Tracking Caledonia & Alba

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Tracking Caledonia & Alba

  • The final blog from LG

  • Sue, Thank you so much for that link. I've added it to my ever growing list of favourites. It's just wonderful to see this and know that Alba has reached an amazing place for Ospreys. I hope that she stays here now, and stops flying south.

  • I've just watched the video through Sue's link - I really enjoyed that, and the part where the gull was successfully getting fed by the osprey was lovely!  I never imagined the fish were so plentiful.

    Thanks, Sue!

  • Reassuring to see the video and see the abundance of fish

  • Thank you SUE for putting the link of that brilliant episode of last year's AutumnWatch.  I remember watching with a lump in my throat at the time.  Didn't Alba allow Cally to pinch a beakful or two without aggression?  But it is really surprising that the osprey in the film was not at all perturbed by the gull apparently food soliciting.  Lovely to be reminded of it again.  I wonder whether osprey will feature in this year's AutumnWatch.  I do hope so.

    Thank you BIRDSONG for alerting us to the latest blog.

  • Thanks for the link to the Autumn watch vid SUE    Beautiful reminder  Let's hope Alba gets to stay there

  • SUE I have just watched the Autumn Watch video - it was so beautiful and reassuring that, with a little luck, those who have left us this year may find a place like this. I hope Alba settles now in this place of relative safety. Thank you for posting the link - it's now in my favorites :-)

  • Good morning all and thanks for all the information, I should think Caledonia and Alba are enjoying some dry, warm weather after the vety wet and cold season at LG this year.  I saw Alba had made the news with her extremely quick migration.  Ospreys never fail to amaze me.  Looking foward to next update no to see if Caledonia has moved on and whether Alba is content where she is for now.

  • We are now at the stage where we have to hang on to every new report... no webcam to watch, and the autumn leaves are already starting to fall around here.

    What wonderful offspring our EJ produces - I think each of the girls will have some of her commonsense and make great mothers themselves.

  • Thanks Doggie for the alert!  Thrilled to see that Alba has stopped and is hopefully eating now.     Hope Cally has a safe onward journey.    

  • I am amazed at Alba, not only did she do a record migration but she has probably found the best place possible for ospreys. All she needs to do now is stay there and hold her ground when all the  rest of the adults arrive and she will be fine.

  • Here's praying Alan that she does just that.  

  • Alba appears to be at the same place as she was on the last GE update. Good for her, finding a great place like that. Cally likes her spot in Spain. Perhaps the fishing is very good there. Will she move on to Africa? Time will tell.

  • GE has not been updated yet tonight :o(

  • Fingers crossed by me too Tempo and Alan that she does that