Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 5 August 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 5 August 2012

  • Thank you everyone for good wishes following daughter’s exam results.  We are enjoying her success.

    On other matters, boiler repairman knew within about 4 minutes where the leak stemmed from and took about twenty minutes to fix it.  He stayed to chat for about 15 minutes beyond that.  Having been recommended years ago by a friend, he has been worth his weight in gold to us. Charged £20 but we gave him double for his trouble.  He is so reliable and knowledgeable - one of the rare conscientious sorts who recommended a boiler to us and because we acted on his recommendation, feels a sense of duty…is this a dying trait?  Of course you will have gathered that this job was done as a “homer” and he is one of the ‘cash in hand’ types whom the government would like to get its teeth into. I am just delighted to know him and have my boiler fixed for little money. Feel free to comment on the politics/ethics of it because I think everyone (politicians/lawyers/etc) would do the same…….?)

    Thoroughly enjoyed my pampering session last night.  Beauty therapist was preparing for new flooring so the place was topsy turvy and honestly not as quiet as usual but I was so grateful that she honoured the voucher from Christmas because of all the trouble I have had with sciatic pain. Made a future appointment so I am now back into the routine and ‘on the radar’ and am happy with that. Again, personal recommendation goes a long way.

    A few comments;

    AQ - your kiddie on the phone to grandma caption is priceless. I laughed spontaneously.

    Annette – your relaxing time at the beach sound like a tonic. Well done. Treat yourself more often.

    Lindy – I yearn for visits to Tatton Park and other gardening festivals as well as more time in my own garden. If the sciatica keeps diminishing and my condition continues to improve, I’ll get round to planting all the plants bought earlier this year - before winter sets in. Thanks for advising of the Hairy Bikers low fat programme. It could be revolutionary.

    Dibnlib – fabulous pics.  I have been to this area (and was at the mountain café in Aviemore last year after visiting LG – presume this is the one?) One of the many places in Scotland with wonderful beauty and charisma in all weather conditions. Lots of memories for you.

    Alan – great pics as ever. Thank you for sharing them. Poor Hamish and poor Hamish’s family. He is out of sorts which means you are out of sorts.

    OG – good luck with Wanlockhead.

    Oh, one thought if Diane  looks in.  Does this make any sense to you?  I’ll have a look tomorrow evening from my back garden but don’t know what I am looking for as a bystander…


    Sorry I haven’t mentioned everyone but I must sleep. Have a good Saturday.

  • Hi, everyone. I hope you all have a good weekend.

    Emma Peel: Hi! The Perseid meteors will look like illuminated, moving streaks in the sky. This article has very good instructions for watching the 2012 Perseids in the U.K.  

    Here's a really nice video explaining all about the meteors and describing where, when, and how to look for them.

    I hope this is what you needed to know, Emma. Good meteor hunting!

    Heather: Thanks for your comment to me.
    AQ: I hope you're feeling better. Take care of yourself!
    Lindy: Stunning flower photos! Really nice.
    dibnlib: Lovely loch photos.
    OG: Have a good day trip!

  • Evening all: Another mostly lazy day here.

    Lindybird: Right! Those fixed smiles (grimaces?) are almost disturbing - much worse than in beauty pageants.  Those flowers in the show look very well behaved, not like some gardens I know.

    dibnlib: Lovely pix!

    Heather: Did I miss your report about the housewarming last weekend? How did it go?

    OG: Esther Williams (aka "America's Mermaid"!) is still alive and kicking (well, floating maybe). She was set to compete in the 1940 Olympics, which were canceled due to WWII, but served as advisor to the IOC at the '84 Olympics in L.A. She was "discovered" by MGM and appeared in many movies in the 40s and 50s (also on telly), typically featuring lots of  synchronized swimming scenes with lots of bathing belles - in those day they all wore flowered swimming caps (remember those?  Ugh). She was married to Fernando Lamas (oh dear, does anyone remember him? Never mind....) Have a good day out Sunday.

    Alan: Good news about the badgers, but I nearly choked on the sentence "I have been asked....to action a response on [Peter Marks] behalf."  Since when has action been a verb? I'm still having conniption fits over the fact that we can now "impact" something or someone.  Apropo of the above, has anyone noticed that when a TV or radio hosts asks a guest a question, a majority of them now start their response with "So,...."  Of course, it could be a U.S. virus, but I was wondering if it has spread to the U.K. yet.

    Emma: Very nice to have someone who knows what they're doing and doesn't charge an arm and two legs. Don't get me started on taxes paid (or not paid) by politicians, multinationals, etc.  Grrr.   Funny you mentioned the Perseid meteor shower; I just read about it and must see if/where we can view it here in California.

    Diane: Well, are we surprised that you provided a link for the Perseidst! Thank you!  I don't have an Android phone so can't participate in NASA's "citizen science" project, but it's fascinating that they're asking the public to count and report the number of meteors they see - NASA's version of the Christmas Bird Count.

    Am off to lunch with friends tomorrow but there's a pile of laundry looming on the horizon. Have a good Saturday all, especially folks I haven't mentioned by name. Hope the weather stays warm and dry for everyone in the U.K.

  • Annette: I remember Fernando Lamas -- and a very handsome lad he was!!! I also remember Lorenzo Lamas, son of Fernando and stepson of Esther Williams. He starred on the night-time soap Falcon Crest, which I watched every single week. Like his dad, Lorenzo was also very easy to look at. LOLOL

    I've also noticed the use of "So,..." But my pet peeve is the current over-use of the phrase, "if you will". In the media, every time someone answers a question, he or she ends with "if you will". Drives me crazy. I yelled at the radio the other day, "Stop that!"

  • Linda - I'm convinced all those gorgeous flowers were just for me.

    And now Dibnlib is sending me restful scenes to make up for my lack of sleep. Thank you both.

    Annette - I hate it when interviewer asks a sportsman a question about the game or his fitness and the answer begins "Yeah No . . ." What do you mean? They are opposites!!! A few years ago elder g-dau was telling a story. When she finished I piped up "You just said 'like' 27 times". Oh dear, you should have seen the blank look I got. Very rude of me I know but I couldn't help myself, like, they do it all the time, like.

    Diane - I haven't heard the "if you will". I dare say it will spread here. Give it time <sigh>.

    Thanks to ALL for good wishes. I'm still coughing but ever so slightly less. Last night I raided the freezer for the last of the chicken pie. Then mentioned OH may have to go down the street to buy tea - I didn't say when. He moaned "not chicken, we've just had that". So tonight he is getting frozen packet fish. (OK I will thaw & cook it first. LOL) Maybe by tomorrow he will accept another dose of chicken. I'd threaten him with baked beans for the next week but he likes them & I don't.

  • Diane: I was trying to remember the name of the series that Lorenzo Lamas was in, but I thought it was Fernando - wrong again! I watched Falcon Crest for a while, they were all so horrible to each other it was a hoot! Wasn't Jane Wyman in that - she was perfect. I think it was filmed up in the Napa Valley.  Haven't noticed "...if you will" but I'm sure I'll be tripping over it every time I turn on the radio/tv from now on.  Did you hear the rumor that Romney will pick Paul Ryan as his running mate?

    AQ. I was listening to some spokesperson from somewhere on the radio yesterday and she used "like" in every sentence! Aaack. How do these people get jobs!    Chicken complaint sounds like our house, where I call it "boring old chicken" and try to disguise it with any number of veggies in the hopes OH won't notice.  I've been buying fresh wild salmon at Costco this last month or so and don't like (legitimate usage!) to freeze it, so we end up having three meals out of one package (in fact, we have some in the fridge now), and I think he's getting fed up with that.  I could live on eggs, nuts, fruit and whole wheat anything....  Seriously, when my grandkids were younger I had to bite my tongue to stop correcting their grammar/spelling in birthday and Christmas cards!  Haven't heard too much of the "Yeah/No" syndrome - thank heaven.   Glad you're coughing better.

    Off to bed. Take care all

  • 'Morning, All.   Sun came in through my bedroom window this morning, to remind me that it is August, and hooray!  we can get out of the house and into the garden again. 

    Laughed a lot at AQ's gripes over language:  its got so bad here now, that I count out loud all of the "Y'know's"  and "Like's"  that our interviewees come up with - its like a contagion.  I also shout at the TV a lot - think this means that I am now officially a Grumpy Old Woman - but I don't care!   Am loving the Olympic coverage:  we do camera work very well here, and there have been plenty of pundits and interviews with athletes etc., all very professional, but Oh Dear! - when the poor Rowers are dragged, still sweating and breathing heavily, from their oars, do they really want a microphone shoved in their faces so that they can be asked "how do you feel about your result?" --- aaaargh!

    Did enjoy the coverage last night once again, though - we were thrilled at the breathtaking performance of the USA girls in the Relay - they fairly flew around the track, breaking the record:  amazing.

    Emma:  Nice to hear from you again.  It is so good to find a workman who you can rely on - I don't know what we would do without our local Garage, where we know the guy from way back, and know that he is going to not only do a good job, but charge us fairly for it too.  We pay anyone in cash that cares to ask for it - just glad to get a proper job done.  Glad you enjoyed your pampering session.

    Diane:   We were told the other night about the ISS going over our area late evening, then got caught up in the Olympics coverage and forgot to look out for it.  I have seen it in the past though, thanks to Tigers reminders.   Last night we were told on our Local News to look out for the meteor shower, but then told it could be too cloudy for us.  Thanks for the interesting link.

    Must wash my hair and go food shopping.  See you later.

  • Annette: Fernando directed and Lorenzo starred in Falcon Crest. Loved Jane Wyman! AQ: Glad you're improving! Have a good day, Lindy.

    I meant to say hi to Margo. Hi, Margo!

  • Lindybird   There are some excellent passes of the ISS just now. There is a brilliant pass at 10.42 pm tonight. See  HA

    I found a nice new tracker of the ISS recently.

    There is a Twitter site to alert you to ISS passes

    BTW I think that the meteorites are early on Sunday 12th August.

  • EMMA/LINDY  If we are offered to pay cash in hand, there is no way we are going to refuse. The government minister has a cheek after the way they have behaved. Unfortunately we need 2 new tyres at over £150 each and won't get away with VAT on that bill. OH thinks it just isn't on to be charged VAT on necessary house maintenance.

    Off for a gym and swim shortly. weather is not as good as yesterday but pleasant enough.

    ALAN    must have missed something. What is up with Hamish?

  • DIBNLIB I'll store those pictures in my memory!  I can just imagine being there.  Never mind only 12 weeks until next visit!

  • Thanks for the ISS links, TIGER:   you are a treasure.

    Was in  a rush this morning, and forgot to say Thanks to ALAN for the badger clip - they always remind me of puppies at play.

    Also noticed the great photos of the Loch by dibnlib last night - dragged my OH away from the TV and said "Look at these!" - he was suitably impressed and longed to go there, too.

    Here are a couple more from the Flower Show:  I have lots but will try to limit myself!   The first of the Show Gardens: this flower bed part of one of them caught my eye:

    This one was so good I took several pics of it, to get the detail in - looks nice & relaxing! (the next pic is of the same one, other end.) They are supposed to show how you can get a lot into a small space, and the theme of this one was 'circles', as you can see.

       ~  this was one of my OH's favourites......

  • Hello all - after a dull start, sun is out and I suspect that barbeques will be the order of the day around and about us, but not here! OH is heading off up to his fishing loch in the hills above Inverness, Loch na Curra. If he gets a good trout the temptation would be to barbeque it but we have got a bit lazy lately, the barbeque is an old fashioned permanent brick one that requires charcoal and the removal of hanging baskets etc around and about it before we can cook. As we say here,  'I've seen the day, but now its night'. Or should that be 'Ive seen daylight' ?

    Annette - I can't remember if I reported on the housewarming but I suspect not , as I haven't posted much this week. Well, the party went very well, we all took food and youngest SiL took his drill as he was commissioned to put up a couple of curtain poles before he got his dinner. Middle daughter had a couple of big boxes to go up into the loft and we discovered that a. the loft stairs were rather posh wooden effort. b. the area of the loft around the said stairs was all fenced off with bannister rails and c. there was some furniture up there that would suggest that people had been living up there. I discovered a tin with ? Polish writing on which contained quite a bit of coinage (some Polish) and a passport. Very intriguing. Also we found clothing up there. The outside shed/garage had lampshades over the light bulbs and a fridge freezer. The mind boggles! We are inclined to wonder about the number of people living in the house - loft - garage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Came out of fitness club and as HEATHER  has said the weather was glorious again. How good to be able to sit in the garden. we have just come back from aft dogwalk in the woods where we all managed to stay nice and cool.

    Bet you are counting down the days TRISH.

  • Morning all: Supposed to be somewhat cooler today (hasn't been that hot actually), but since moving up here from LA I notice that our temps are often 7-10 degrees lower than theirs - and we don't have smog!  Tomorrow evening, one of my Brit friends is hosting a Closing Ceremony gathering at her house, so will tootle over there with some chocolate brownies..

    Lindybird: I always feel really sorry for the Wimbledon Finals losers, who have to try to stay composed and sportsman/womanlike in front of millions of people for that pesky courtside interview with what's-her-name. Then they go inside the pavilion and run into the U.S. TV guy and have to explain again why they lost!  Ah - you'd probably find me out in the flower gardens rather than inside - those are very pretty. Your OH's favorite is mine too - same colors as our front garden, but we don't have a pergola.

    Diane: As usual, you're a font (fount?) of information. We should be clear for the Perseids, but there's a lot of light pollution in the immediate area. I may drive up the hill to see them.

    Tiger: Oooh, that is a nice website for the ISS; thanks - I've bookmarked it.

    dibnlib: Hamish is fine, but Alan's neighbors are building a conservatory and there's construction work on the property line so Hamish doesn't have free run of the garden right now.

    Heather: We splurged on a small propane gas BBQ last summer and it's wonderful - so easy! Good that things went well last weekend. Wonder who owned that passport; intriguing, as you say. Maybe your daughter could sublet the garage!  :-)

    Back later; take care all.