DAILY UPDATE (LG Nest) Wednesday 20th June, 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

DAILY UPDATE (LG Nest) Wednesday 20th June, 2012

  • Compare chests.JPG

    I remember a post about noticing markings on the chests of the chicks to see if it helps in identifying them. Well, I'm afraid I can't tell by this shot, but maybe one of you experts can:-)

  • patriciat

     Keith hanks for the pictures and information about the spending of Black Jag's money.  That screen will be such a wonderful asset in the Centre - and your picture of EJ is stunning.  She is a very beautiful osprey. 

    PATRICIAT - thanks for this, your post reminded me as I had meant to thank Keith earlier.

    KEITH: Thank you so much for the beautiful 'photo. It is such an achievement and all thanks to Black Jag. And thanks to you for this and the interesting and detailed update you have given us.

  • Both GEMS in good voice while EJ appears to be quietly preening.

  • Fantastic volume from Curry, and Wizzy.  Well there was a few minutes ago until my wi-fi cut out.  Back on and they're quiet now.

  • #2 seems to be very inquisitive about what is going on below the nest.

  • 11.07 EJ joins the chicks and their hopes soar.....but its time for chores, not dinner

  • I didn't hear EJ leaving but she has just landed back on nest. GEMS make even more noise

  • A lot of food soliciting from both chicks. #2 is on the left.

    Note that #1 has a more golden chest and paler eyes. #2's eyes are orange and it's chest is much paler.

  • More chest comparisons.JPG

    Here's another one for chest comparisons.....oh dear, I'm getting obsessed now lol

  • This screen is not good for my eyes. One eye seeemed to start stinging last night and has just started again now. I will go and do some shopping and give eyes a rest.

  • Thanks for the chest update MOFFER and for pointing out which is which :-))

  •  Good to hear the feed was amicable #2 seems very inquisitive but keeps a wary eye on #1 Both in good voice!

  • SYL BRENDA :) When you come back, let me know if you want details of an anti glare thingy you can install. It may help your eyes. Hope it eases off soon.

  • Hi PATILY:-) A better day so far, so good...

  • Good morning all andf thanks to moffer for the summary, captures and videos.  Also to scylla and mims for videos.  scylla such a beautiful pic of EJ, and many thanks to keith  for capturing it.  Thanks to black jaguar  for his efforts enabling wonderful shots like this to be taken.  Glad to see they have both been fed this morning and overnight they seem to have become very mobile around the nest.  Grumbling and a bit of wing exercising going on at the moment.  Thanks to Heron  last but not least for your humerous comments.