DAILY UPDATE (LG Nest) Friday 15th June, 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

DAILY UPDATE (LG Nest) Friday 15th June, 2012

  • hi, i'm wondering what i'm doing wrong as first time I try to post, I just get whirly, then when I send again , it posts twice , but cannot delete 2nd post :(

  • Cirrus


    I am just going to try that now.. I can see what you mean.. CIRRUS but it just will not send when I press the reply on the right..only when I press the one on the left under the text box..

    You have to click on RICH FORMATTING  as - Pam said   and then a ''different'' box willl open up for you to type it - it will look exactly the same  but it allow you to click on the blue word QUOTE which places another's post in the box you have opened. Did you get that far TINTIN?

    So, first  click on REPLY on the RIGHT

    Then, click on RICH FORMATTING

    Then click on the blue word QUOTE at the TOP LEFT of this box

    Add your own post below the quote you have just added by your click on QUOTE

    Then click on POST at  bottom LEFT


    have a go


    Thank you Cirrus... I have mastered it now.. I am very grateful to yourself and Pam..

  • Great to see the nest so quiet at this time of the evening - let's all hope for a good day's fishing tomorrow and peace to reign on the nest.

    Thanks for the welcome all.

    Nitey nite folks and I'll check in again in the morning.

  • Time for me to say goodnight, let's hope tomorrow is another good day for the chicks, especially youngest one

  • Heron77

    It's all nice and peaceful at the nest now.  I wonder when they'll salvage the life jackets and oars which fell off EJ's two deliveries today ;-)

      LOL Heron; I was thinking something similar, along the lines of a price tag still stuck to the tail......and a till receipt from Tesco but your idea is almost believable lol

  • Nite nite SHORTY:)

  • Welcome Shorty :-)  You'll have a great time posting here.  Goodnight and have a peaceful roost :-)

  • Well, it's time for me to go, up very early tomorrow and busy day ahead but what lovely memories of today we can sleep to, as the 3 chicks slumber on full tummies. Nite nite all:)

  • What a brilliant end to the day....and the reverse of what so many of us feared. Hope there is going to be a SUMMARY

    NITE ALL SWEET DREAMS.....and welcome to all newbies

  • Hello & Good night all... Shorty.. welcome to the crazy world of Ospreyitis. lol.

  • Goodnight to Mims, Patily, and Black Jag.  Hope you all have peaceful roosts, my fellow Ospreyholics :-)

  • MLS from new england, started a new DU here

  • Starting a new thread DAILY UPDATE (LG Nest) Saturday 16th June, 2012


  • Just testing this to see what happens.

  • Nothing lol