DAILY UPDATE (LG nest) Sunday 17 June 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

DAILY UPDATE (LG nest) Sunday 17 June 2012

  • How many of us are torn between dread and hope for the new day to come?

    The peace and quiet of the LG nest is punctuated solely by unalarming chick noises.  Long may that last.

  • To welcome MOFFER home, here is a "moff" (which may not be a moth for all I know):

  • Thanks for starting the new thread, Scylla.  Great moth vid :-)

    EJ and the youngsters look to be resting at the moment.  Who knows what the coming day will bring.  Hopefully plenty of fish, and big ones at that :-)

  • Hi Heron :-)  I heartily agree with your hopes for tomorrow.

    A chick is up for a laser, back under EJ again.

  • And I think I just heard another chick follow suit.  The sound of a laser is quite distinctive ;-)

  • Hi scylla & Paul.

    I will be back  later to help for a while with the  night  shift.

    I can't watch for long.

    It isn't the  fact that #3 may die that is unbearable for me  it is the  violence  toward him that makes me feel physically sick.

  • For the record.  Thankfully no camera lenses were harmed in the firing of the latest lasers.

  • NOC, I've just read your response to Richard's (reprehensible) blog.  Excellent, IMHO!

  • The  wide camera shows all  the white poo on the  camera post. We should be grateful they have poor aim .  

  • Heading off to roost now.  Happy watching everyone :-)


  • EJ was sleeping with her beak on her back. A chick is laying in front of her. It started breathing "very hard"  and woke EJ . It is so dark I am not sure if is #3

    Now EJ got up to settle everyone . I still can't see where #3 is laying

  • EJ has her wing over the chick that is breathing so hard. I can see her wing rising and falling

    The breathing is also more rapid than the  chick laying  in front of her 

  • EJ just had a very brief flyaround and landed... strangely :-/

  • #1 is having a fidget out front and just put its wing around EJ, for a second.  Getting independent!

  • That looked like she missed the nest .

    On your video now  it looks like #3 is in front . But it is so dark I can't be sure