Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 10 June 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 10 June 2012

  • Hello - I seem to be one of the Missing ones today - had an early morning visit from sis in law today then spent rest of morning trying to get something done in the garden which since all that rain seems to be growing into a veritable jungle. A'noon went to visit Friend as she has some health concerns. Been ironing this evening. In between, popped in to see how all is going on at LG.

    The sun actually made an appearance here today but there is still a sneaky cold wind. OH has been renovating the wooden garden furniture - which we have hardly used since buying it two years ago.

    Will pop in again tomorrow but we are off again for a few days after that.

    Am enjoying all your lovely pictures, OG.

  • OG: Here's the bed that makes itself.

  • Evening all: Lovely day here once the clouds burned off.  No jury duty tomorrow either, though could be on Thursday; still calling in every evening.

    Lindybird: Love those smiles!  I've cut back on the hanging baskets this year due to their constant need for watering; am trying succulents, which just need a splash now and then. Gorgeous poppy!

    OG: Lovely sunset in that shot - and good catches of our birds at LG and especially the Dragonfly. Just saw your latest pics of the Red Damselfly and then the Dragonflies-  that second one seems to be looking straight at the camera! Hope you felt better today (yesterday to you).  Just saw today's post - I have three bags of mulch to spread around the roses; maybe tomorrow I'll get started on them.  Yes, I think Mary and NiteOwl are off again - and Lindybird is disappearing too! I don't plan to go anywhere in the next week!

    Heather: Thanks for the update on Margo.  How are things with your daughter? Hope you get some time for yourself in between family upheavals and neighbor's predicament. Sounds like you're doing a lot for S even though you've set some limits. How often does your OH go fishing?  I wouldn't worry too much about the slowdown in posts - it's nest time and summertime (well, that's the rumor!) and it happens. Things will pick up again come Fall. Love Smoked Salmon!!!

    NiteOwl: Have a good vacation and take care of yourself.

    MaryGK: Off again? Hope the weather is good. Thanks for the link to the Rutland Water post....as you see Alan posted a message about it too....

    Alan: The Manton Bay poster, Anni, is just over 100 miles from me as the crow flies. Lancaster, which is out in the Mojave Desert, is home to a huge Air Force base and gets Very, Very Hot. Funny to think someone just up the road, so to speak, is an osprey watcher too!  Congrats on your three Missions Accomplished!  Oh yes, almost forget - I see they're lifting the hosepipe ban. :-)

    OK guys, I'm signing off. Have a good Wednesday all!

  • OK OK - I was AWL yesterday. I'm sure I made all the difference - not!!!!

    Linda - Thanks for the Monday Smiles. I like the 3rd one! I'm jealous of your poppy.

    NiteOwl - When I saw my surgeon 6 weeks after, he made some comment that I would notice a difference in another 6 weeks. Indeed, he's probably right, I have been feeling like doing more . . . and it's only 10 weeks gone. You need a large dose of patience.

    OG - More nostalgia as I view your great pics.

    Heather - You are wise to distance yourself from most of your neighbour's needs. Your family must come first - I hope you daughter is coping. The Health System should take care of your neighbour.

    Alan wrote:- "No sign of summer again today. It is cloudy with a cool breeze. Temp is 12 or 13c."
    To translate to here - No sign of winter again today. It is cloudy with a cool breeze. Temp is 16 C.
    Yesterday I tried get some sun in our sitooterie (back verandah enclosed on 3 sides). Feeble sun with Linda's sneaky cold wind. I lasted 10 mins. When a cloud came over, I retired to my sitinerie (bay window).

  • Hey there: Here's a photo of Delightful Delilah sitting with her great-grandpa (my OH) lap reading her favorite book.


    And just in case you missed how cute she is, here's another one!  :-))


  • Not been around as much as I'd like.  Work overtaking my life again and so tired as a result.

    OG your pictures are wonderful.  I'm sure you'd be good contestant for the Countryfile competition.  We were ok with the floods on Sunday.  It was Boroughbridge and York again as usual.  I don't envy those in the flood prone areas.  The torrential rain must have been quite localised though as we only had a shower.

    ALAN great swan pics.  Seem to remember you don't like Countryfile though.

    Looked in on the Dyfi chick last night. Great to see it looking so much stronger.  As for the LG monsters - wow.

    ANNETTE what a delight Delilah looks!

  • Sorry ,everyone, for my depressing sounding posts last night. The problems of daughter#2 just overtook me yesterday and I was seeing everything very negatively. I hope you understood and didn't think that I was chasing folk to post on here.

    Today is another day. The Inverness branch of the family are trying to get a house to rent for dau2 and her children. Don't think it is going to be easy. (See, negativity showing it's head again)

    Have a good day, all

  • HeatherB we all need to off load sometimes and get things off our chests.

    Just had a soggy walk with Mia.  Went round the fields so she could have a really good run but she's absolutely soaked now from the long grass.  Now time to hose down and get ready for work.

  • Good afternoon all just looked in to catch up after grass cutting while it is still fair. Yesterday was a sun for an hour then rain for 15min and as I had just changed my bed managed to get clothes out for the hour and during that time the clothes were nearly dry so brought them in and put them on the clothes horse but they still had that fresh outdoor smell.

    OG I loved your pictures of LG as they are a reminder of what I saw which seems a lifetime away and not just over two weeks ago. I hope this blog keeps going because at times I feel it is my connection to the outside world and without it I feel I would get very depressed.

    Hope everyone keeps well

  • Afternoon all,

    Annette : Thanks for the pics of great gd. As you intimated the hosepipe ban for our region has been lifted so we can expect the dry weather to start any day now.

    George G : Glad you managed to get the grass cut. In fact you reminded me that I need to cut ours before the rain returns on friday.

    Heather : Lots of people are busy on other threads. I expect they will all return here when the ospreys have left for Africa.

    Thanks to everyone else for the chat etc.

    Had another nice couple of hours at Manton Bay this morning although I was quite lucky to miss some heavy rain that I passed through just as I came off the A1 near Stamford. It was pouring down and I thought to myself 'Is this really a good idea'. Luckily when I got to the Lyndon Centre they had only had a few spots and it remained dry all the time I was there. A very quiet morning for the ospreys but there were other birds around:

    Great Crested Grebe nesting:

    Coot nesting:


  • Hello Again:     Drizzle here, and rain inbetween that.  Good job I got some stuff out on the line yesterday.

    Outstanding pictures once again from Alan - just wonderful, Alan.

    Gasped when I caught sight of Annettes pictures as I have come on just now, to put on some of our little star, doing the same thing with Grandpa! - Delightful Delilah indeed, Annette - she is just lovely.

    Heather:   Don't worry about coming on here for a moan - we all do it!!  What are friends for?  Sorry you're having rather a plate full at the moment, as my Dad used to say.

    AQ:   How hard it is to be told to be patient - its usually when you feel anything but.  But I'm sure that every week you are making progress, and things can only get better.  Sorry you had to be in the 'sitinerie' instead of outside in the warming sunshine.

    george:   Nice to hear from you once again and don't despair, there are a lot of us I'm sure who will never give up writing on here. I can't be got rid of that easily!!  ;-))

    Here are my photos of Tomasz listening intently to Grandpa and opening the windows in his favourite book at the moment

    His hair has at last grown a little:  he looked rather like and Old Man when he was tiny.

    And the next day, he nearly went to sleep in Grandpa's arms, but a few minutes later, was up and about again, opening all my cupboards.....

  • Realised I have not commented on DIANES amazing bed - It certainly looks nothing like my bed after I get up in the morning! And it would take a lot more than a couple of strings to pull the sheets straight!!

  • Linda: Thanks for the pics of Tomasz. He is getting really big.

    Diane : I also forgot to comment on the bed. What a great idea. Reminded me of our motto at work "Work Smarter Not Harder"

    More pics from today:

    2 Egyptian Geese , 1 swan and a coot:



  • Pair of Gadwall. You can see how high the water level is in this picture:


  • Hi folks.  Have been busy today (dog training am, various commissions pm) and have just caught up.

    Thanks to all who have posted photos.  You are all very talented photographers! 

    OG Thank you for the LG view through the trees. I have taken a number of pictures through the trees over the years and always find them peaceful.  You are very talented at taking pictures of insects etc. 

    Alan Your bird pictures are beautiful, as usual.

    Delightful Delilah and Tomasz are growing more gorgeous and cuddly every time we see their pictures (and great-grandpa and grandpa respectively aren't bad either!)

    I'm going off shortly to help set up a wine and cheese reception before a film showing in a tiny private cinema a few miles away.  The event is a fund-raiser for the animal sanctuary where we got Tweed and Indy.  No healthy animal is ever put down and the ill but curables are treated, so running costs are high.  My sister and I are members of the local support group.  We were unable to get tickets for the event as it sold out very quickly, which is good news.