Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics) 17 June 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics) 17 June 2012

  • Annette and OG - I will reply to your emails and indeed am keen to do so. I'm slowly returning to the land of the living lol.

  • HEATHER - don't worry about replying.  I'm just glad to know you are coming out of the initial shock and coping well with the situation - you have done an admirable job with the practical preliminaries!  Take care - and we're here to listen when you are ready to talk.

  • Hi Sandra.

    As I was being courteous to you, I do hope that other members do not get our names mixed up with our posts.

  • I misjudged the weather today. I boasted to OH that the cloud was clearing with blue sky to the west, so I put the washing through. After lunch I took myself around the block as per my walking program (please note, it is a very small block). Returned to catch up with yesterday's Daily Thread, only to hear pittter patter. Botheration, a soggy damp pile and I'm too tired/lazy to hang it in the garage.

    OG - Thank you for more great pics.

    Alan - So tennis is now a contact sport?

  • Evening all:  

    Very tired tonight and have a headache - busy day etc., etc.  Will catch up with everyone tomorrow.

  • Sandra (the one with the photo!)  I shall be sure to look for your photo and your "If nothing goes right, go left" sign off thingy.  Seems like not much went right today (your yesterday), eh?  Do hope you're feeling better after all the upset at LG.

    Sandra (not with a photo): Welcome! But maybe sign off any posts with "not the one with the photo!" since some non-regulars may not notice the difference!  Lord knows I have a hard enough time keeping track of my own posts.  :-))


  • Good morning all and we had a dry Sunday for a change and spent most of the day in the garden doing an awful lot of weeding, filled so many bags up with it and I don't think our garden has ever been so untidy as it is this year.  Rain and wind has ruined all our roses and we have even had to cut some of them back in the hopes they will survive and grown again.  A bti warmer today although I think showers are forecast for this afternoon.  We had rain overnight again which is a shame as OH was going to start mowing our lawns after dinner tonight.

    Watched a bit of the tennis yesterday and what terribly bad behaviour from Nalbandian, I totally agree with his disqualification.  Even John McEnroe did not resort to that.  It did not seem as though Nalbandian agreed with the decision and used the opportuning to aplogise but at the same time  to have a rant about the ATP. 

    diane thanks for the info regarding the Summer Solstice.  Longest day coming up and we have not really had the benefit of light evenings due to all the awful weather we have been having.  Even had to resort to put the heating on some evenings.  Supposed to be warmer this week but all change again at the end of the week with more unsettled weather.  Lovey photograph of the Snowy Egret, such a handsome bird.

    Annette more busy times for you.  Amazed to read about all the furniture being left after the students graduate, as you say the cost of clearing will probably far outweight any money raised in the selling of it.

    AQ so pleased that you are able to get out and about a bit more now and resume your photography trips.  Hope you are not trying to do too much.  Thanks for Friday Smiles we need those after the horrendous day at LG yesterday.

    Brenda hope you enjoyed the Father's Day meal with the children.

    OG  hope the affects of the dry cleaned curtains have left you now.  Shame that J did not give his Dad a Father's Day card but hope you all ejoyed the meal.  I had to smile at your mention of the hungry hoards in your garden.  I have so many starlings at the moment.  Very amusing to watch but very messy and greedy with it.  Enjoyed your photographs as I always do.

    Alan how despicable some people are stealing the car park money.  Pleased you managed a small walk before it turned wet again.  Bit of a worry really the months are passing by so quickly and no real sign of any settled summer weather at the moment.

    Hope you all have a good day and take care.

  • Good afternoon everyone  today managed to have our morning walk with the sun shinning which made a pleasant change from the last three days when we have had to suffer rain and a very cold east wind which meant that I had to resort to wearing gloves as my hand seam to get cold very easily after I had the operation on my hands for Carpul Tunnel.

    Re fathers day it was President Nixon who inaugurated fathers day in I think 1972  so that is how all the countries have it on the same day whereas Mothering Sunday goes a lot further back.

    Heather glad to hear that you have managed to get your daughter sorted out with some place to stay where there is also good schools. OG once again your pictures of the Garden Scotland are superb and I love the picture of the owl. Alan if that had happen in football he would have been penalized with a ban for the next three games.

    Hope everyone keeps well as summer might be coming.

  • Afternoon all,

    AQ : I see you have similar problems with washing line management as I have been having here.

    Margo : Glad you managed to have a dry sunday and get all that gardening work done. We were promised a dry sunday but it did not turn out that way. Still dont know why Nalbandian acted that way at the tennis. It was a totally over the top reaction. Looking forward to him getting booed at Wimbledon next week.

    George : Glad you managed a walk in the sunshine this morning. I have just taken Hamish out for his walk. It is dry but not sunny. Personally I think Nalbandian should be banned from Wimbledon instead of just getting a fine. There may be assault charges brought against him.

    Thanks to everyone else for the chat etc.

    The lifting of the hose pipe ban has done nothing to alleviate the continual rain. We had lots of rain last night starting around 10pm and was still raining this morning. It is drier now with some sunny spells just starting to break through. Temp has risen to 16c.

    I have not been commenting on the daily update as feelings have been running high and things have been posted that are over the top. I am glad to see that the moderators have stepped in.

    It is sad that the youngest chick died but this happens all the time. Indeed the same is happening at the Tweed Valley nest right now only there the youngest has survived so far. I was looking at the stats for the LOTL nest for 2005,2006 and 2007 and the hatched young for those years was 4,3 and 3 whereas only 2,1 and 2 fledged. This is the downside of the webcams. It does not always turn out as we wish.


  • Afternoon george g so pleased you had a walk in the sunshine for a change.  Summer a real let down this year.  It has been rather chilly all over and cant' help thinking that maybe our summer was back in April. 

    Alan hopefully things will calm down on the DU, it is sad to lose any osprey chick but as you say it happens, now we must look forward to the fledging and successful migration for the 2 chicks.   As of now they have both had a good feed and are still eating, just in time as I think I can hear rain.

  • Sad about the LG chick. Only way I can look at it. is that the remaining 2 chicks will probably grow up very healthy indeed.

    MARGO. i agree Nalbandian should not have taken the opportunity to badmouth the ATP. Seems to have taken the disqualification in a most u ngentlemanly way - a bit like his final outbust of the game.

    Going to try to post this pic of a sand horse I have found

  • Not great but the best I could do.

    OG  love all your pics. Wish we had gone now, but probably would have turned round after the fatal accident on the A9.

    HEATHER Hope you are coping ok after your bad news.

    Having trouble with laptop at the moment. We are getting no sound on Youtube, but sound on everything else. OH spent hours talking to the techie team on the phone yesterday, but still no luck, expecting another call today but not so far

  • Back to summer weather – but only for a few days, I see!  OH went out for a Carers’ lunch at local garden centre so I have been pottering about doing “this and that”.  He did a bit of shopping while there.

    First, I want to congratulate the posters of this thread who managed to keep their heads on the Sunday daily thread when all around were losing theirs!  I admire your courage and integrity.

    AQ – sorry about your soggy damp pile – I hope you soon get it dry in the garage.

    Annette  - I hope ypu woke up without the headache!  A sensible post to the two Sandras – I hope they can both take heed and avoid any unpleasantness on this thread.

    Margo – pleased you could spend a Sunday in the garden, but sorry mowing may not be able to happen tonight.  I seem to have stopped smelling the curtains now, and am back to normal milder hay fever reactions. 

    George – pleased to read that your walk was drier and warmer than over the weekend.  Nice warm southerly breeze here today.

    Dibnlib – lovely picture.  Have been missing you on here – was it your Niece’s wedding this weekend?  I hope lap-top trouble is soon sorted.

    Now off outside to wash some more plant pots – doing a few at a time and leaving them to drain dry.

  • OG   no the wedding is Monday 25th, so we go down on the Sunday when OH finishes work at 3pm and return either Mon eve or Tues morn as OH is working in the aft and I have computer course to go to.

    Nice afterno0n here today after a few days of yet more unseasonable.

  • Hi folks, not been on for a while but lovely to read all your news.  Yes, Summer will be upon us on Thursday so there is still hope although weather forecast for the weekend is back to showers etc ............ oh well we can but dream.

    Absolutely stunning pics from Gardening Scotland, OG.

    Thanks too from Annette, hope it won't last too long this coming out of uni lark and that you can get back to normal soon.

    AQ and Diane, lovely to hear from you, as from Alan. Dibnib, and the two Sandra's.  Sandra2 do please come on when you feel like it we have a lot of banter on this thread and talk about most things going on - fairly lightheartedly most of the time.

    Problems with dau at work have resulted in her getting in her resignation last Monday before the Disciplinary Hearing but it still went ahead.   After the emotional upheaval of it all she has calmed down and realises it is time to move on.   Doesn't leave till mid July so will get some Agency work for the summer. Hopes to look into working for a Christian organisation working with children but only time will tell.

    Been a lovely day here, cloudy and sunny.  Been out in the garden trying to clear some of the brambles that have grown up and also the ground elder which gets everywhere. Managed to tame them both for the time being.

    Love the sand horse sculpture, Dibnib.

    Took OH out with Dau, Son and DinL to a steak bar in town and had a very pleasant meal.  There are hardly any restaurants that are solely steak bars nowadays so it was a really nice change.  Had a rump steak , trimmings and veg and to finish a lovely orange pannacotta with an orange cookie crumbled on top..................yummy.      Reminds me a little of when we were courting all those years ago and use to go to the Berni Inns for a meal in Nottingham.

    Take care especially those who have health problems or other kinds of problems, may they be resolved before too long.