Daily Update (LG Nest) Sunday 27th May, 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Daily Update (LG Nest) Sunday 27th May, 2012

  • Fortunately Odin cuts down on the  fish deliveries just before they are suppose to  fledge. If he left it to EJ she would feed them until they were  too fat to fly :)

  • LOL Barbara. Yes I remember them getting hungry, forcing them to actually learn to fly.

    Truly stuffed, all in a heap after feed 3.

  • I am sure you recall the  year Mallachie was so  fat we were certain she would not be able to  get airborne :) We were praying for a strong  gust of wind to help her out

  • Yes I do Barbara. Bless her. She did like her food :o)

  • I'd like to have known Mallachie :-)

    I thought that #1 was going to climb out of the cup here, but no, just needed a poop:

  • A quick comfort flight followed by yet more feeding!!!

  • Good grief, #1 just refused food!!!

  • #3 isn't interested... yet!

  • #3 is intrested now, and just took fish that EJ was trying to force feed #2, lol :o))

  • EJ flies out and back and prepares for another feed.  Chicks not madly impressed at first:

  • They really are full, and just don't want any more. aww

  • #3 quickly collapsed :-)

    I'm off again now, shan't be posting the rest of the (attempted) feed :-)

  • Good idea  scylla. No one needs to be  concern that all of them aren't being stuffed. They are all  turning away including #3 unable to swallow another  bite

  • I am going to bed Good night

  • 07.45 Flight and force feeding.