Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys


  • Thanks to Chloe and Tiger ! http://www.imagicat.com/LOTLcountdown.html

    All is quiet at LOTL on the Osprey scene, but lovely little Blog from Emma, with a P.P.S

    P.P.S. Osprey satellite tracking updated- Blue YD is still doing fine!

  • Thanks for starting this thread, Kate - I enjoyed Emma's blog too.

    I wonder if Lady will amaze us all this year?

  • Thank You SK2 for starting this new thread and the link to Emma's latest blog.  

    How exciting it would be if Lady returns in 2014, she certainly is one of the wonders of the Osprey World.


  • Thank you SK2 for starting this new thread. Lovely Blog from Emma.

  • Brenda H

    Thank you SK2 for starting this new thread. Lovely Blog from Emma.

    Thank you Kate.

  • What is the lifespan of an Osprey??

  • fish

    What is the lifespan of an Osprey??

    Some information for you....

    How long do they live?
    Longest known lifespan in wild

    25 years (high)

    Ospreys are a relatively long-lived bird species. The oldest known osprey in North America was a 25-year old male. The oldest known female was 23 years old. However, very few individuals live to this age. Chance of survival from one year to the next varies between populations, but is estimated to be approximately 60% for young ospreys (less than 2 years old) and 80 to 90% for adult ospreys.

    And FAQ LOTL

    How long have ospreys been at Loch of the Lowes?

    Since 1969 when they first appeared, and at that time this was only the fifth known nest in the UK.  They have been breeding here successfully for most years since 1971, aside from a period in the mid-late 1980’s.  There have in fact been four sites on the loch used by the various birds over the years, but the current nest has been the site used since 1991.


    P.S Emma just giving a round of LOTL 2013 ( 23rd year for Lady)

  • Thank you Sunny Kate, was just wondering as every one expects or rather hopes "Lady" comes home for the summer. I believe her to be a grand old lady, any way roll on summer.

  • fish
    I believe her to be a grand old lady,

    Fish, she sure is , if you add 'say' just three years to her 23 last year, she is 26 years of age.

    We will all be disappointed if she does not return,  and  always wonder where she is, amazing Bird, with her outstanding character and habit, that we all and know, that is, dear 'Lady'

  • NEW BLOG from Emma, its a goodie!

  • Mary. what a great summary of their year. It is indeed a 'goodie'.

  • Mary thanks for the new blog,for some reason I could not post the link, as the dreaded 'wheel' kept on turning. doh!!!!!

  • and HERE is Jonathan's, Happy New Year wishes. also my own to one and all.

    and time is ticking away.


    copyright Chloe and Tiger

  • Thanks for the link to the blog SunnyKate2, Jonathon's description made me want to jump in the car and head up there, but notice that they are only open at the weekends.

  • Why wait 'til the weekend, Mary? I can only imagine what the atmosphere in Dunkeld will be like on Hogmanay, but I bet it's pretty special!