Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys


  • Keith - being serious - yes! I am interested. I also observed at Rothiemurchus Fish Farm on more cold mornings than I care to remember and am a great believer in the sharing of data. Could you post again on the Q&A thread where Tiger asked me to re-post the question?

  • CRinger of course I will - I went down every night with a diary particularly to observe this. I have  a nest directly over the fish pools and a nest a few miles from this one where the ospreys come to  feed at the same fishery but do not overlook the fishery and also went with a diary many nights.

    What a comparrison in the two.

    I will look at Q & A tomorrow and brief my findings to you.

    Again I must say these are only my personal observations from watching evening after evening.

    In your observations did a nest overlook the Rothiemurchus Fishery which may a big point.

    Manton Bay is also a good observation.

  • In the meantime posts of 1101 and 1109 still stand but adjourned for the time being.

  • Tiger

    Can anyone find the video of Nora practicing feeding?

    I have finally found the feeding practice video. It is in this blog.


  • Oh that's great Tiger. I was looking and couldn't find it.

  • Can't open the page at the mo, maybe the site is undergoing maintenance.

  • Hysterically funny thread! Clever too!  Thanks Tiger for mentioning/linking to this on the Chat thread!  

    I've only ever known EJ with Odin and not bothered by her allegedly checkered past!   :-)

  • Tiger


    Can anyone find the video of Nora practicing feeding?

    I have finally found the feeding practice video. It is in this blog.


    Thanks for finding the video Tiger, it does bring tears to the eyes watching Nora do that, it was a very special moment in time and for us all to be able to live it over again is pure magic!  

  • In EJ's defense, she had a mate who for various reasons didnt get back on time, her hormones would be raging LOL....    she probably wished it was Henry that she was mating with, but as the woman says "needs must"....     (but what do I know)!   only joining in the banter...

  • ChrisS.

    That scene had me in tears it was so sweet she went to the edge of the nest and you could see her going through the motions of feeding.

    ChrisS I was exactly the same watching the video again just now, it was such a precious moment in time and I feel quite priveledged to be able to watch it.

  • CRINGER - As promised I have posted my fishing trip observation for you on Q & A.

    I find the observation very interesting but again it is only a personal observation throughout the season.

  • 22 March

    24 March


    and also this one this one i think i took this the day she arrive in march

    moffer. That second capture of yours is pure EJ.   Surely no doubt it is EJ.


    See above



  • She's looking for her man!

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