Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 15 July 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 15 July 2012

  • Evening all: Things have gone pear-shaped here. Granddaughter and her OH have separated -she just filed for divorce and things have got ugly pretty fast with regard to g-gdaughter. Don't want to go into it much right now; it's been a rough few days with more to come I suspect.  

    Anyway, that's it from me for tonight.

    Take care all,

  • Annette: Have sent you an email. Grrr. Sending you good energy.

    I promise to everyone else that I will start posting again regularly!

  • I just checked my birthday list for the blog. I had made a note that George G's birthday is in July, but I don't have the exact date. I fear that I've missed it, but I wanted George to have a card, anyway. So I'm posting this one. 

    Everyone be aware that I don't know the correct July date for George's birthday! Sorry, George!

    George G: I hope you had or will have a good birthday, whenever it is! :-)))

    Black Bear in the Wild
    U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Photo, Labeled Public Domain
    (Copyright Free)

  • Debating what to do today and think we will first go to SNH where there is a nature photographic exhibition. Next stop House of Beauly and snack lunch at Corner on the equare. Maybe a swim this aft. Everything else we had planned to do over the next 10 days is outdoors and today the weather is miserable so think we will try and stay dry.

    OG   Believe there are flood alerts in your area, so hope you keep dry too.

  • ANNETTE   Sorry to hear the news of your family. I do hope things are sorted without getting too nasty, though from what you have said it doesn't sound very promising.

  • Morning all,

    Saw this picture on Facebook and thought it was quite appropriate on another miserable summers day:

  • LOL  Alan!!!   - just in case we forget what it normally looks like!

    Annette:   So very sorry to hear about your g'daughters problems - its sad when this happens, and takes a long while to sort out afterwards. Sending nice thoughts to you.

    Diane:   How nice of you to remember George's birthday! - or at least, whenever it is!  Love the card!  Don't apologise for not finding the time/effort to come on here in your dreadful weather conditions.  I think I would have other things to do, too, in the circumstances.

    Happy Birthday George!!

    Emma:   Good to hear from you.  Hope your pc problems are sorted now.

    OG:  Yes, I'm off to have the same front tooth mended - yet again!  Friend says I must stop telling her when it happens, in future!   It is a small filling, but leaves a jagged edge when it comes out, and being at the front, gives me a crooked smile.  Cheering myself up that afterwards today, I shall be off to inspect how much little Lottie has grown already!  Apparently she is growing daily! (sounds like an Osprey chick to me).  Must dash as having vistors tomorrow and lots to do:  the place still looks untidy even though I spent all yesterday cleaning things  <sigh>

    Have a Good Day, All and hope the sun shines on you, except for Diane!

  • Morning everybody - seeing Alan's post re sunshine.............Speaking to my Emily this morning, she told me that Byron was alarmed by his shadow then quickly recovered saying 'Its ok, its only Byron!'  And he is really mastering his words - he said (of the Jet Ski cafe where they go for a walk and to get ice cream) 'Its really, really, very, very, too far away Mummy!'  Showing his impatience also!!!

  • Good morning – wet start. Now some sunshine.  Bird count was average, but great entertainment from a juvenile Woodpigeon who seemed to be brought here by its father who did nothing for it – and soon flew away and left it.  It tried to land on hanging feeder where parent was – and failed.  Next landed on top of a Collared Dove – who was not impressed!  It then spent a while on the garden seats, showing us its fluffy chest and back under the wings.  It flew to the ground pecking up little morsels dropped by others, because it seemed afraid of the dishes.  Finally it ate from a dish, had a drink, ate some more and stayed around about half an hour trying to fit in a bit more breakfast – I think it takes after it’s very large father!

    Been baking, J is preparing paperwork for Job Centre visit this afternoon.  OH is cleaning dining room.

    Emma – good to see you posting again.  Sounds a good Harley Davidson event – and a great project too!  Good thing you didn’t have too far to ride home in the hailstones!

    Annette – sorry to read your family news – email winging it’s way very soon!

    Diane – thanks for the reminder!  Now, I actually have more July birthdays listed without dates, so


                                    HAPPY BIRTHDAYS TO

                     George, Heather, Chloe, Trish, Cirrus

                                     and any others in July!


    Dibnlib – I hope you are having a good indoor day out!  Hadn’t noticed flood alerts here – probably the river Nith in Dumfries.  Going to a concert there at the Art Centre this evening, but that is well above river level!

    Linda – I am looking forward to Puppy pics!  Enjoy your afternoon – and don’t worry about the house, guests are coming to see you, not your dust bunnies!

    Wendy – I love hearing about the things the wee ones say!  I assume Emily is fully recovered?

  • Hi EG - yes thank goodness Emily is OK now - was just the start of summer sniffles and not, as she feared, a blip of her underactive thyroid medication which takes more time to settle.  Poor girl, inheriting the thyroid deficiencies from my Nan/Dad & Me!!

  • Ha! Just ordered new washing machine. At last. Brenda told me ages ago to just DO IT and that is what I have done. Only slight hiccup was when our local (Aviemore) company asked me if I wanted to pay today. I told them that I would prefer to remain married to my OH, if they didn't mind and would pay when machine was installed as OH never pays for anything until it arrives. The sales lady and I enjoyed a good laugh and I will pay on the day, so to speak. That is the joy of dealing with a private company, and believe it or not, they came up with a price that was £69 cheaper than Currys.

    Annette - will email you.

  • Hey, Heather, that is good - and when you confess to OH you can tell him you saved £69 - he should be proud of you!

    This is the juvie Woodpigeon - not much marking on the feathers yet, but has the pink chest and the build of his daddy!

  • OG    Beautiful pics esp the one with the flowers - presume they are - Mesembryanthemums. I just love them but none in our garden I am afraid. Must think about them for next year.

    Enjoyed our tootling about on this dreich July (this should be an oxymoron) day. The photo exhibition was small but worth seeing and we had a good lunch at Corner on the Square. OH had a pork pie and cheese ploughmans and I had warmed Goats cheese and runny honey on toast with salad. Then we shared a sticky toffee pud with cream and ice cream. We called in at Tore Art Gallery on the way home and mentioned an artist we were particularly interested in to the lady there and it turned out to be her so we had a good long chat. We have 2 of her water colours at home and would have bought another on display at The Eastgate if someone hadn't beaten us to it.    Cup of tea and Countdown calls..... 

  • Just wanted to add my sympathies to everyone else's for your granddaughter's problems.

    Hope it gets resoved one way or another without too much nastiness for the sake of the g-gdaughter.

    So sad when this happens.

  • DIBNLIB we have walked at Feshiebridge but I certainly don't know the area better than you will.  Sadly we're 350 miles away which is something I would like to be able to do something about one day.  I'm sure we've passed the Inschriach nursery before but never stopped there.  I LOVE the pics you're posting at the moment.

    OG my birthday is September 30th.

    ALAN I amused everyone by exclaiming at the sun shining through the office window this morning.  I've never seen so many tufties in one place.

    ANNETTE so sorry to hear about your family troubles.

    PATRICIAT the KC activity register certificate arrived today!  Sadly it will have to go back as they have my initial down at B not P but at least she's registered as you said as a working sheepdog and we're ready to learn more about what's to come.

    Hello everyone else.