will decide for you.

    Alicat, Glad to hear that you are now getting relief from your pain.

    OG, I hope your back pain is not spoiling your night out.


  • I presume you all know that the second chick has hatched.

  • BRENDA thanks, no I didn't just home from work.  Thought EJ not sitting too low though so 2 squirming bodies are a good explanation!

  • I was pleased to get my haircut as its been ages since I had it 'done' for that wedding I went to on 14th April - and mine grows as my gran used to say "like wild mint!".  (no, Brenda, havnt changed the style but am pleased with my fairly new Hairdresser, who seems to know how I want it which I think you will agree is half the battle)    Also we have had news and are going to be away for a few days from tomorrow, although sadly I shall not be able to keep in touch with 'our' Ospreys and so will miss any more hatchings.   :-((

    Take Care of Yourselves, Everyone.

  • Linda, I hope it is good, not bad news. Glad you are happy with your hair. At least you witnessed C2 hatching.

  • Lindy: I hope it's not bad news. Have a safe trip and good energy to you! We'll miss you!

    Edit: Lindy says that she's fine (no bad news), just a wee trip away and nothing to worry about!

  • Brenda Belatedly, yes, the dogs won out!  We went to our training field, which is large, took a throwing toy and had fun.  Didn't get too wet as the rain didn't get beyond the drizzle stage.  Since then I've been splitting my time between osprey watching, evening meal and checking on the progress of the Northern Ireland team at the World Agility Open championships in Belgium.  Tomorrow, come rain or shine, I'm committed to doing a street collection for the animal sanctuary where I got my 2 younger dogs.  We'll have a walk or some exercise after that.

  • Just wanted to thank you all for the kind thoughts and suggestions. I have gotten control of myself again and am feeling much better, thanks to all of you!! As the saying goes...I can choose to be happy..or not. I choose to be happy most of the time. I had a rough couple of weeks with OH and then my oldest cat, Pud, got suddenly very ill. I had him in the vet's hospital several times but they couldn't help him so I finally had to let him go. He was 18 and the most wonderful cat. I am still mourning but I know he was suffering and I did what was best.

    Thanks again for everything.

    Patricia: I accepted you as a friend. I don't know much about sending PMs. Hopefully I will learn. Thanks again.

  • Diane - That blue-tail skink is so cute. He looks as if he's dipped his rear in a paint pot!

    Alicat - I'm glad the injection has helped. I'll pass on OG's advice to me - "just take it gently and let your body tell you when to stop".

    Linda - Have a great "wee" trip.

    bjane - This group is wonderful with support when anyone is down. Don't hesitate to rant/grumble/complain/whatever makes you feel better.

    Can't wait for this afternoon (your dawn) to see the latest bobblehead. We had a heavy shower of rain at 4 am this morn. I thought it was going to be another fine day, max 19 C, but so far bleakly overcast. Doesn't look hopeful for Vitamin D.

  • Evening all: Lovely day here; sunny and breezy. Put in the third rose bush and set up irrigation for it; then scrubbed out bird feeders, emptied foutain to clean that out, then went to Mission rose garden for major tidy up.  Will try to get a final whale count shift in this weekend - they haven't seen any the last two days. So far - and unless any more are spotted before Sunday 5.p.m - the count for 2012 is 957 adults and 235 calves, up from 719 adults and 120 calves in 2011, and 544 adults and only 33 calves in 2010. Brilliant, eh?  And that's just counting for 8 hours out of 24. So things are well with the California Gray Whale this year. :-)

    Lindybird: My haircut is set for Tuesday afternoon - hope I can see my way to the hairdressers!  I've wear in longer in the summer coz it's cooler to wear it tied back and off my neck.  Hope you have/had a nice few days away.

    Brenda: We're lucky to have a very long strawberry growing season here - right in our own backyard so to speak. What's nice is that we can taste samples of those on offer at our farmers' markets.  Yum!

    George: Gosh, haircuts are "in" this week. Here's hoping the weather is good for everyone heading for LG.  Keep your hat on and stay warm!

    Alicat: Oh good, relief at last. What was in that shot they gave you? But as OG says, don't force anything.

    OG: Determined not to overdo anything for the next few days so will be relaxed and "up" for when the family piles in the front door next Thursday morning.

    Brenda: Oh dear, no - haven't checked the blog today at all; thanks for the news about the second chick. I have an old Dirt Devil too that keeps chugging along. Also got a more powerful Black&Decker that was a demo model at a local store and priced so low I couldn't resist it.

    Diane: Thanks for letting us know that all is well with Lindybird. No blue-tailed skinks here; just an abundance of regular little lizards that enjoying snoozing in the sun.

    patriciat: Good luck with the street collection (what's that? hanging out with a can for cash?)

    bjane: Sorry about poor Pud - we lost our cat Sammy at 18 (I was the same age)  - but good that you realize you did what you could.

    Should go and say hallo to EJ and Lady then off to bed...

  • bjane so sorry about Pud.  Wonderful name.

  • Good Morning ALL. I will be off to meet son and his wife for a Birthday lunch for OH. Daughter is working so we will have a better family celebration when we can all be present.

    Bjane, Sorry about Pud. After 18 years, he is obviously going to leave one big gap in your life. Big hugs to you.

    Patricia, I hope you have a successful collection day and it stays dry for you. I have done that and it is just terrible if it is pouring down. You get very wet and people stay at home !!

    Diane, Thanks for the communication from Linda.

    Annette, That is an excellent improvement in the whale count figures. I hope you do see some this weekend.

    Must go now. Love to you ALL.