Dyfi Ospreys 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Dyfi Ospreys 2012

  • Poor Ospreys, they will be glad to leave for Africa.

  •       Home alone and then Nora flies down to the nest.


  •  Looks like the bad weather is already coming in, Nora trying to shelter Ceulan.

  •  10pm and, here's looking at you kid!! lol

    Good night

  • Monty's on the tree/post with a huge fish! You can just about see him, they have zoomed in.

  • Good gosh, it's a whale!!! lol

  • He is having an awful struggle with it! lol

  • It has gone too dark there now. Good night

  • Good mornng all and bad weather again for our wonderful family.  Thanks to Sandra for all your wonderful captures.  What a stunning osprey Ceulan is, just a joy to watch.  Hope Monty will be able to fish today.

  • Only managed a quick look Nora arrived but not carrying anything VERY windy

  • Weather is so bad today - nest is blowing all over the place....................

    what is Nora standing on???

  •    Hi all.

    Some pics of Nora.

  •   Nora and Ceulan.

  • Dyfi just searched all around the area, not sure what they are looking for

  • Has Monty gone missing?