Tracking Caledonia & Alba

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Tracking Caledonia & Alba

  • Ditto scylla!     Hoping she remains there also

  • NEW BLOG from Richard.

    Cally exploring but all is fine.

  • Great to see that all is/was well with Cally, now I can get back to worrying until the next blog - we're always out-of-date.

  • Wonderful news Caledonia is doing fine.  Lovely Caledonia keep it up girl :)

  • Caledonia latest plots 14th to 21st November:

  • So sad hardly anyone is interested. Caledonia stunning and so pleased she is doing ok.

    edit thank you alan

  • bright&breezy
    So sad hardly anyone is interested

    What on earth makes you think that B&B?

  • bright&breezy

    So sad hardly anyone is interested. Caledonia stunning and so pleased she is doing ok.

    I think everyone is interested {{{B&B}}}  I feel guilty about posting just to say "great, thank you, so-and-so", because members looking at the list of topics will see a new post and think I've posted something new and interesting, then they take the time to click into the thread and see that it's only scylla saying nothing much, and they'll hate me... :o

    I'll have myself in tears in a minute ;-D  But you get what I mean.  Probably lots of members don't post for the same sort of reason.

    Cally was a star from the beginning, our hopes rest on her to be EJ and Odin's success story after so many losses.

  • B&B: Caledonia, along with the others are all followed on the summary thread. Also, there is one thing you could try, to 'get it together with Cally', which is on GE, select her path, then use the 'Play Tour' function and you can have a virtual flight around Seville with her, which is good fun, seeing all the places she has been. That's what I was doing a couple of days ago. :o)

  • Thanks JSB, I will give it a go but gave up last time as my points are not up to date.

    Yes Scylla Caledonia a star from the beginning and really hope she stays safe and our hopes reat with her to be a LG sucess :) You could not have said that any better

  • I know I am new to these forums but I try and follow everything on them as best I can.  It is excellent that Caledonia is doing well.  I have facebook set up trying to follow Dyfi, Highland Wildlife, Lake District and blogs on LOTL and Loch Garten.  Ceulan on the Dyfi facebook page gets lots of comments.  On here there are not as many on the LG girls. I was really upset about Alba and wanted somebody to go and find her body but I still pray for Caledonia to be the first tracked bird to return to Loch Garten..  I hope this makes sense.

  • OK here’s something to keep you occupied. Apart from being in Spanish, perhaps it requires a bit of explanation.

    Alamillo Park is located at the northern end of Seville; Caledonia roosted there for a bit in late September, and still goes back there fairly often, probably to fish in the adjacent river basin.  

    On the park’s website, I found a link to this online book “Guide to the Birds of Alamillo Park”, in .pdf format. Ospreys appear on p.45, with some interesting information; if Caley stays in Seville, she won’t be the first osprey to winter in the area.    

  • Thank you, SUE C, it's encouraging to know that Cally doesn't have to move south if she doesn't want to :-)

  • Sue C: Very interesting, still nothing from Google Alerts, re sighting of Caledonia.

    Here is a Microsoft translation of sorts. I have saved the download of the PDF for future use.

    "Identification: Superior parts of dark brown color whereas the inferior ones are white pure resisting a dark band in the chest as well as the spots of the wrists. Tail like flight pens slightly barredas in clear gray with the ends gray dark. Clearly angular wings. Young people with wings and back slightly speckled. Females greater than the males. Fishing eagle Pandion haliaetus (Linnaeus, 1758) similar Species: None. Habitat: Species very related to the water is observed in coasts, rivers, salt marshes, etc. Behavior: Normally it is observed fishing, or oteando to its prey from an innkeeper or flying over the water lamina on which blossoming frequently before plunging itself to capture some fish. Normally nidifica in cliffs although it can even do it in trees and in the ground. Distribution: The birds observed in the zone belong to the nominal subspecies, of paleártica distribution. Some isolated individual uses the dock of the Guadalquivir river during the winter to even fish and like dormidero."

    Dormidero = roost.

    Now what I find amazing is how did Caledonia find this location, which they report being used by single individuals for over-wintering in the past. If it were not for tracking, we would be none the wiser. However I strongly believe that more could and should be done with this sort of information.

  • That's VERY interesting SUE and let us hope Caledonia gets no urge to move and takes a leaf out of previous osprey's books