LG Osprey GABFEST for November 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

LG Osprey GABFEST for November 2012

  • Good morning, June.  I hope you enjoyed the evening!

  • It's much too quiet on here today so I'm going to have to dig out something suitable to post picture-wise:

    This adorable chaffinch was snapped at Minsmere at the end of September.

    This cheeky pigeon has been coming for a while - Limpy snapped him in this lurking pose earlier today!  He's ringed and tame to the point of allowing Limpy to feed him by hand.

  • Good afternoon, Clare and any readers.  Amidst all the quiet, I remembered that I had not yet read Richard's long, long blog, so I went back to do so and was glad I did.   I Love a word picture and Richard is expert at them.  Since as Clare says this is a quiet time, I will quote one here:

    "So it is that in November, conditions appear to "remind" the male black grouse (so-called black cock) that they should be out there strutting their stuff, showing who's boss and who's top bloke-tottie for the ladies, the female black grouse, the so called grey hens.

    It was dark when I arrived and the wind was biting, but as the grey-dark slowly but inexorably turned to light, I fleetingly saw three fly-by grey hens disappear off through the forest. As the light improved, scanning with my 'scope, I found them, six fine males doing their thing, strutting about, fanning their lyre-shaped tails, revealing their Daz-white bottoms, in twos, sparring with each other, as if they were attached by strings pulling each other to & fro. As one advanced, the other first drew back, then advanced himself sending the other into retreat this time, and repeat."

    Here Richard has produced not just a word picture, but a "word-video" as I can see this action so well.

  • Richard can paint a picture so well with his words.  I really look forward to reading his blogs - one of my favourites is one from February featuring ravens and their 'kronking'.

  • Skipper - Thank you, lighting a candle from us all - lovely thought.

    Clare - love the picture - yes it is quiet today, I'm just back having a cuppa then off out again, hope to be around later. I still have to finish off music night!

    Edit : Just noticed you have added the pigeon pic, I've got quite a few of them, they eat everything in sight!   Not too sure my neighbours are pleased though.

  •  Copyright Montgomeryshire Wild Trust ,Did ask for permission before I posted the pic.  I posted it to cheer up B&B and Sandra  xx

  • Starling
    Just noticed you have added the pigeon pic, I've got quite a few of them, they eat everything in sight!   Not too sure my neighbours are pleased though.

    He's the only such pigeon we have - all of the others are wood pigeons.  They do have quite an appetite but we have enough hanging feeders about so they don't take over the whole garden.  They're quite funny to watch - they seem quite happy to chase the women all year round!

    This bird is one of my favourites - Limpy managed to snap him in June last year - happily he wasn't being tormented by the magpies at the time so he looks his brooding best!

  • fish

     Copyright Montgomryshire Trust Did ask for permission before I posted the pic.  I posted it to cheer up B&B and Sandra  xx

    That picture is sheer perfection - and I'm so happy to be able to say that I've seen this bird!  Wonderful.

  • This is what's on one of our feeders at the moment:

  • HI Clare. I can understand Sandra and B&B  worrying so much about the little fellow. Hope we get to see him back safe and sound in 2012.

  • It's only three weeks until you go Down Under, isn't it?

  • HI,

    Yes it is can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Looking forward to see the family again.

  • Hi ALL - Arrived at stopover just outside Liverpool and will continue down to South Wales tomorrow.

    The talk above regarding Cuelan - I think the worry has changed to LOTL - Blue 44 now and it appears another roller coaster although it has been pointed out that the weather may have been the problem that the transmitter failed to provide any information.

    Great pictures of Blue 44.


    May pop in time to time.

  • Another quote from Richards long blog:

    "How will we be doing our restructuring? Well, for those of a certain age, think Gerry Anderson's Thunderbirds, and in particular, the Sidewinder episode. We'll be using a piece of kit not unlike it. It's proper name is a harvester. This awesome beast of a machine reaches out, grabs trees and the mechanical arm's head contains a chainsaw which cuts the tree and strips all the branches and can cut the tree length into pre-programmed product length. We however do not want forest products from this work, so the machine will reach up, cut the tree high, which leaves some standing deadwood habitat, and the cut piece will be brought to ground as laying deadwood habitat, an equally valuable but different deadwood commodity important for different, deadwood-loving critters."

    From Richard's description I am certain that I watched  through my back window just such a machine at work as they cleared space for a utility road at the back of my property.  Interesting that Richard calls it a "beast" for I called it a "yellow monster".   For over a year I kept our church secretary amused with tales of the coming and goings of the many different size and shaped monsters as they performed their various chores at the back of my house.  They came within six inches of my back yard.  Never once did they come over.  "The Invasion of the Yellow Monsters"! 

     At the same time our secretary amused me with tales of her cows.  She lived on a farm where her husband raised beef cattle, but Lyn made household pets of some of them, to her husband's dismay!  I particularly remember Ben, who taught himself how to open the barn door.  lol

  • I've been enjoying all the pictures and links that y'all have been posting.  Thanks for brightening a quiet day.

    Keith, I'm glad you have reached a resting place for the day.  I don't remember Val's schedule, but I hope that she too has completed her ferry ride.   When we were at the Outer Banks, if we went far enough south to take the ferry to Ocracoke we considered the ferry ride as one of the highlights of our vacation.  But I believe Val was not looking forward to it.