Daily Update, LG Nest, Sunday, 15th July 2012.

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Daily Update, LG Nest, Sunday, 15th July 2012.

  •  If only they could talk, wouldn't they have a lot to tell.

  • Well, I feel as worn out as the girls are.......

    so I shall depart and say goodnight to you all. Do have pleasant dreams and a great night's sleep (or roost as Heron would say ;-p)

    Cheers until the morn.......Byeeeeee :-)

  • Comforting to see them on the nest together

    Good Night all Sweet dreams....and to Caledonia and Alba too

  • I'm off as well. Good night all. See you tomorrow. :o)

  • Hi everyone :-)  Many thanks for all the posts, pics, vids etc.  Ospreytastic as usual :-)  What can I say about Alba's first stint away from the nest.  Wow! That girl could fly for Scotland.  Nice to see her and Caledonia on the nest together.

    Many thanks to Moffer for an excellent summary :-)


  • Good nightBadger, and Hi Heron77 from Clare and I.

  • Good night Moffer sleep well and thanks from Clare and I.

  • Good night Patily I will catch up with later.Have a good night from Clare and I.

  • Goodnight Badger.  Have a peaceful roost :-)

    Hi Clare and Limpy :-)

  • Goodnight Patily.  Have a peaceful roost :-)

  • Tks for the Summary Moffer.  

    Hello Paul - are you on the night shift then LOL...

    So great to see both girls on the nest cuddling together..... what an eventful time it has been.

    PS: well as you would say Paul - I am off to roost.....  LOL

  • Hi back from our day out and a grateful thanks to Limpy for yesterdays summary.

    Moffer - thanks for a great summary , I see the girls have been practising their flying skills but came back to the nest to roost.

    It sounds like rain now and also still sounds a bit windy.  Both girls hunkered down.

  • So glad to see the sisters snuggled up together

    What a roller coaster weekend!  On tenderhooks on Friday, thinking they would fledge; Saturday they did and delight and excitement turned to anxiety when Alba did not return - Cally spending her first night alone; Sunday morning frustration and relief - trying to work out what was happening with broken webcam and still cam.  Now it is all GOOD - no rain last night or during the day so our sisters have been flying off and on to the nest with aplomb!

    Now they've made their audience happy by returning to their nest together.  Goodnight one and all.

  • Hi Lynette.

  • Time to hit the sack.Good night to you all. Happy night viewing. from Clare and I.