Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 20 May 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 20 May 2012

  • Evening/morning all: Day went fairly smoothly but had similar experience to Alan when I went to a store and ended up following incorrect directions for various items given by employees who didn't seem to know their stock. For example: They had "Infant Toiletries" on one aisle and - silly me - I assumed they'd have infant toiletries there (buying a few items for Delilah to save g'daughter having to bring more stuff on the plane). Anyway, the infant toiletries I needed actually turned out to be in "Infant Basics" clear across the store. . Costco trip went well - spent a small fortune there; then took the car we're selling to g'daughter to car wash and splurged on the $$$ superduper wash instead of the $ drive-through I normally get.. When I picked up the car was totally exasperated to find the $$$ option was about as good as the $ wash!  Grrr. Complained very nicely to manager who offered to wash it again, but I couldn't wait so he refunded me the $$$, even though I would've been happy with a $$ refund. Will pop out early in the a.m. and spruce it up a bit. Apart from that, refrigerator is chock-a-block, laundry is washed, ironed and put away so reasonably ready for family's arrival at the crack of 8:30 a.m. tomorrow!

    Way too warm here today, have the attic fan going and the table fans; tomorrow is supposed to be cooler - thank heaven.

    Alicat: What a relief for you to be able to use your arm; remember to take it easy!

    Sandra: That IS outrageous! What are these people thinking!?  Oh my, Mr. Chubby may have to jetison some baggage before take off.  :-)

    Alan: Must agree that politicians seem to have their priorities completely a***-backward.

    Lindybird: I've had a week of washing everything that isn't nailed down; poor OH had his towels snatched out of his hand as soon as he stepped out of the shower this afternoon!

    Smiliesam: Enjoy your cams and pop in when you have time; have a great trip!

    bjane: I see Diane has expressed good wishes and must confess I've lost track of your schedule (have also lost track of mine!).  Hope you're doing okay.

    Diane: Hope you're doing okay too. Take care.

    I may be MIA the next couple of days but will likely read even if I don't post. Take care everyone.

  • AQ: You snuck in!  Spray spider webs with glitter? What an absolutely brilliant idea.  A two-year-old who never stops?  How unusual.  :-)    I shouldn't laugh, I have a 15 month-old arriving tomorrow, but at least there'll be four other adults around to corral here.

  • Annette in SoCal

    AQ:   A two-year-old who never stops?  How unusual.  :-)    I shouldn't laugh, I have a 15 month-old arriving tomorrow, but at least there'll be four other adults around to corral here.

    Annette - Hey, this kid is only seven months and crawling into & over everything. I don't want to think about her as a 2-yr-old.
    Enjoy your "invasion".

  • New Blog. Brace yourself for very bad news.

  • I suppose we are learning something about migrating ospreys, but we seem to be learning a lot about how short a life they have. Very sad to see that Richard has confirmed that Tore is thought to be dead.

  • Sorry I didn’t check in yesterday – we really were very busy – mostly outside.  Now OH is about to plant the last plants in greenhouse – having painted on the shading this morning.  I have done the “final ironing” and loads of small indoor jobs.  Just sitting here with a fan on and a cool blackcurrant drink to regain some energy!

    Sorry to read Richard's confirmation about wee Tore.

    Haven’t got time for replies right now, but thanks for all news, comments and pictures.  Enjoy another wonderful sunny day, folks.  I think I am almost in holiday mode, at last – have been mostly trying to ignore it up till now!

  • Good morning all and hope you are all well.  Have been reading but not posting as I have been concentrating on EJ, Odin and family and also Lady.  Just find it impossible at the moment to keep up with everything.  Thanks for all the chat and great pics.  Weather has been so hot and I have not felt too good for a couple of days.  As I get older I can't cope with heat, even though I kept saying I wanted it to warm up.  I am never satisfied am I.  Been trying to do things in the garden and keep an eye on Billie at the same time as she has a habit of disappearing and I get very nervous when she does that.  Take care and will pop in now and again.

  • Afternoon all,

    Margo, Sorry the heat is a bit much for you, it certainly is very warm compared to last week. Trouble is that there is no gradual build up. Last week it struggled to get to 13c and now it is in the high twenties.

    Very bad news about Tore although I was sort of expecting it after looking at last weeks data. Not sure why the LG ospreys have such a bad return record. Rutland have had 4 out of 9 2009 chicks return for two successive years and already 2 of 2010  chicks have been spotted.

    Speaking of Rutland Water, I have had a great morning at the Lyndon reserve. As I was walking along the nature trail to the hides a Muntjac deer appeared just beside the Tufted Duck hide. Before I got my camera off my shoulder it had gone into the undergrowth. When I reached the Shallow Water hide I was the only one there and managed to get the best seat (the padded one). I was then treated to 5R giving a magnificent flying display as he waged war on all the cormorants in the bay, repeatedly chasing them off the fence posts and dive bombing them in the water. Also saw some very large fish swimming close to the hide with their fins out of the water. I think they must have been carp as they were huge. Water levels are very high and lots of greenery around with the hawthorn blossom in full flower. Unfortunately no hatch yet. 

    One of the cormorants that 5R took a dislike to:


    Great crested grebe  which was nest building:

    Tufted duck:


  • Morning: Quick look in before family piles in the door.  Just wondering:  Haven't seen Tiger for a few days.  Has he gone off on a trip??

  • Afternoon all ...haven't been around much lately, although I do try to read every day! We have had the beautiful weather since Tuesday, although it is cooler here on the coast. We had a thick sea fret (mist) this morning ... had the headlights on when I was going to B&Q.

    Such sad news about Tore .. I must admit to shedding a few tears.

    Glad to hear that Alan and Lynette had good holidays ... loved the pics. Also that margo enjoyed her break with her sister.

    OG -  I hope you have a wonderful time when you are away ... I'm sure I've just turned a delicate shade of green ;-))

    Good to hear that AQ is progressing to food shopping and that her OH is finding out how hard life can be for a woman!!! Alicat pleased that your shoulder has improved after the injection ... lovely photo of the baby.

    OH and I had a couple of day trips this week as he is busy working today and tomorrow. Monday we were up near Wooler (via Bamburgh and Seahouses to check out the birds!). One of OH's friends is renovating an old house and he wanted to check on progress ... and they say women are nosey!!!!! We also went to Roughting Linn to see some Bronze Age cup and ring markings which I had never seen before, although OH has seen them before. If anyone is interested (possibly Diane!) this is the website. Roughting Linn   

    Tuesday we went to Bolam Lake and walked right round it ... my dodgy knee and back didn't complain once :-)  The woods looked beautiful with the bluebells, violets, prImroses etc. The birds were in full voice but never still long enough to get a decent photograph. There was a lovely family of mute swans with five cygnets ... Dad was very protective and kept taking off in pursuit of other swans and Canada geese that strayed too close.

    Take care.

    EDIT - Alan,  you posted while I was writing! Gorgeous photographs again.


  • Couldn't get on internet at all yesterday or 1st thing this morning.  I came home from work prepared for a very long boring phone call to the help line but found I could get on line straight away - phew!

    ALICAT that baby's a whopper!

    I saw a report on the TV news this morning about Buzzards.  Absolutely disgusting.  They want to cut the numbers of a natural bird just to protect their sporting interests.  It makes me sick.

    I've just been to M&S and am quite pleased with the bargains I got.  Womens tops were already on sale and I had a voucher for another 20% off if I used my M&S card - bargain!!

    Oooh I just heard a baby blackbird.  I haven't seen either of them since the other night but hopefully at least one is still hiding out somewhere.

    It's agility tonight.  That's going to be hot.


    Just caught up with all the news.  Don't post much at present as over on the other threads (EJ, Odin and family and LOtL).

    Alan and DJoanS, wonderful pictures of Rutland and holiday respectively.

      one of the magnificent stained glass windows.   visitors in the field the other side of the River Ithon, looking across from the garden of the cottage.

  •  Afternoon all.

    Nottingham chubby baby and mam and dad. Then one of the Charing Cross chicks :-)

  • Just taking a few moments to get on here.  There's so much to watch with 'our' family and the baby at LotL, not to mention the peregrines at Falls of Clyde.

    More lovely pictures from Alan, djoans and LynetteAlan Your Great Crested Grebe is stunning.  They are such elegant birds.

    After spending all too much time watching bird nests online yesterday, I found myself faced with a large pile of ironing.  To pass the time, I put a videotape in the player, an editied version of videos I took when on holiday with relatives in Western Canada.  I'd forgotten I'd made the edited highlights, with dubbed commentary, for the Church Women's Group!  Great to see the sights again ane to see the Invermere osprey mum regarding me with deep suspicion, calling loudly to try to put me off, then 'buzzing' me.  Not sure how I kept my nerve when this huge bird swooped at me, displaying beak and talons.  Her nest was in a public park and people passed quite close under it.  I can only assume she didn't like the camera.  Unfortunately I have no idea if I could upload any of it.

  • Up to date with my list of jobs – until it gets cool enough to do some watering. 

    Margo – sorry you are finding the weather too hot, and not feeling too good – so soon after your holiday, too, what a pity.

    Alan – more lovely photos – my favourite is the Cormorant.

    Annette – have a wonderful time with the family!  And more photos of Delightful Delilah, please!

    Joan – excellent photo of the cup-and-ring markings.  So glad you managed the walk around the lake without pain – and what a lovely Swan!

    Trish – I also saw the report about investigating how to limit Buzzard numbers – a wild British bird to be limited to “save” fancy birds …to be shot!  Disgraceful.  Congratulations on the bargains!

    Lynette – thanks also for your photos from Wales.

    Patricia – that sounds a lovely way to help the ironing pile go down!

    Just remembered something I need to do!  I must tidy up my list of questions for Roy Dennis!