LG Osprey GABFEST - June, 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

LG Osprey GABFEST - June, 2012

  • Just read on DU at 1:15 p,m. that both chicks are still alive!  However, Sugars sad, bad news report was at 3 something, so obviously I need to setttle down, get on with my chores and await proper news as it comes in .

  • June the oldest chick is up and feeding and looks good.

    Brilliant news and hope to see you later B&B  x

  • here is the camera link


  • Thanks, B&B for the proper link.  It has been added to favorites.  So I see two adults on the nest, one eating, one sitting, in the sunshine surrounded by a very green background.

  • June, you get your chores done as I need to do some also :)

    Hope to see you later.

    I am drained after this rollercoaster ride today,

    EJ is food calling so I wonder if Odin will bring another fish.

    I feel I can say now as did not like to with the 2 chicks at Dyfi so ill and obviously hungry.

    Did you notice chick #2 when we mentioned them earlier. It looked like it had a ball in its crop it was that full lol

  • OOOooooHhhh!!!

    what a day!!!

    lets hope we have a calm easy evening,

    i see EJ is trying to move that stick, with-out much success i think she should throw it over board, lol.

  • Yes sugar I tried to call you :)

    What a rollercoaster ride and hope a quiet night and season :)

  • EJ does not like that branch where it is!! She really was struggling with it and had actually up-ended it.  However she has given up for the moment and I do believe  the branch is in almost the same position as when she started.

    Fraid I didn't notice the "ball in the crop", B&B, but they certainly are being fed all they can eat.

  • Yes B&B

    i heard the phone but i won't say where/what i was doing,  lol   lol

  • Hi Sugar, wasn't ignoring you , but again you "sneaked in" while I was typing.  Seems we were both watching  EJ & The Stick and typing & posting simutaneously.

  • Hi folks, on mobile,

    Controversial as it may turn out to be, I am in agreement with Dyfi intervening to assist the remaining chick. Had the wee bird simply fallen from the nest I'm sure it would have been put back so no difference in my book.

    Well done Dyfi, a tough decision and the proper action taken.

  • I have to agree with you on that one BJ

    As you say, a tough decision but the right one i feel !!

    That's OK June we often cross posts so don't worry.

  • A lovely pic of the chick posted on Dyfi thread.

    Just so pleased they intervened.

  • Lowry I have been waiting for you for a while for your picture.

    This was a great moment when she stood up and showed us her eggs.

  • OK,  again I have missed out. I just get messed up when I try to track down haappenings myself on various threads, so will someone have pity on me and please tell me what Dyfi did to intervene.?