Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 5 August 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 5 August 2012

  • Friday Smiles

    Never let a computer know you are in a hurry.

    A computer's attention span is as long as its power cord.

    No, I will not fix your computer (t-shirt message).


  • Evening all: Decided to take a day off from everything and went off to the beach first thing this morning - was Marvellous! Haven't done that for years. I Packed some snacks, water, sunblock and a book in various compartments in my handy new beach chair and planted myself close to the waves - so relaxing!. The beach wasn't crowded although a lot of Moms and kiddies showed up as the day progressed and it was fun watching them building sandcastles and playing in the waves.  A lovely day.

    Lindybird: I've no idea why some plants "take" and others just sort of wilt; we've lost a couple of lavenders for no reason I can discern.  We eat scads of blueberries, typically with yogurt and granola or cottage cheese - yum!- they usually grow better in cooler climates, but they've developed some strains that do very well locally. We're also scarfing up peaches and nectarines produced locally while they're in season. Glad your ankle is much improved. I've heard of the Hairy Bikers - but see they've been advised to become the Hairy Cyclists to lose more weight. What a hoot. I'll check out their site later. Thanks for the Whales link too - they always seem to be migrating somewhere! Sorry you're having to put up with Donald Trump - at least it keeps him out of our faces. :-)  On TV tonight they talked about the number of women now competing in the Olympics. Forty years ago, the U.S. passed a law that prohibited gender discrimination in school sports programs; looks like it was a global effort that is now paying off although, as was noted, countries like Saudi Arabia still have a long, long way to go. I've smiled to hear the U.S. reporters covering the games going on about the "great weather" in London this week!

    AQ: Oh aren't we a funny group - I love fireworks and contribute many ooohs and aaahs!  :-)   I've only lost my sense of taste a couple of times after a cold and it's amazing what a difference it makes - I'd probably be 10 pounds lighter if I couldn't taste food (but it wouldn't be worth it). Thanks for the Friday smiles; the kid photo is cute.  I'd add never let a Fax machine know you're in a hurry either; I'd often fax documents to people right before I left the office (late) at my last job - and that's when the darn thing would jam, or the call wouldn't go through, etc. - used to drive me up the wall.

    Margo: We have at least two sticky rollers for Lightning; we're not as nice as you - she can flop all over the floor but couches and chairs and especially beds are off limits.

    dibnlib: STILL no equestrian events. I can't watch all day so not sure if I miss them; then for the evening reruns they show events that predictably include U.S. teams (did watch the beach volleyball finals between the two U.S. teams and that was a good match). I also can't stand to watch boxing, especially when women are competing; very quaint of me I'm sure.  Hope Dillon gives your wallet a break from now on.

    Trish2: Good to see you.

    Hi to everyone else

    OK. Not watching the Games tonight - instead have a Van Heflin drama from the 1950s - makes a nice change.  Have a good Friday all.


  • Good Morning:   Not as sunny here, yet, but we are hoping it will be.  Off out with my OH shortly to do some shopping, but not for food so maybe he won't drive me crazy   ;-)

    AQ:   Thanks for the Friday Smiles;    Love the young IT adviser.  It's beginning to get that way - even the very young know way more than us 'oldies'!

    Annette:  Your Day Off on the Beach sounded idyllic - glad you went to relax and have some time just to yourself.  Don't know why you are missing the horsey events on the TV - we have had a lot of coverage, but then we are getting most of our coverage on things which they hope we might get some kind of medal for. The weather has not been too bad in London and so I hope that most of the foreign visitors go away with a good impression rather than the idea that it rains all of the time.  The forecast for the Closing Ceremony on Sunday night is reasonable, with only a slight chance of a small shower, so fingers crossed.

    Finally got around to looking at my hundreds of pics from the Tatton Flower Show in July,  this week;  here are a few for those who like that sort of thing.

    We went straight into the large RHS Marquee first, before it got too busy;  it was a slightly different shape this year but still huge and full of carefully arranged exhibits:

    Have a good day, All.


  • Morning all,

    Another glorious sunny day. We had a high of 25.8c yesterday and although it was somewhat humid it was much more like summer. We had a quick trip to Oundle yesterday but it was market day and very busy, then went on to Barnwell to have a picnic but it also became very busy with lots of children around. It looks like the swans with the late brood have lost their 3 cygnets as there was no sign of them although the adults were around. The other 2 swan families are doing well with 2 and 5 cygnets respectively. No sign of any kingfishers this time or red kites but when we were driving home we did see 3 red kites together just off the A605 towards the river Nene. Still major building works going on next door so very noisy at the moment. They are coming next tuesday to build the wall to replace the fence so Hamish movements will be disrupted at least until then. It is not so bad in the good weather because he loves being in the garden when it is sunny.

    AQ : Thanks for the friday smiles.

    Annette : Sound like you had a great day at the beach.

    Linda : Great pics from Tatton Park. I love the begonias, they seem to be doing particularly well here this year.

    Patriciat : I have also been watching more olympics than I intended. I did manage to see the Irish female boxer win her gold medal yesterday. There was not a mark on her so she must be pretty good at avoiding the punches. I was amazed at the number of Irish people in the hall.

    Thanks to everyone else for the chat etc. 

  • Oh Geeez. More basketball or something like that. Now it's synchronized swimming with ladies wearing rings through their noses ....  what am I missing? Whatever it is, I'm glad...

  • This synchronized swimming looks exhausting and frenetic.  Where is Esther Williams when we need her?

  • Re boycotting supermarkets which are supplied by farmers involved in the badger cull. Here is the coop response:

    "I have been asked by our Group Chief Executive, Peter Marks to thank you for your recent correspondence and to action a response on his behalf.

    The Co-operative Group will not participate in the proposed badger cull. We do not farm any land that is currently included in the proposed trial cull area. We would not enter into a badger culling programme on our own land unless we were legally required to do so. We will consider all options available, including a vaccination scheme, should any of our farmland be affected by a proposed cull in the future.

    I hope this answers your enquiry but if I can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me directly."

  • LOL  Annette -  not many of us remember Esther Williams now, I expect!  Hav'nt watched the synchronized swimming as I hate the fixed smiles on their faces.

    We've been out, and then in the garden trying to soak up some sun after feeling deprived of it for so long.  Trouble is, I find it hard to relax when I can see some weeds poking out from amongst the bushes, and oh! how the bushes have grown.  Everything green seems to have enjoyed the rain that we had and has grown and grown.  Just watched the BMX Finals as we were told there was chance of a medal, but the poor girl just couldn't make it through the strong opposition and so was disappointed.  I tried to do some ironing as it was a little cooler, but it made me soo HOT!  (memo to Self, don't mention being hot again, ever....)

    Here are some more pics of the Flower Show, I will not do all of them as there are too many but try to put some on to give an idea of the flavour of it all.

    of course, the smell in the marquee was wonderful, all kinds of flowers and the Lilies were divine.

  • Annette in SoCal

    This synchronized swimming looks exhausting and frenetic.  Where is Esther Williams when we need her?

    Lets have a competition - who remembers Esther Williams? (I do)

  • Lindybird

    Here are some more pics of the Flower Show, I will not do all of them as there are too many but try to put some on to give an idea of the flavour of it all.

    fabulous pics, Lindybird - rellys of ours were at the show, they said that it was great.

  • Baby badgers at play in Scotland:


  • AQ   great smiles thank you.

    ALAN sad news about the cygnets.

    LINDY   love your Tatton photos.

    ANNETTE I was watching the syncro swimming when the dressage came on, there was no competition.

    Beautiful day so headed down to Loch an Eilean. It usually takes us 1hr 15mins to walk round but today it took 2 hrs. First off OH was taking photos, then we met some chatty Yorkhire folk and spent some time with them and then bumped into someone we knew. It would have been nice to go to the Mountain Cafe and as we passed we did notice a free table on the balcony but it was far too hot to leave Dillon in the car. We headed home and I made a nice prawn, apple and celery salad. We bought lovely fresh porridge bread to go with it.  First 3 pics are views of LAE.


  • Beautiful pics, dibnlib. OH can't walk the whole way round anymore :-((  he can spend the whole day in the river, casting, and row a boat on the loch. he can climb and prune trees, but the whole walk around Loch an Eilean is just too much for his arthritic hip.

  • Another 2 taken today. the first is the beautiful area where we scattered Fingals ashes were scattered

    and finally himself keeping cool

    Off now to watch Tom dive.

  • Well, it really is summer now – just wish this high pressure area would stay around even longer!  Been gardening, so a bit painful, but need to do some ironing – must remember to wear wrist support after wielding hoe earlier!  Really should wear an old one in the garden, but I always forget.  Now need to check when I was last here!

    Alan – thanks for more photos from RW - tried to decide on favourite: probably Cormorants, but like them all!  Sorry Hamish McSpaniel has a few more days of building work to tolerate!  Loved the Badger video – thanks.

    Annette – pleased you didn’t have a “bug” earlier in the week – probably “just” tired!  Good to read about your lovely “day off” at the beach!

    Dibnlib – I grow my Sweet Peas from seed, but having a break from them this year.  Pleased Dillon’s ears are clear now.  Beautiful photos (and memories) from Loch an Eilean!

    Linda – we have grown Blueberries for about seven years now – easy to grow (in very large tubs) and delicious to eat!  Pleased the ankle is doing well.  Lovely photos from Tatton!  I agree with Alan about good year for Begonias.

    AQ – sorry about the coughing – I hope it won’t get any worse, or hang on too long.  Thanks for Friday smiles – and loved the wee expert!

    Margo – people we were waiting in for turned up late – and the earlier one who hadn’t turned up came next day – delaying preparations for dinner – so we “had to” have takeaway! 

    Trish – I hope agility went well last evening.

    Patricia – pleased to see you also have the good weather!

    Heather – I think I remember Esther Williams – was she in Busby Barclay movies?  Probably remember from Black and white television!

    We have decided that, since the weather is so good, we shall make our third attempt to get up to Wanlockhead for the day tomorrow – all three of us, as J reckons he has finished his preparation for preaching Sunday evening.  We thought about dinner on the way home, but not easy to guess atime to book, so shall make our own whenever we get here!

    Have a great weekend, everyone!