DAILY UPDATE (LG Nest) Monday 11th June, 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

DAILY UPDATE (LG Nest) Monday 11th June, 2012

  • Thanks folks for all the updates, pics and vids.

  • EJ takes a break. Kids readjust, preen briefly, then go back down.

  • EJ returns and carefully surveys the chicks from the near side of the nest.

  • I think she momentarily steps on one of the chicks, who complains, as she makes her way around to the cam side of the nest.

  • VIDEO: In the silence of the night, one of the chicks is up for a toilet break.

  • One chick is  talking to itself in its sleep under (?) EJ

  • Not sure if this is a chick sound or what. It was repeated and a chick raised its head about a minute later...

    [VIDEO: strange sound - Chick Dreams? short clip]

    Here is the chick making a yawn a minute later:

  • patily

    One chick is  talking to itself in its sleep under (?) EJ

    That's what I thought too, patily - so glad someone else heard it!

  • Same chick raised its head again and opened its beak briefly before sinking back down, and having a flap. I think it was #3.

    1.10 am nope - it was not - it just got up for a poop and was larger.

  • It's begun raining. EJ has readjusted herself. Despite the rain, the chicks are up and looking about before tucking back under, though it is hard to see as they are on the other side of EJ.

    You can just see one chick's head on the right side of EJ.

  • Brief rain is over.

  • Strange - it's almost like the chick is wheezing under EJ.

  • Woke up and saw we needed a new thread

  • Thanks for the start offf BIRDSONG and the still pic

    You certainly did us proud with videos CC , thank you.

    Thanks to to BADGIE   CC   PATILY for the still captures

    Another excellent summary thank you PATILY

    What an awful day - looks like what we had yesterday, and not much improved today.

    So glad someone has sun BADGIE

    Oh yes, the chick noise, it's just a dreaming noise, no problem there  :)