DAILY UPDATE (LG Nest) Saturday 2nd June, 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

DAILY UPDATE (LG Nest) Saturday 2nd June, 2012

  • The rain has smeared the poop over the camera, and with the sun coming up looks even worse now :o(

  • scylla

    #1 says "Good morning" then goes back to bed.

    Oh isn't that sweet they way it yawns then tucks its head under mum's wing for a cuddle

  • Feed 3 from fish 1 has started, but it's really hard to see.

  • Oh no! I never thought I would be wishing for rain

  • One of the big chicks, can't tell which one and #3 are being fed. No...wait... other big chick is up. EJ constantly cheeping and feeding, but having some more herself now. I'm not going to do the vid, as you can make out hardly anything. Feed over, I can hear EJ cleaning her beak.

  • I have to do a few things. BBL

  • Back. I've looked through the recording of the last hour. EJ fed the chicks another twice and on the third attempt, they weren't hungry. As EJ ate, chick #3 started on (I think) #2. EJ finished off the fish.

  • Well captured, MOFFER!  It looks as though #3 finished it too :o

    (Would you believe, my boiler malfunctioned 15 minutes before the engineer was due to give annual service!  Yes, on a Saturday :o  Fixed.  How lucky was that?!  I hope it hasn't used up all my 2012 luck ration ;-D )

  • Thanks for all the smeary pics and vids!!!!   What a mess.   Congratulations on being able to get anything at all with the camera in that state.

    SCYLLA:   Well done on good timing for the boiler!   I'm sure you are due some more good luck this year, too.  :-))

  • Morning Lindy :o) Your feeling all patriotic today then ;-) What a stoke of luck Scylla. I'm sure more good fortune will come your way.


  • EJ has just flown. I'm waiting for a fight to break out, but NO FIGHTING! EJ is back.

  • Just remembered, the other day I snapped this of the stillcam:


    I wonder if the wiper mode might clean the lens?  But not if it's dry, obviously.  Might there be windscreen washer stuff built in?

  • scylla

    Who said that the cuckoo changes its tune in June?

    Over slept this mornng and  cant' stop :(  but hello ALL

    I did SCYLLA

    ''In April come he will

    In May sing all day

    In June change his tune

    In July prepare to fly

    In August go he must'''


    A dittly we learned in nature class at school in regard to the Cuckoo

    I hope you all have a good day. Thanks for great summary PATILY

  • Oh thats what it is..........poop on the lens :-)