DAILY UPDATE (LG Nest) Wednesday 20th June, 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

DAILY UPDATE (LG Nest) Wednesday 20th June, 2012

  • Another day in the LG Osprey saga.  Here's hoping for plenty of decent sized fish, and happy well fed Ospreys.

  • Hi HERON:))  You caught me out there lol. I was just debating to do a new thread or not, as so quiet.....duh

  • Things nice and peaceful on the nest.  One of the youngsters has just woken up from a snooze, while EJ and the other chick continue to rest.

    Here's a weather forecast for the next few days, and here's an hourly forecast.  Sadly neither make brilliant reading :-(

  • Hi Mims :-)  I'm surprised there hasn't been any duplicate Daily Updates this season.  Of course there's still plenty of time LOL

  • One of chicks has just fired a laser. It looks ultra violet in the light of the cam:)

  • I'm sure that's why the term "fired a laser" came to be.  At least the camera lens was shown mercy ;-)

  • I'm just thankful it doesn't land on my car....thought the pigeons were bad enough but that last shot would have covered half the windscreen.....:))

  • Thank you for starting us off, HERON, glad to see you here :-)

    I just popped in to the Gabfest and see that Keith has posted a beautiful picture of EJ, courtesy of the new 60" screen at the Centre.  He's not there for me to ask permission so I'm taking a chance and posting it here in his absence:


    On a more sombre note, I have been checking back thru the fish delivery videos, haven't found what I'm looking for yet (want to check #2's behaviour at feeding time) but one on 7 June showed that there was not that great a difference in size between #3 and its elders and although #3 was initially submissive it joined the queue quite normally.

    Alan Petrie was quite right in my case when he pointed out that doing the videos means you (I) can't properly watch what's going on.  Moffer is so alert and observant she manages very well, but I don't.

  • This chick looks even bigger to me in the dark.....laser time

  • The windscreen wipers would probably need counselling after being overworked ;-)

  • Thanks SCYLLA for sending that lovely pic over; EJ's feathers are so beautiful in the sun.

    I have the same problem with missing stuff when recording. (But you're much better than me - I miss loads):))

  • Heron77

    The windscreen wipers would probably need counselling after being overworked ;-)

      They'd probably rot and drop off lol

  • Hi Scylla :-)  That's a stunning pic of EJ.  Many thanks for posting it.  Many thanks to Keith for taking the shot.  Of course many thanks to EJ for just being bloomin phenomenal :-)

  • scylla
    Keith has posted a beautiful picture of EJ

    Wow - that is one stunning bird, scylla. Thanks for posting that photo, and thanks to Keith.

  • Oh yes, and Keith said that that's where EJ is for a lot of the time she's off the nest.  How often we're in a fool's paradise thinking she's gone fishing ;-)