Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 24 June 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 24 June 2012


    Everyone have a wonderful week!!!

  • Emma Peel: I hope you had a good birthday!


    OG posted a beautiful card for you on the old thread HERE.

  • Diane: Thanks for starting us off - you beat me to it. What a cute little fella wishing Emma Happy Birthday!

    Emma:  Guess what - Happy Birthday!!  

  • Hallo all: Got all but one thing done on my To Do list today. Hurray! Picked two large bucketfuls of oranges and sent them around the neighbors, but those are only the ones I could reach from the ground.

    AQ: Is everyone in OZ celebrating Black Caviar's win? (Thanks Brenda for letting us know.)

    patriciat: Interesting about the vertigo. We have a program here called RadioLab - today they were talking about a woman who had had all kinds of truly weird symptoms - moving/shaking floors, feeling as if she was wading through snow, etc., all of which ended up being symptoms of an inner ear inflammation!  I've been looking at photos of the Queen and Prince P at Ascot - she was immaculately turned out every day. I've no ida at all how they do it - I wonder if they dream of going out in tatty old sweats and jackets.

    Lindybird: Did I miss something? (Buzz in "new" surroundings.") Or is that where you were staying? Those pop-up fountains are great; they have some outside the Music Center in Los Angeles. I remember running through them with my grandkids years ago. Amethyst sounds like so much fun. I'd love to have a trailer (caravan); I'd be on the road all the time.

    Have a good Sunday everyone.

  •  Happy Birthday Emma. Here are Lilies from my garden to you :-)

  • Happy Birthday Emma, have a good day.

  • Morning all,

    Linda : Like the static caravan. Looks really swish with verandah and all.

    Emma : Happy birthday to you .

    Annette : Soundslike you have a really good crop of oranges this year.

    Diane : Did not know that some fuel lines were made of Soya beans. I suppose it is logical that beans and gas go together. LOL

    Thanks to everyone else for the chat , pics etc.

    Raining again this morning but fairly light and patchy. Is there no end to it? Not sure what we will be doing today, depends on the weather. Hope everyone has a good day.

  • Hello & goodbye for now:  we are off out but I'll be on here this aft.

    Happy Birthday, EMMA.   Hope you have a lovely day.

  • Alan: LOLOL!

    Sandra: Those lilies are fabulous!

    Annette: The little fella on Emma's card is a Prairie Dog. That's a lot of oranges on your tree! I heard that RadioLab program. That was a wild story about that poor woman's ear symptoms!


  • Good morning everyone and thank you OG, Diane, Annette, Sandra, Alan, Margobird, Lindy for the Birthday cards, flowers and good wishes.  I was truly surprised to look in and see your kind wishes and feel very lucky to ‘know’ you. 

    I have been having a difficult time lately with sciatica.  Started at the end of last year then improved after many visits to chiropractor then a relapse a month or so ago but feeling much better yesterday and today. It runs down my left leg and makes walking painful and with a limp. Two weeks ago I saw a spinal therapist recommended by in-laws and he identified a vertebra out of alignment and realigned it. This was a gentle procedure which didn’t hurt at the time but my muscles had settled to the ‘incorrect’ alignment and the correction sent them into spasm.  Not fun but as soon as he said this was an issue of muscle tightness, I knew what to do.  Have known a remedial masseuse for years and only stopped seeing her about a different problem a couple of years ago.  She has improved things greatly for me. So the question is, why didn’t the chiropractor spot this? I have looked at many stories about sciatica and people seeing GPs, chiropractors, physios, acupuncturists, etc, etc.  It seems a very difficult condition to put right. Fingers crossed that my symptoms will go now but I keep having to remind myself not to overdo the bending or lifting.

    As for the birthday – I received lots of cards from friends and family and a wonderful gift from Steed – a pair of binoculars. Hooray! They are perfect and I can’t wait to use them.

    Family update – parents and in-laws all doing well.  Steed is still working in Aberdeen.  We both started new jobs on 8th August last year and still have the same jobs and are both ‘enjoying’ them as much as one can. Older daughter finished first year at Uni (Biomedical Sciences) with a B1 grade which is good as she didn’t really enjoy her course. It was heavily biased towards plant biology so she has switched to anatomical sciences as she prefers human biology. During summer hols she is working in local hotel.  Younger daughter finished her Highers a couple of weeks ago and is working in same local hotel in the evenings and at weekends. Both girls have long-term boyfriends so six of us plus my parents and brother will go for high tea this afternoon by way of celebration and be home in time for the England football match.

    Hope everyone has a good Sunday and thank you once again.  Emma x

  • Good morning all and thanks for last week's chat and photographs.  Have been reading but once again did not get around to replying.  OH is at work this morning so thought I must post after my daily round to the osprey nests.  What dreadful weather yet again but still no problems with having to toilet watch despite the torrential rain over the past week.  Had a couple of fairly decent days but then it all changed yet again.  Can't think we are ever going to get any summer this year.  We will be going to Wimbledon a week tomorrow so hopefully the weather will perk up a bit.  Luckily we have tickets for the Centre Court so at least we will see some tennis as it has a roof.  Great we got the tickets but unfortunately we are right up the top of the stand so will have to take binoculars for me otherwise I will see very little.  Watched the big race at Ascot yesterday and was pleased to see Black Caviar win although the jockey admitted he had made a mistake as she was nearly overtaken in the last few strides.  Felt so sorry for him as he was almost in tears.  Watched quite a bit of Ascot this week and was delighted when the Queen had a winner, she looked so happy and just loves her horseracing.

    OG  was sorry to see you and J had been unwell, hope you are both fully recovered now.

    dibnlib see you have been under the weather as well, hope that you are beginning to feel a lot better now.

    Alan must have been very worrying for you when Lady P fainted.  Hope the hospital will be able to find out exactly what is wrong.  Shye does seem to have been suffering for quite a while now.

    Heather it must be a very upsetting time for you at the moment, have been thinking of you.  So distressing for your daughter and what a shame about the cat.  It will be so tough for your daughter, such an upheaval for her but at least she will be closer to you.  On a lighter note well done on getting a replacement lid for your bin.  Your OH must have felt so pleased.

    Annette hope your foot is improving, do take care of it.

    AQ thanks for the Friday smiles.

    Lindybird what great news that you now have a holiday home, just hope the weather improves and you can spend some quality time away with Buzz. He looked quite at home sitting there.

    patriciat sorry the vertigo has returned albeit it not quite so badly, do look after yourself.

    Lynette was so sorry to read about your daughter's problems.  Hopefully she will find another position and will be much happier as it seems there has been such a lot of unhappiness for her in that job.

    Sandra and diane georgous cards for Emma

    Emma poor you sciatica, so very painful, hope you will get some relief from it soon  Good to hear that work wise things are going well and also that your daughters have done so well.

    A big hello to all I have not mentioned, really must try harder to keep up with things.  Have a good day all and my thoughts are with those who are suffering from the flooding at the moment.  A month's rain in a day is hard to take in.  Take care all.

  • Good Morning ALL, Just beginning to dry up here. Waiting to hear if the bowls match will go ahead this afternoon. My turn for the half time tea. The green dries very quickly as the base is built on vocanic ash.

    Emma, Sorry I didn't come on here earlier, Happy BIrthday. Do enjoy your day.

    Also sorry to hear that you have been suffering with sciatica. Well done to your daughters. 

    Linda, I certainly like the look of your static caravan. A real home from home. We know of an elderly couple, who have now sold their house, as they say they spend more of their time in the static caravan, they now live in it for the 10 months that they are allowed ( something to do with land ownership where caravan is sited) and then go abroad for the two winter months.

    Patricia, Not a happy time for you to have your vertigo return. I hope you are on the mend now.

    Margo, Yes, the back seats at Wimbledon are very high and away from the action, but I am sure you will still enjoy. I was there one year when it didn't stop raining for the whole day. That was in the days when the centre court roof was only a dream, but like me, you have been there so many times, you will go well prepared for anything.  Glad to hear that the rain hasn't caused you any problems. How is your sister and her grandson ?

  • Managed a quick visit to Barnwell this morning between the showers. The river was very high as you can see in this picture:

    The swans that had 7 cygnets only have 6 now. Here is a pic of one today:

  • Morning all: Quick look in before I zoom off to the garden.

    Sandra: Gorgeous lilies!

    Alan: Beans and gas lines! Very good! I wonder if the squirrels suffer the same results. :-))   We had two orange crops off our one tree and can't keep up with them. I spent an hour squeezing a bucket of them yesterday (have an electric gizmo) and have more OJ than we can drink. Funny thing is, the tree is a Valencia and we used to have a Navel next to it, which died last year, but I swear a few of these oranges looked like navels and were seedless.  Can that happen? Hmmm.

    Lindybird: That was your new caravan with the photo of Buzz?  (Thanks Alan for clarifying.)  Very swish indeed!

    Diane: Prairie Dogs are amazingly human in their mannerisms, but actually much cuter in many cases unless we're talking toddlers.  Re RadioLab, I thought the first story - about the woman who'd taken the Compazine then went for a job interview and got those totally wild symtoms - was scary.

    Emma: Sciatica is no way to celebrate your birthday. My friend's OH has had a terrible bout of it; he's been doing exercises for a couple of months now, but I bet he hasn't thought of a massage. I'll mention it to him.  New binocs - how exciting!  Enjoy tea with the family and take care.

    Margo: Good to see you. The nests have been having a hard time of it, haven't they?  Enjoy Wimbledon; I shall be watching on telly. Too bad they don't have those huge screens for folks in the "gods" as my mother called those seats. Don't worry about keeping up; there'll be lots of time when the birds have flown.

    Brenda: A lot of older people here sell their homes and buy these massive bus-sized RVs that they spend their entire retirement in, traveling from place to place around the country (of course it's a huge country, so lots of options). En route to Arizona I see lots of RV campgrounds near the Colorado River at the California/Arizona border. They're deserted in summer but jammed in winter with folks from the northern states. I'm not sure how that would work out when one or both owners are no longer able to drive those huge rigs, although I know some campgrounds offer permanent living space.

    Sincerely hope that all this rain blows away and that all you dear people get a lovely July and fall.

  • Hi all

    There was mention of another blog from John towards the end of last week's page.  Help, can anyone tell me why my LG blog page still has Richard's survival of the fittest as the lastest blog.  Neither of John's show up.  I could only see the last one by following a link from the DU page and I'll have to go there now to see if I can find a link to the latest one.