Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 24 June 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 24 June 2012

  • Here are some pics of Caernarfon Castle, which we walked around a couple of times but have not been inside yet:  will have to leave Buzz in the car in the nearby multi-storey car park another time, so that he can be comfortable and cool whilst we explore.

    It is very satisfying as it looks like you feel a real castle should, even from afar:

    The nearby streets were still full of bunting from the Jubilee Celebrations, also the Olympic Torch had passed by here:

    The Castle dominates the Town, when you get near it:

        ~   ~  and the towers, tower over you!!

  • Better late than never!  Well, the weekend weather was much better than forecast, and today has been a warm, dry and sunny gardening (and hanging out washing) day.  So, apart from the mowing which OH hopes to do tomorrow, we have caught up to where we were by weeding, tidying and hoeing – even cut back a few spring-flowering shrubs and started on a neglected narrow border at the back.  I now need to check back to the end of last Saturday to make some replies – with apologies to all who I leave out!

    Linda – Buzz looks very contented in his “home from home”, and the static ’van and its surroundings look very pleasant.  Caernarfon looks an interesting town.  You mention all the new driveways – far too much hard landscaping is contributing to floods in some places – that and natural watercourses being blocked and old field drains ploughed up for “development”.  Thanks for the Smiles notices – I expect some folk are taken in by that first one about the chish and fips.  Perhaps you should also publish a photo of the Marmite Face!  Great Caernarfon photos – as you say, a “real” castle!

    Sandra – I do hope your weather improved over the weekend!  Your Lilies for Emma are very striking, and look so healthy too, especially after such wild weather.

    Annette – I am quite envious of those Oranges, but wouldn’t want to have to pick them – although I guess it can be fun with your new gadget!  How is your foot progressing?

    Alan – really liked the Beans and Gas joke!  Oh, that river does look high at Barnwell!

    Emma – sorry the Sciatica has flared up so badly.  It was good to see you posting here, and I shall reply soon to your PM.  Thanks for the report of your lovely birthday tea with the family – glad you had a good weekend.  Enjoy your new binoculars!

    Margo – good to “see” you here again.  J and I both recovered last week, although he seems to have another nasty cough today – that’s what happens when you work with children and young people – and not always the same ones, so no chance to build up immunity!

    Trish – no explanation from me about why you can’t get onto the Blogs direct – I still can’t get to the next page with comments on the Blogs – been like that a couple of months now!

    AQ – how sad that neighbours are plastering over that local BR stone, I think it is beautiful with such subtle colour variations!  Should be a bye-law against hiding it!

    Diane – ringing and tagging already?  But they are only babies!  Season gone too quickly again!

    Alicat – sorry about the washing machine – is it very old?  I hope the washing and wringing won’t aggravate your dodgy shoulder.  Sympathy for the bruised toe – easily done.

    Well, that's it from me for today - good night, all.


  • Evening all: Weather has turned quite warm here; no morning cloud and daytime temps in the mid-70s (24C). It'll be like this for a few days before heading down a few degrees.

    Emma:  I must say those shoes sounded very exotic - are they actually wearable? Maybe they'll help the sciatica! :-)

    Lindybird: I guess the time to start worrying is when you find moss creeping up the bathroom walls.  Those signs are great - I wonder how many people fell for the free fish'n'chip dinner. I was at Caernarfon Castle when I was about 11; I remember being impressed by the battlements. Don't you wonder what delivery men come across in the course of a day?  Marmite accents at your house; randomly applied spinach or raspberry accessories at mine.

    AQ: I Googled Basket Range stone and saw pics of houses, but not close enough to really appreciate the look. So a local stone is disappearing under stucco? Wait another 50 years and it'll be back in fashion again. Young people will buy the houses and be delighted by the original stonework underneath and will pay thousands to have the stucco blasted off!

    Alicat: Aack! Hope you've ordered a  new washing machine by now - and iced that toe.  :-(

    OG: Amazing how much time it takes just to keep up with normal garden maintenance. It's like painting the Golden Gate Bridge: You start at one end and by the time you've reached the other, it's time to start all over again. The orange juice from our Valencias is absolutely the best I've ever tasted; the gadget is okay but tends to catch smaller branches and leaves along with the oranges. I'll keep it for the uppermost fruit.

    Over the next few days we'll be moving my OH back into his old office (which now has French Doors) and must start by taking all his books down and dusting them (hundreds of books!) and the shelves.  Choke, splutter, cough. In the meantime, good to see everyone and hear your news. Take care.

  • Check out video of bear cub in garage:



  •  Morning all. Hope everyone is feeling a little better today :-)

    Here are the three baby Goshawks in S Wales. Not sure what they eat, but that looks like a lot of fur on the nest.

  • Annette: What a GREAT analogy. My yard maintenance is exactly like painting the Golden Gate Bridge. I just get finished and I have to start all over again! I love that bear cub! What a predicament, but he was a smart little fella! Please send some of that orange juice! I have very simple tastes, but orange juice is the one thing that I'm very picky about. Much of it tastes too bitter to me.

    Lindy: Loved that photo of the very happy Buzz. He'll have such a grand time at your new home from home! I'm so very happy for all of you. Absolutely fabulous photos of the castle and the village. Looks to be a serene place! The castle towers look spooky to me. I'll bet if you stayed overnight in there, you would hear some wild sounds! :-) I loved your Monday Smiles, especially the last one about the untrustworthy cat. LOL Don't feel bad about the marmite face. I think those delivery folks have seen it all. I always have to remember to smile and check my teeth before I go out in public, lest I have some large green veg lodged in there!

    AQ: Okay, that's just criminal that folks are plastering over that b e a u t i f u l local BR stone. Are they out of their bloomin' minds? Dang, I'd like to have a truckload of that!!!

    Margo: I'm sending dry weather to you! I hope you enjoy your trip to Wimbledon. It must be very exciting!

    Heather: Just wanted to say hi to you, and I hope that things are steadily improving for your daughter.

    Patricia: I hope your vertigo is diminishing!

    Brenda: re: your story about the couple who sold their house to live in a static caravan full time. When I was married, my mother-in-law used to say that when they retired, she was going to buy a caravan (RV) and park it next to my husband's and my house. The prospect used to strike terror in my heart!!!!!!

    Emma: I'm glad you had a nice birthday celebration. So very sorry about the continuing sciatica! So painful.

    Alicat: Sorry you've been in the wars. Hope today is a better day!

    Alan: Sorry that the flower baskets are suffering. Hope you get a dry spell to get them going! Your photos were beautiful, as usual, but that looks like some high water for that river!

  • I might not let myself post here again until Thursday. We have extreme heat coming in from the west. By Thursday, our temperatures are going to be around 37.7 C or 100 F or higher. The high heat is predicted to stay around for the next 10 days with no rain in sight. I'm going to work like crazy on Tuesday and Wednesday to get all of my outdoor work finished (mowing, weeding, some house maintenance) before the heat moves in.

    We have a very large lake and recreational area near Rockville, called Raccoon Lake. The drought is now so bad that the state has closed all of the beaches, prohibited swimming, and closed many of the boat ramps due to the very low water level. Many of our Fourth of July celebrations will be cancelled because of the fire risk of using fireworks. 

    Little Raccoon Creek that flows through my land is now completely dry! Poor wildlife!

    Everyone have a good Tuesday!

  • Hello to Diane in Indiana - I did just that - sold my dismal house in an unfriendly neighborhood and bought a mobile home situated in disused chalk quarry (fully residential) and I love it - that's where my kestrel nest is, directly opposite my double doors - what a view, although listening to you makes me want to re-site (but only occasionally, don't think I could cope with those temperatures!) I have fourth of July celebrations here too, one of our babies is five and the other three on that day but no fireworks unfortunately as the other residents may complain!!

  • Alec Baldwin raises $34,000 for new osprey poles


  • Hi, WendyBartter! Glad to see you here!!!

    Are you in the U.S. -- east or west? Your homesite sounds just perfect! How very lucky you are to be so close to a kestrel nest. Such wondrous birds! I love their faces. Feel free to post photos here, if you have a camera and can take pics of them without disturbing them. It sounds like you've worked to create a wonderful life for you and your family.

    So you have 4 children? Congratulations to the birthday boy or girl! Welcome to you, and stop in to tell us about your life and wildlife!

    (My mother-in-law didn't like me and let me know it; that's why I was horror-struck that she might take up residence -- in any form! LOLOL!)

  • Hi Diane - I am in England, in East Kent and unfortunately do not have good enough camera to capture my Kestrels but am working on it!!  Not my children as I am now a wrinkly - grandkids - Rhianna will be five and Byron (my pride & joy) is three on 4th July - he is so cute and overnights with me here every Fri/Sat.  Rhianna is 100 miles away so we see her much less often. Byron knows about kestrels now and looks for them every week and he is also looking on PC at ospreys and puffins - gotta catch 'em early!!!

  • Wendy: You'll feel right at home here. We have several dedicated grandparents and great-grandparents on this thread. Wonderful that you can be close to Byron!

    Good on you for introducing him to wildlife early!!! That is so very important. My grandfather (a forest ranger) instilled a love for wildlife and the land in me very early on.

    No worries on the camera. I don't have a digital camera right now; mine suffered an accidental death during my move here, and I haven't replaced it.

    Nice to see you! 

  • that really made me chuckle - accidental death of a camera!!  I have a digi one but only has 5xzoom which is not enough - OH is buying me a new one for the birthday I just had but making time to get to camera shop is a bit problematical - where did you move from??

  • Morning all have ordered a new washing machine last night so hopefuly it will be here soon sais on the site that its currently on a five day delivery and it was in stock they deliver,install and also take the other one away all in for £320

  • Good afternoon all and after a bright and sunny day yesterday, today very cloudy with a bit of drizzle now and then.  Tennis now competing with ospreys and Billie.  Just watching Linda Robson who is playing quite well but she has a tough competitor and even though I would like her to win, not sure if she will but at least she has taken the first set.

    Billie had us confused last night.  We knew she was indoors but could not find her until we heard some plaintive miaows coming from our spare bedroom.  Sonehow or other she had managed to clamber on the top of two very high wardrobes in our spare bedroom and was very nervous about getting down again.  She is not good on heights at all.  She sometimes manages to get on to the top of our garage but obviously forgets how she gets up there and OH has to get steps out to get her down again.  Will have to keep the door shut as I would not be able to get her down again but hopefully she has learned her lesson.

    Brenda thanks for asking after my sister and her grandson.  Both fine although my sister is having a knee op next Monday, all her years off pouding hospital wards have taken their toll.  Rhys is a delightful little boy, so happy and so good and my sister really enjoys her time with him.  Of course she won't be able to have him for a few weeks so she will miss her day with him.

    Alan nice pics from Barmwell and that river is very full.  All this rain has really made a mess of our garden this year.  Never gets enough time to dry out properly as we only get at the most a couple of good days at a time.  Pleased you managed to get your washing out and dried that is something that is not happening much this year.  Temperatures low and we are only 16 degrees today yet again.

    trish I did have same problem on the main blog but the "Gone Fishing" has now appeared so I don't know what is going wrong.  I agree about the football being a shambles.  Neither we or Italy played very well at all.  OH likes to watch but I am bored still I have to admit.

    Emma so pleased you enjoyed your birthday and some nice pressies to boot.

    Lindybird thanks for the Monday Smiles and I think you could add your Marmite incident to the list  So embarassing for you.  Thanks for the lovely pics from your time away.  What a lovely castle.

    ALICAT sorry about your stubbed toe, that sounds painful and then the washing machine breaking down for you.  Pleased to see you have a new one order and it will not be too long before you will be able to catch up with the washing.  We don't realise how much we miss these things until they break down on us.

    OG so pleased you had good weather at the weekend enabling you to catch up with things in the garden  Wish we could say the same about our garden, have never seen it looking like it does at the moment.  OH keeps wanting to do things at the weekend but as of late it is usually the weekend when we have the worst weather.  Hope you don't get J's cough but it is true what you say about working with children, always lots of germs around.

    Annette I am so envious that you can pick oranges from your garden.  It is years since I have had a really nice orange and the juice you squeeze from them will be delicious.  Thank for the link to the bear in the garage, I actually saw it on our news this morning.

    Sandra thanks for the pics of the goshawks, they look as though they have been well fed from all the feathers in that nest.

    diane that is extreme heat you are expecting.  Hope you manage to get all the jobs done before it arrives.  Drought situation at Racoon Lake sounds dire.  What on earth is going wroing with the weather in the world.  Some are getting too much rain where it is not usual and then we have severe drought problems elsewhere.  Keep cool and well watered.

    Wendy  nice to see you on the WC, must say it sounds delightful where you are living.

    Well that is is for now, quite pleased that I have not left it so long this time, back to watch tennis now.  Take care.