Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 20 May 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 20 May 2012

  • Thanks Patriciat. Similar one with a Blue tit this time:

  • Meconopsis at Bodnant Gardens:

  • Hi all, lovely pics Alan.  I too managed to get several pics of a Jay visiting the bird table at the cottage we were in and also a nuthatch.  Plenty of bluetits, great-tits, and coaltits also.  Also managed to get to Dyfi and saw the male bring in a fish for Norah ( through binoculars of course) as nest so far away from the hide.   this was the view from the cottage patio.  I zoomed in for virtually all the pics I took, otherwise they would have been a blur.  The jay pics are not as good as yours Alan but they were a first for me as well as the nuthatch.

      bluetits right outside the conservatory window.

  •      zoomed right in with cam and this is the nest site at Dyfi

       I am sure this is a coaltit?

      alright, I know its not a red squirrel but there are none in these parts just the grey unfortunately but he/she makes a nice pic.

    More to come if no-one gets bored by them, bird pics I mean.  I have several of the Jay but always taken near the bird table.  They ate me out of house and home. Managed to pick up some bird food when we visited the Elan Valley scheme nr. Rhayader and some more when we visited Ludlow on the Thursday.




  • Evening folks. Busy but good day. Will catch up tomorrow.

  • Lynette : Thanks for your latest pics and it is a coal tit.  We did not see any of those this time.

    Speaking of squirrels. This was our resident one:

  • Good morning all and must admit I am still catching up with everything.  Did not have a chance to look in until yesterday evening and found nearly 4,00n emails in my in box.  Silly me forgot to mute them while I was away so it took all evening to delte then..  Had a nice break and Devon is looking really beautiful.  Weather not too bad, mostly sunny with a couple of showers but it was very cold, especially on Thursday.  Very relaxing and nice to spend time with my sister.  Went to Buckfast Abbey,, the Donkey Sanctuary and did several trips round the moors.  Apartment we stayed in was very nice overlooking the sea which was very calm all the while we were there.

    We have found out Billie's history.  By sheer coincidence I was out ine drive with her when a young girl came up the drive.  I thought it strange that Billie didn't bolt like she usually does.  The girl did a double take and came up to Billie saying is that you Splodge.  Apparently she had got on top of the family car under to roof box over 18 months ago and they had driven off not knowing she was there.  They had to stop at a junction and that is when Billie jumped off and disappeared completely.  They spent several weeks looking for her to no avail and gave up hope of ever finding out what happened to her.  For one awful moment I thought she would want her back but she said they would not do that as she could see she was well looked after and settled.  The reason Billie only has one eye is that she was run over and quite badly injured but after a lot of care and attention from the vet she pulled through and lived which she was not expected to do.  She is 4 years old and the amazing thing is that the girl  lives in our road, just at the top and she still has Billie's mother.  She was so pleased to find out what had happened to Billie (or Splodge) as they called her. The mystery of Billie's origins have finally been solved.

    Thanks for all the photos and glad Alan and Lynette  had a good week.  Have much catching up to do but at the moment waiting to see when Lady's chick hatch.

    Take care all and for anyone who has not been well, hope you feel better soon.

  • Margo : Glad you had a nice time in Devon. The weather seems to have been cold everywhere last week. It was certainly cold in Wales. Also good news that you found out Billies history. I have been to Buckfast Abbey so I know it quite well. There is a wonderful stained glass window in the church there if I remember correctly.

    It is turning into quite a day with the first hatch going on at LOTL, 3 chicks reported at Tweed Valley and a fourth egg. Also news at Dyfi of Rutland chick from 2010 intruding.

  • Great photos Alan, especially the Jay and the Nuthatch. Both are very uncommon around here and sightings are rare, let alone getting excellent pics like yours.

  • Thanks Sandy. Here is another of the Nuthatch:

    And another of the Jay:

  • More great pic, Alan.  I see jays from time to time when walking the dogs but I don't think we have nuthatches in NI,  Coal tits come to our feeders. Glad you enjoyed your holiday again.

    Margo What great news that you've discovered Billie's history and even better that the previous owners don't want her back.

    Beautiful day here.  After a lovely walk with the dogs this morning, I took mysekf to the WWT reserve at Castle Espie, about 10 minutes drive away on the other side of Strangford Lough.  Will post some pictures later.

  • MARGO welcome back.  PHEW I held my breath reading what you wrote until you said Billie's previous owners are happy for her to stay with you.  I bet you had a few moments of panic.

    'MY' baby blackbirds have fledged. I've seen 2 so far and one of them could fly.  The other one is being very vocal but seems to be stuck at ground level.  It has absolutely no tail and I'm worried it's taken the plunge too soon.  I so desperately hope the Sparrowhawk and neighbourhood cats stay away :-(

  • Speaking of blackbirds, here is one bathing in the fountain in the garden at Penryhn castle:

  • 3 pics from Bodnant Gardens: