DAILY UPDATE (Loch Garten nest) Monday 20 August 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

DAILY UPDATE (Loch Garten nest) Monday 20 August 2012

  • Thank you to everyone who has dedicated their time to this thread, I have every day saved to favourites, and will miss you all and our Osprey family, I wish them ALL a safe journey and look forward to March next year when I hope we will see Odin arrive on time and better weather conditions.

    Take care :)

  • I'll miss you too NITEOWL and hope EJ does not arrive early as she did this year :(

  • I shall miss you too, NITEOWL, it's so nice bumping into you on various threads :-*

  • This is a public private message for CIRRUS:  Just had a delivery, nice young man said "No worries" and bounded up the stairs ;-D

  • ;)  Hoorah !!!!!!!!!!!

    Had a juvenile female Sparrow Hawk on my patio wall at something to seven de-feathering a bird I could not identify. My camera flash eventually made it fly but my pictures are not very good.

  • I'm going now before i flood the house in tears!!! yesterday was bad enough.... as reality set in...

    Bye All :'''/

    scylla the mind boggles!! nice young man up stairs .... OOO...

  • Believe it or not, but it's true - I didn't see any hidden naughtiness in that - I didn't look at it from anyone's point of view but Cirrus's, she knew what I was talking about.  Oh well, nice to have a titter, thank you NiteOwl ;-)

  • Not sure if this message has been seen , it was on Operation Osprey . No sign of the girls today. Odin has put in an appearance arriving with a fish around 2.45 this afternoon, landing on one of his customary perches behind the nest area.


    no,  I hadn't see it . So grateful to you

  • Public Private message for SCYLLA - that time of the afternoon approeaches, sigh.

    Need to get ready and go to work.

    Where will we all be tomorrow?

    Wish we could have actually seen Odin , I reallly do miss him

  • Odin must also know his 3 ladies have gone or he would have brought the fish to the nest and waited a while for an appearance.

  • patily

    Odin must also know his 3 ladies have gone or he would have brought the fish to the nest and waited a while for an appearance.

    Patily - that is an extra clue, I suppose to the fact that they really have departed.  Wonder if he enjoyed his lone fish?  And now he is not being nagged by three loud women in his life, is he content??!

  • No problem

  • From the blog.

    richard thaxton 20 Aug 2012 4:10 PM ODIN IS STILL HERE! Though not seen since c.8am this morning, he breifly returned with a fish at c.2.45pm. No-one appeared, to take up his offer of a meal.

  • Thanks for the news MOFFER  I've just returned from a bicycle trip and then a visit to RSPB Fowlmere to the news from Richard!  Amazing.  But if the girls aren't around no doubt Odin will leave tomorrow.  I guess the girls have left if they haven't been seen today :o(

    It's been another lovely day down south.  Gentle breeze, high cloud and sunshine.  Nice weather to have a relaxed flight to the Continent.