LG Osprey GABFEST for November 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

LG Osprey GABFEST for November 2012

  • I'm on mobile June... Probably only around for about half an hour....  Night shift tonight and quick change round to days on Saturday...  :-(

  • Keith Rogers


    Live osprey pics from Sanibel island right now:


    Thank You Alan - I was fortunate enough to spend a week on Sanibel Island in May this year just after all the Ospreys fledged. I had never ever seen so many in one day.

    Like Cuelan their favourite perch on the Island are the Power Poles and outages are a big problem.


    My New Wall Calender being prepared by Vistaprint has a Sanibel Island Osprey as JANUARY (Not this one) but a favourite I took in Ding Darling.

    The calender is my personal collection of favourites (12) and a front cover.


    Keith a

  • I have not gone back as trying to moderate the noise I might make and Clare said hers were noisty for "Music Night" I need to get away from Eric Clapton, and not saying anymore. Even Fleetwood Mac is noisy lol

    Get your ear plugs all

  • B & B - Having treated Susan and I to some music last night:-

    My thoughts are Yes Quieten it down - LOL only kidding.

    However SUSANS view - Liven it up and she loved your music but they are her favourites not mine.

    Well the story is post what you like and love without having to tweak and no need to make it quieter - We all have different tastes.

    OSPREYS - The Power Company insulating the conductors is not a one off as you outlined at Hellgate. I spoke to Ding Darling about this on Sanibel and there and all over the state they place these dishes above the power pole very much like you saw at Dunedin in order to encourage them off the conductors (It works).

    At a place called LAKELAND on the I-4 between Tampa/Orlando every power pole approximately 400m apart has a dish on it and every one in May had a nest and a resident family. I think Lowry commented about the number of nests along the I-4.

    The effect of mercury on any wildlife can be devestating with mercuric poisining and interesting about the polluted atmosphere from coaldust. It is a very industrial area which probably is not friendly to ospreys.

  • B & B - Your 8:17 post has gone missing - did you delete it. It was very interesting about Hellgate. After I replied to it I noticed it had gone.

    MYSTERIOUS FORCES - I saw a very interesting post disappear on another thread a few days back under mysterious circumstances.

  • Keith, I have learnt a lot from Hellgate and the Mercury can cut the Ospreys life short but what will be interesting is the level in the water and how it can effect Humans also.

    Have you read the report on sending coal to China. It is fascinating. I will not be able to find but a fascinating report and lecture about the enviroment. So interesting.

    Oh all I have so many Classics but will post as I feel on the night June and all, as cannot make my mind up. Get ya ear plugs

  • June - I'm glad the cake wasn't a total disaster, what a good idea having it with cream!

    Keith - A wonderful osprey pic.  I am sure you will be pleased with your callendar :)

  • I was overseas in an oilfield which was also built on a mercuric bed.

    All the core workers at the plant were being monitored for mercuric levels in the plant and the workers body whilst I was there by a professor sent out from UK and there were some very alarming and worrying results.

    Many dentists in he sixties died very young because of the effect of working with mercury.

    Yes the effect of mercury can be fatal to humans.

  • Off now - A trip to Dunblane tomorrow but should be back in time to post some Classics.

    Off to South Wales (Milford Haven/Pembroke) at the weekend - All Go.

  • B & B - The export of coal from US to China has been a big debate this last two years. and can quote from New Scientist.

    You will notice that The state of Montana is emphasised (The home of HELLGATE).

    PLANS for mega exports of US coal are poised to become the next flashpoint in the battle over climate change. The industry wants to massively increase shipments of coal to China and other energy-hungry Asian nations. Such a move would undo the environmental benefits of weaning US power plants off the carbon-rich fuel and lock developing countries into decades of dirty power.

    So far, protests about the proposed exports have mostly been local affairs, led by those living along the railroads that will transport the coal from mines in Wyoming and Montana to planned ports on the Pacific coast.

  • Well B&B We do all have Volumn controll on our computers, so if something is too loud or we don;t like it, we can just turn it down.  I haven;t make my full selection yet, but I'm thinking mine will be soft and crooney rather than loud.  But then I do have one funny one (anyway I think it's funny)  and true classics sometimes get very loud - like real live cannons in one.

    I've been out on an errend and back since my last post.

  • June I have a lot of choices but too many it is very difficult. You can ignore but please listen as not all will be loud.

    I am not organized and will post for a change as the mood takes me.

    Oh dear I meant organised as spelt it the American way:)

    Keith, I wish I could find the report on Hellgate as so interesting. It really was fascinating.

    Now I am off to bed at a sensible time

    "Up the Wooden hill" yawn

  • Hi everyone, flying visit as having an early night.

    Looking forward to the music night tomorrow - be interesting to see/hear what each of us regard as a "classic".  No doubt, as usual it will be a good night and lots of great selections.

    Off now -  Good Night all.  


    Theme: Classic

    Date: Friday, November 16, 2012

    Time:   7:00 p.m Enter and register      

                7:30 First musical presentation.

    Thanks Mary, for this lovely poster.


  • June Spradlin
    Strange funny, I got more sympathy from you and others on a failed cake (that didn't disturb  me in the least) than I did when I was sick. 

    Well (((June))) if you ever needed evidence that I can't keep up, there it is.  So sorry you were ill and I hope you've fully recovered - it sure looks as though you are right back on form :-)